Greg's Latest Responses : Ask Greg The latest rambles and responses to questions asked by fans of Greg Weisman, co-creator of the Disney animated television show Gargoyles. Question from Matthew the Dragon knight <p><strong>Matthew the Dragon knight asks:</strong></p> <p> Dear Greg, I just wanted to say I'm wishing luck to you and everyone involved with young Justice season 3.<br> I wanted to ask who are your top 4 favorite robins, and what you like about them. </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Geez, top 4 Robins. How many are there? Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Damien and Carrie, if you count Dark Knight. Harper, if you count Bluebird, right? Throw in a Bat-Girl and some Batgirls, and you've got Bette, Barbara, Cassandra and Stephanie again. Then Batwoman's Kate. Nightwing's Dick again. Bette again with Flamebird. Barbara again with Oracle. Stephanie again with Spoiler. Luke. Batwing. Ace the Bat-hound. Bat-mite. Cassandra's Orphan. Azrael. Even Clayface. Wow, when you count 'em up, Batman's a protogee machine, isn't he? </p> <p> And I'm sure I'm leaving some out. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 23, 2017</em></p> Question from Anonymous <p><strong>Anonymous asks:</strong></p> <p> I felt sorry for Billy/Captain Marvel in "Secrets." I imagine that being a superhero doesn't leave him a lot of time to have friends his own age. I'd like to know... After the team learned Captain Marvel's true identity, were they more accepting and understanding of Captain Marvel/Billy desire to "hang" with them? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I'd like to think so. </p> <p> But Billy does have friends of his own, too. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 23, 2017</em></p> Question from Anonymous <p><strong>Anonymous asks:</strong></p> <p> When the Injustice League attacked, what happened to the victims of Joker toxin? Did they die or were they cured? Does an antidote to Joker toxin exist? Who made it? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I'll leave that to your imagination. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Anon <p><strong>Anon asks:</strong></p> <p> What are your thoughts on the return of Samurai Jack? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I'm happy for my buddy Phil LaMarr. But I haven't ever seen the show myself. That's not meant as a comment on it. I just never got around to it. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Jackson <p><strong>Jackson asks:</strong></p> <p> Have you seen any of the following movies, and if so, can you give your thoughts on them? </p> <p> 1. Inside Out </p> <p> 2. Finding Dory </p> <p> 3. Big Hero 6 </p> <p> 4. Zootopia </p> <p> 5. Moana </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. Saw it. Liked it well enough. </p> <p> 2. Haven't seen it. </p> <p> 3. Saw it. Liked it well enough. </p> <p> 4. Haven't seen it. </p> <p> 5. Saw it. Liked it a whole lot. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Just a girl <p><strong>Just a girl asks:</strong></p> <p> This came Out of nowhere (and is a kinda stupid question) but<br> 1)Is Jaime "jealous" because Tye spends time with Asami or Vice versa?<br> Or he doesn't really mind it ?<br> 2) Does Roy's obsession (with find speedy) represents his addiction to drugs in the comics? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> 1. I think he's good with it. </p> <p> 2. On one level. There's also his additction to drugs to represent his addiction to drugs. (At least in my mind.) </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Overseas fan <p><strong>Overseas fan asks:</strong></p> <p> Hello Mr Weisman! </p> <p> I have to say, I loved your work before I even knew it was yours. I remember being bedridden with chicken pox, and obsessing over witch so much that if it wasn't on Jetix at that particular time slot I'd make my dad rent the dvds and watched those to death. It was probably the only thing that captivated my attention enough to stop me from itching myself! </p> <p> Later on, when I was in Secondary school, spectacular Spider-Man started airing, and me and my brother and my dad would stop everything to go and watch it. 5:00 pm is the perfect timeslot really XD </p> <p> In my final year of secondary school, during my gcses, young justice started airing. At first I only saw snippets when my brother watched it. I, uh, I didn't rate it at the time. But I was SO wrong. Me, my brother and my dad were off school two weeks earlier than my sisters and my mum, and instead of doing the chores we were supposed to we marathoned both seasons. It's ADDICTIVE as heck! </p> <p> WITCH, Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man were all aired in the UK without much fuss, apparently not the case in the US. </p> <p> And I'd just like to thank you so much for creating something that my family could bond over. And I am HYPED for the third season. </p> <p> I know that you've said that the show is in pre pre production, but is there any sort of talk about an international release? Even if it's an overhead snippet, ANYTHING at all to allay my worries would be great. </p> <p> Thanks so much, keep well! </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I'm sorry. I don't have any info on that. But I imagine it'll eventually be available. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Jack Carpenter <p><strong>Jack Carpenter asks:</strong></p> <p> In YJ, Lex referred to Mercy as his attourney, while in previous adaptations she has always been portrayed as his driver/bodyguard (and she seems to be those here as well.) </p> <p> So what all does Mercy do for Lex aside from those? </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> Lex did NOT refer to Mercy as his attorney. Look again. </p> <p> I'm not saying she's not his attorney, but there is zero evidence to support that notion. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Anonymous <p><strong>Anonymous asks:</strong></p> <p> Can you really believe young justice has been revived? Sometimes it feels like when you've woken up from an awesome dream and you're happy because of how awesome it was and how good it felt, but deep down you know it was a dream so you wanna hit the snooze button and get back to it because you're afraid that feeling will go away if you get up... but in this case it is really real!!!!! And that's what makes it so unbelievable! Three months later and I'm still so happy! </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> It's May 22nd, as I write this, and it's still fairly surreal. Everytime we start a new part of the process or bring in an actor who worked on the show in prior seasons, it hits us all over again. It's amazingly cool, and we're having a blast. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Zach <p><strong>Zach asks:</strong></p> <p> First, I'm beyond excited about Season Three! Congrats! </p> <p> Second, while reading the comics, something very much didn't sit right with me -- Red Torpedo/Jim Lockhart. Robots don't eat, sleep (theoretically), or need to use the bathroom. So, did Jim just not do any of that? Also, whenever he changed clothes, wouldn't he have noticed something missing down there? (Unless, T.O. Morrow added that in, I guess...) It just confused me greatly and I'd really appreciate you clearing the subject up. :) </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> He's anatomically correct. He can eat and that product goes through him. It doesn't provide anything, but it allows him to mimic being human. He's also programmed to ignore any discrepancies. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 22, 2017</em></p> Question from Jason <p><strong>Jason asks:</strong></p> <p> How old is Jason Bard? Thanks! :) </p> <p><strong>Greg responds:</strong></p> <p> I haven't calculated that. </p> <p><em>Response recorded on May 15, 2017</em></p>