Greg's Latest Responses : Ask Greg The latest rambles and responses to questions asked by fans of Greg Weisman, co-creator of the Disney animated television show Gargoyles. Question from Chloe Wynter <p><strong>Chloe Wynter asks:</strong></p> <p> Did Marie Logan homeschool her son Garfield Logan? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Yep. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 17, 2017</em></p> Question from Algernon <p><strong>Algernon asks:</strong></p> <p> May seem like a bit of a dumb question but how do you pronounce Mab? I've heard a couple different variations myself. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I'm no expert, but I pronounce it with a short a to rhyme with cab, dab, fab, gab, jab, lab, nab, tab. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 17, 2017</em></p> Question from Paul <p><strong>Paul asks:</strong></p> <p> Hello, in S1 Episode 23, Red Arrow gets in a fight with Sportsmaster, and despite having his bow broken he seems to do quite well, getting Sportsmaster in a hold before Klarion teleported them away. Was Sportsmaster holding back against Roy (cause he didn't wanna hurt the mole), or is Roy actually good enough to match Sportsmaster in hand to hand? Because it always seemed like Roy wasn't even as good as Cheshire in hand to hand, and he got wrecked by Batman, so just curious. It's not super important, but I like debating who would win type battles, and any extra info helps<br> Thank you </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I'm so fine with leaving that to one's interpretation. </p> <p> In any given fight, the tables may turn. Sportsmaster may not have been super-motivated for the reasons you state above. Red Arrow might have been super-motivated for reasons he himself didn't fully comprehend. Or whatever. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 17, 2017</em></p> Question from Eric <p><strong>Eric asks:</strong></p> <p> I found a tumblr post that talks about great characters with the link below. </p> <p> </p> <p> I also remembered you answered a question like that. </p> <p> "I believe they exist as fully as possible. I create backstories for them, whether or not those backstories will be revealed on screen or on the page. I make them real to me." </p> <p> So for the actual questions: </p> <p> 1. What do you think about the tumblr post? I think "compelling" and "fascinating" seem too subjective. </p> <p> 2. What exactly do you mean by "exist as fully as possible"? I'm guessing you want to give as much of an image of a character as you can, but I'm also sure that's the main task of any story. </p> <p> 3. You also said that you want to make the characters seem real to yourself, but how do you make them real to the viewer? </p> <p> 4. This one might be redundant, so it probably doesn't need to be answered. But just in case, how do you make characters and stories that the audience can enjoy? </p> <p> 5. I also know you've said that you write your passion, but how do you know it will appeal to others? It all sounds like being hopeful. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. Perhaps. But so is "relatable" and "sympathetic". They're directions to head not a detailed map. </p> <p> 2. It's not the main task to make of any story to make EVERY character in the story fully realized. My feeling is - within reasonable parameters - that it SERVES the story to have fully realized characters, who have their own backstories and motives that are specific to them. </p> <p> 3. I cross my fingers that if it works for me, it'll work for a substantial portion of my audience. </p> <p> 4. I write what I like, and cross the above-mentioned fingers. The alternative is pointless. If I can't get passionate about my story, how can I possibly expect anyone else to? </p> <p> 5. That's all it is. Honestly. See above. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 17, 2017</em></p> Question from Nardragon <p><strong>Nardragon asks:</strong></p> <p> Each member team has at least two variations to their outfits, the dark stealth and snow stealth versions. Which version is your favourite? Classic, dark stealth or snow stealth? Are there other versions we haven't seen? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. Love 'em all. Which is your favorite? </p> <p> 2. No spoilers. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 17, 2017</em></p> Question from Emily the Disney Fan <p><strong>Emily the Disney Fan asks:</strong></p> <p> Hello Mr. Weisman, let me just start by saying that Gargoyles is now My #1 favorite Disney Series, and I've gotten and read the first 6 issues of the Clan Building Comic books and the 4 first issues of the 'Bad Guys' Comic Books, and here are 2 questions that I do have </p> <p> 1. Do you have any general comment to all of the Fans out there Who make Fan Art and/or Write Fan Fictions about 'Gargoyles', or any cartoon show you created? </p> <p> 2. What general advice would you give to a Fan who writing a Fan Fiction about 'Gargoyles'? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. Not sure what you're looking for. Um... Go for it! </p> <p> 2. I don't read any fanfiction to protect myself legally. So I'm hardly an expert with advice and the like. So... try to be true to the characters, I guess? </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 15, 2017</em></p> Question from Jack Carpenter <p><strong>Jack Carpenter asks:</strong></p> <p> 1) Why was Cletus Kasady incarcerated in Ravencroft? I mean, knowing him from the comics, it's not exactly hard to guess, but I figured I may as well ask. </p> <p> 2) Why, in your mind, is Flash Thompson such a big Spider-Man fan? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. No spoilers. </p> <p> 2. Spidey is cool! Beyond that, I'll leave it to your interpretation. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 15, 2017</em></p> Question from Sahil <p><strong>Sahil asks:</strong></p> <p> In response to your statement, I meant that which New York congressional district is the Eyrie Building in?? Sorry for the confusion and don't worry if you don't have the answer. Thank you </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I don't know. But it's on Central Park South, if that helps you figure it out. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 15, 2017</em></p> Question from Just a girl <p><strong>Just a girl asks:</strong></p> <p><br> Does he have it now? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Still haven't given it any real thought. </p> <p> The good news for Lian is that her grandfather isn't particularly interested in her yet. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 15, 2017</em></p> Question from Mée <p><strong>M&eacute;e asks:</strong></p> <p> Is Lian Nguyen-Harper, Jade and Roy's daughter, named after Artemis?<br> We could see Artemis' second name, Lian, engraved at her tombstone in the episode "Satisfaction". </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> And so, what, you think it's just a coincidence? </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 08, 2017</em></p> Question from Steven <p><strong>Steven asks:</strong></p> <p> Can you publically encourage people to buy the spectacular spider man blu Ray to help get the show back as well as sign petitions to bring back the show. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I am happy to encourage people to buy the BluRay, but unfortunately - and unlike YJ - simply making purchases and/or signing petitions doesn't solve the specific complicated contractual roadblock to bringing back the series. </p> <p> SONY can no longer make animated Spider-Man series, since they gave those rights back to MARVEL. </p> <p> MARVEL can't make the specific version of THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN without paying SONY to do it. </p> <p> MARVEL (a division of DISNEY) isn't likely to pay someone else to do a cartoon based on their own (signature) character. </p> <p> And, yes, SONY &amp; MARVEL cooperated on the recent live-action SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING movie. But SONY paid MARVEL to produce that, not the other way around. </p> <p> To be clear, this situation doesn't give me any pleasure. And I don't mean to rain on your hope parade. But I figure you'd prefer to know the facts. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on August 08, 2017</em></p>