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Hey gang,

I'm finally all caught up on the ASK GREG queue. Gonna take a short break, but we'll open the queue again on September 27th, 2010 in preparation for the release of Superman/Batman: Apocalypse which also contains the DC Showcase Green Arrow short that I wrote.

As always, I urge you guys NOT to flood ASK GREG with questions. Check the archives. Check the FAQs. Ask questions of the loyal fans in the Station 8 comment room.

AND, please, THINK BEFORE YOU POST. I am NOT, for example, going to SPOIL "Young Justice" before it airs. I'm not going to SPOIL "Gargoyles" either since I still have hopes of bringing that back. I'm not even going to "SPOIL" Spectacular Spider-Man, because I don't see any real point in revealing future plans and ideas independent of their execution.

Happy to talk process. Happy to talk about what's ALREADY aired or been published. Happy to talk about Mecha-Nation and many other things. But. NOT. GONNA. SPOIL.



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Ryan writes...

I dont know if this site is still working so i am just gonna ask the question anywho, i was wondering if they where ever going to bring Season Two and Three of Gargoyles out on full DVD anytime soon, you know if that will ever happen? Also i was wondering if Gargoyles will ever come back to our screens? I mean its 2009 now i think Disney would love to add some more merchandising to their store shelves

anywho thanks in advance and keep up the good work

Greg responds...

Please peruse the FAQ and archives to find answers to these oft-asked questions.

Response recorded on April 22, 2010

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morgan writes...

is goliath and elisa ever going to be together

Greg responds...

Morgan... go ask Taylor.

Response recorded on April 21, 2010

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Nick Gawel writes...

Now that Marvel is own by Disney how will it affect your plans with Gargoyles comics or other media?

Greg responds...

Asked and answered multiple times. Check the archives.

Response recorded on February 25, 2010

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Clark Cradic writes...

This is probably a very akward question to ask, but it's been bugging me for a while so I just have to ask. A lot of your spin-offs involve the Gargoyle timeline further along than it started and closer to our real life present time, so I was wondering: Will the Gargoyle and their world's timeline involve themselves with 9/11 or make reference to it or would that be too controversial and be glossed over? Again sorry if this is inapropriate, I just wanted to know your take on the issue.

Greg responds...

It's not innappropriate, it's just been asked and answered multiple times before. Please search the archives.

Response recorded on June 03, 2009

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Alberto Loera writes...

I just heard that Season 2 Volume 2 was now listed on Amazon.com, I checked and sure enough it was there. Has Disney contacted you about this or asked you to participate in any way? I really hope this pans out and gets released.

Greg responds...

Guys... please check to make sure the question your posting wasn't JUST posted.

Response recorded on July 30, 2008

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IrishPhantom writes...

Hi Mr. Weisman ^_^
I'd like to know if the show would ever come back. I know that it was canceled/terminated and I'm hoping that some time in the near future that it will come back with new ep's and the canceled/terminated will change to coming back. Will this EVER happen?????? I was a big fan of the show and still am and would love to see it back on the air.
I would also like to know why the show was even canceled in the first place. The show rocked, wasn't too violent, no swears, top notch charactors, first rate story line and with humor for all ages that everyone from the six yr.old to the college student could find humourous. Why would a show with such promise and talent be canned???????

Greg responds...

I'm going to refer you to the ASK GREG FAQ and ARCHIVES for the answer to both those questions. They've both been answered before in copious detail.

Response recorded on June 16, 2008

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DarkAngel writes...

Sorry about the typing mistakes, I wanted to know if you liked some of the other ideas people had in their fanfics on how Elisa and Goliath eventually get together.

Greg responds...

See my previous answer...

Response recorded on February 07, 2008

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DarkAngel writes...

Hey Greg this is my first time asking a question so forgive me if it's a repeat. I have always wanted to know what you thought about elisa and goliath fanfics, have ever liked some of other people's ideas on how goliath and elisa eventually get together?

Greg responds...

I don't ever read fanfics. To find out why, check out the ASK GREG FAQ. (Because, indeed, your question has been asked many times before.)

Response recorded on February 07, 2008

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nilsa pabon delgado writes...

what inspire you for the idea of making a show about gargoyles?

Greg responds...

I'm going to send you to the FAQ and the ASK GREG archives for this one.

Response recorded on June 28, 2007

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josue hernandez writes...

why there is no more episodes?

Greg responds...

I'm going to send you to the FAQ and the archives for this one.

Response recorded on June 28, 2007

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JUAN BATISTA writes...

If stone sleep heals gargoyle wounds
why did't Hudson's eye heal

Greg responds...

Check the archives for this answer. I'm confident it's there.


Response recorded on March 09, 2007

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Zel writes...

Hey Greg
I've been digging in the archives and browsing some fan fiction. There are a lot of mentions of your spin offs (and that's what most of the fan fic is about). What I don't see are any announcements from you introducing the ideas. Are they to be found anywhere here on ask greg? Somewhere else on the net? Or are they all just Gathering treats?

Greg responds...

There was one memo I wrote. It's accessable via the ASK GREG FAQ. (It's a FAQ. You might want to check their first in the future.)

The direct link is: http://avalon.gargoyles-fans.org/castle/masterplan.html

Todd, could you field something like this in the future?

Response recorded on November 17, 2006

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Anonymous writes...

Why not make an animated feature-length film, given the recent commercial success of the "Pokemon" genre, et cetera? Are CGI Gargoyles honestly a good idea?

Greg responds...


Yeah, why not? I'd love to. But no one at Disney is asking me too.

CGI Gargoyles could be a VERY good idea if the CGI is done well. Although as always, I believe that the best CGI in the world won't help unless the story and characters are great.

Response recorded on April 28, 2006

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Chris writes...

Hi Greg I have a couple more questions. First off i was wondering if you've heard of TGS [The Gaygoyles Saga Site]?If so do the stories and Series Like Dark Ages,Pendragon,Timedancer,And Gargoyles Continuation actually follow your vision for the Gargoyle Universe? They do seem to have a lot of what your vision is for the series so are those stories what would have actually been had Disney not cancelled Gargoyles? Thanks for your time on all my questions.

Greg responds...

Chris, instead of waiting two years for an answer, you could have checked the ASK GREG FAQ and discovered that, yes, I've HEARD of TGS, but I've never read any of it, so I have no idea whether they followed my vision or not...

In any case, I've had no involvement, and aside from tidbits I've dropped here at ASK GREG, the TGS staff could not have known what I had planned.

Response recorded on April 13, 2006

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Anonymous writes...

I read in a previous response that you don't read fanfics because of "frivolous lawsuits". Wouldn't the 1st Amendment protect you from such lawsuits? Even if it didn't, aren't you the least bit curious to read what some of your fans have done with your creation(s)?

Greg responds...

The first ammendment doesn't protect me from lawsuits at all. Not of this kind. Not at all actually.

(Not to be snide, but did you read the example at the head of ASK GREG?)

If someone believes that I've read something in THEIR work that I used later in MY work in some form, they can sue me. In fact, ANYONE can sue me. There's no law against sueing. (And fighting even a frivolous lawsuit is extremely expensive and time consuming.) And of course if they can prove that I stole from them they can win. And win HUGE.

But if I have a blanket NO EXCEPTION policy against reading fanfiction, then it's much harder to win a lawsuit, which of course makes people much less likely to sue.

As to my curiosity... if you've read the FAQ, you'll know that I have very mixed feelings about fanfiction. It is tremendously flattering. But as I'm quite territorial about GARGOYLES, it's also tremendously disconcerting. So the truth is, I don't want to read the fanfiction. I am certain there are indivdual fanfics that I'd enjoy. (I'm particularly sorry that I haven't been able to read any of the more erotic stories based on the series.) But even in the best fanfic there's bound to be something that annoys me -- because in my vision of the series it's bound to be off the mark.

So when you combine that ambivalence with the legal risk issues, you can see I have very little incentive to change policy.

Response recorded on February 03, 2006

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Tabitha Ann McFarland writes...

Dear Mr.weisman,

please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Tabitha McFarland 18 of Oklahoma and I ould realy like to ask you a couple of questions if that is fine by you.
My first question is why did you stop making the movies and the television show?what happened that made you stop?Was this the fault of Disney? Or the fault of someone else?
My second question is if you had the chance to make Gargoyles come to life again on television,would you do it?
I hope these questions are OK with you, I donot mean to pester you with all of these things,but they have been on my mind since I discovered that Gargoyles had been canceld.But if you do find the time to answer these questions, could you possibly email me at:dragonhunter2005@yahoo.com I would appreciate it if you would.if you do not wish to answer them that is fine with me as well. I thank you for your time in allowing me to ask these questions. If you do get the chance to put the show back on the air, I wish you good luck and good fortune. If disney or anyone else will allow it to be retelevised. Thank you very much.

Greg responds...

All of these questions have been answered in detail before. And it is against this site's policy to e-mail answers directly. If I did it for you, I'd have to do it for everyone. I feel vaguely churlish, since your post is so sweet, but if you're still around, I'm going to direct you to the archives.

Response recorded on November 21, 2005

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Edi writes...

Hey there Greg. First, I wanted to congratulate you for creating such an incredible cartoon. Also, this is my question for you, I know It may have been asked, but I can't help but ask it to the man: <i>What exactly inspired you to create Gargoyles?</i>

Greg responds...

Many things. And I'm going to refer you to our copious archives for many, many more detailed answers.

Response recorded on September 22, 2005

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Siren writes...

Once again, a question about what Titania whispered to Fox. I know you won't answer it directly or indirectly, so far.

So will you take it to your grave? Or will your have it etched on your tombstone? ;-)

Greg responds...

Maybe the former. Definitely not the latter.

Response recorded on September 21, 2005

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Cronyx Ravage, cronyx@alltel.net , ICQ@308946 writes...

First time poster, long time lurker (web and IRC since like 1996)

In response to the following quoted Q&A, what would the legalities be concerning your prosuing Gargoyles fanfic personally? I remember that you were an english major as an undergrad, so even if script writing is a bit different from a more formal novel format, I have no doubt you'd be the best damned fanfic writer around. Of course, given exactly who you are, calling it fanfic would be a bit of a misnomer... <g>

RenegadeEXER writes...
I there a way that you can continue the series in some form or fasion or obtain the rights to use the series from disney

Greg responds...

Sigh -- I have never stopped looking for ways to "continue the series in some form or fashion", but so far I have met with no success. I'm still trying. Cross your fingers.

Greg responds...

When you say "prosuing" do you mean "pursuing" or "perusing"?

I suppose I have as much right to write fan-fiction based on Gargoyles as the next guy or gal. But as with the next guy or gal, I can't get paid for it. And when push comes to shove, I have to write EVERY DAY to feed my family. It's my job. Doesn't leave me a lot of time, energy or desire to pursue writing as an unpaid hobby. Yes, I wind up writing a lot of stuff "on spec", i.e. a lot of stuff that I don't get paid for, but which I have reason to believe will wind up earning me some money down the road.

I realize that might sound mercenary. But I hope not. It's just the facts of my life.

Having said all that, I do hope to someday work on GARGOYLES again in some medium. Given that, I'm protecting myself from future lawsuits by not perusing the original works of other writers (fans) who are dealing with my characters.

So, in summary, I won't be pursuing or perusing fanfiction any time soon.

Response recorded on May 06, 2005

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Francois Ferland writes...

Hello again Greg! You know, this is getting addictive...

A Titania question, one I hope has never been asked, or at least not the way I'll be asking it...

I am, of course, refering to Titania's secret whisper to Fox. Since I got the hint long ago that, barring extreme circumstances, you'll take the content of her secret to your grave, I'll ask you something else.

I know you know what she told Fox. Now, my question, depending on your answer, has the potential of getting people off your back and have them never ask that damn question again.

1. Is Titania's secret to Fox of any value to us? Wait, let me clarify before you say something like "Define value". It has the potential to be a big revelation ala "Luke, I am your father", or it could be something simple of no real value to us fans except to satisfy our curiosity, like "Take care, child".

See, if it's not important for us to know, you can just answer no and be done with that question forever.

But if it IS of value to us, you'll probably just answer something non-commital and we (meaning other fans, not me) will just keep on pestering you forever...

Of course, knowing you, you could just as easily answer "Not saying" either way to keep us confused, since I'm beginning to think you like playing this game of leaving us in the dark, dangling a carrot in front of us to keep us moving foward just a bit further but never letting og of it :)

Anyway, thanks for the answer, no matter what it might be, and take care.

Greg responds...

The truth is, as I've mentioned before, is that the question has been built up WAY beyond any potential "value" as you put it. That's not to say it has no value, but I have a strong feeling that the answer would now be anti-climactic. Disappointing. In it's original context, it was probably kinda cool and neat and clever and, above all else, right. But I don't think the answer now lives up to the hype. That's the MAIN reason that I'm still reluctant to reveal it. In your minds, it's still very cool... in the not knowing, it's still very cool. Presented with it as words on a screen... maybe it's just an "eh".

Response recorded on April 19, 2005

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jillvevea@hotmail.com writes...

Why did they end gargoyles? I mean, in the late show,after they save the train and everone see their point of of view and then LOVE them. But why did they conution on from their?

Please e-mail the anwer's...I don't know how or when to get back here to see my anwer.

Greg responds...

I'm just going to refer you to the archives. I'm not going to e-mail you. That's not what this forum is for. And I'm not going to answer a question that I've answered over and over again, particularly for someone who basically had no intention of checking back even assuming she would still check back two years later.

Response recorded on March 31, 2005

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bassiste bourre writes...

where i can find gargoles picture? (i'm french sorry for my english) :-)

Greg responds...

Your English seems fine, but I don't have any pictures for you. Check in the comment room.

Response recorded on March 28, 2005

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Lawrence Matheson writes...

Hi I was wondering even though you don't read fan fic what your opinion on the idea is?

Greg responds...

You mean the general idea of people writing fanfic?

As I've said MANY times before, I have mixed feelings. It's very gratifying that people are that into the characters and series to want to create their own. But I'm also a bit territorial, so I also find it disconcerting.

It works out well, then, I think, that I don't read the stuff. But keep up the good work!

Response recorded on March 28, 2005

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Gothic Cowboy writes...

One last question, if you don't mind. I'll keep it brief. Did you ever give any thought to bringing the Gargoyles, or any of its spin-offs, back as a novel series? Frankly, it seems like the easiest way to do it, and if the books sell well, it would be easier to convince the good people at Disney that there's a market for the Gargoyles.

Greg responds...

Sigh. Yes. Novels. I'd love to. Need a publisher.

Response recorded on March 07, 2005

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Jelspeth writes...

First of all I want to thank you for creating the Gargoyles. Even after all these years I still enjoy revisiting them.
I was, of course, very disappointed when the show was cancelled and I would love to see a movie made but I will not hold my breath for waiting. My question for you is this:
If the movie ends up never coming to light, would you ever consider publishing a full length novel? I know that there is a lot of fan fiction out there but there is something about a real "live" book that is so much more satisfying. That and the fact that, as with many other fans, I am avidly curious as to your master plan.
I apologize if you have answered this question before, I browsed through the archives if the answere is there I missed it.
Thankyou for your time.

Greg responds...

Yeah, you must have missed it -- several times over.

Anyway, yes, I'd LOVE to write a novel (or eight) based on GARGOYLES. All I need is an interested publisher. Know any?

Response recorded on December 01, 2004

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Kazmeroni writes...

where can I go to get good pictures of the gargoyles?( I would like to draw some of them)

Greg responds...

Ask the fans in the comment room. I don't know.

Response recorded on June 11, 2004

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CMW writes...

This has probably been asked already, but why was Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles cancelled? it was such a great show and also are there any talks of continuing the epic saga of the Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

Gargoyles ended after 65 episodes in syndication, because 65 episodes is a standard syndication package.

Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles ended after 13 additional episodes on ABC, because of poor ratings and (I think) a generally lower quality of product.

I'm always talking about bringing it back, but I don't think anyone at Disney takes me seriously. However, if the DVDs sell well, that could change.

Response recorded on June 07, 2004

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Erin writes...

Have you made any progress on getting the new gargoyles series up and running? If so then when can we expect it? Also, if this series does get going, will you disregard what happened to the characters in the goliath chronicles?

Greg responds...

No real progress, no. Though I think some positive steps include (1) the fact that they're now airing reruns in the Jetix block on ABC Family and (2) the coming release of the DVD.

As to your second question, I've answered it many, many times before. It will depend on the situation of our pick-up.

Response recorded on May 04, 2004

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ArAgOrNaS writes...

Hi Greg ,
I wondered if you know where one can
find a chronological listing of
all gargoyles-episodes

Greg responds...

Oh, I'm sure I've posted this somewhere.



Response recorded on April 27, 2004

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Arystella writes...

Hi Greg!
Me again! I hope I'm not being picky or anything, but I wanted to ask you a question about Hudson's sword. . . sometimes when Hudson turns to stone, so does his sword, but other times it doesn't.
Why is this?
(What sorcerey is this!?)

Greg responds...

This is in the archives over and over. At the time of transformation, if Hudson is thinking of his sword as part of his uniform, it will turn to stone with the rest of his clothes per a spell cast during the time of Caesar Augustus. If he's thinking about it as a separate weapon (or whatever) it won't. He doesn't even have to be conscious of the decision.

Response recorded on April 22, 2004

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Justin Beard writes...

Will there ever be a new Gargoyles television series? Ever?

Greg responds...

I hope so.

Response recorded on April 20, 2004

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tristan writes...

um is there going to be an new seies of gargoyles? also i dont know if you have any say in this but are you going to make any gargoyles toy action figures?

Greg responds...

I have no say, of course. There are no current plans for a new gargoyles series, but if the DVD sells well enough to shock even me, who knows?

Response recorded on April 19, 2004

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George writes...

Hey Greg, I was just wondering, if you had the opportunity to start up Gargs again would you start it from the end of the Goliath Chronicles or from the end of Hunters Moon III

Greg responds...

I've answered this MANY times before. But the short answer is: it would depend on the circumstances and requirements of the renewal. How we were developing the restart.

The Archives will have a more complete answer.

Response recorded on March 30, 2004

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Jeremy Masters writes...

Where can I find free downloads for Gargoyles episodes? And where can I find the compleate history of Goliath?

Greg responds...

I give up. Where?

Response recorded on March 11, 2004

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John writes...

Oh, yeah, another question:
Whats your favorite EP?
CU, John

Greg responds...

EP means episode, right?

I've discussed this before too. I like them all, especially the multi-parters, but if I had to pick the single episode where I think we fired on ALL cylinders, I'd have to choose: "The Mirror".

Response recorded on March 10, 2004

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John writes...

Hi Greg,
I think this post should come out around 2003 ;) Have you ever thought about hiring an assistance for awnsering the questions?
Well, two more hard questions for you:
1. What story part/episode/character etc. would you change if you could remake Gargoyles?
2. Is there an scene/episode, you are really p*ssed off today? (just asking because some people in a gargs chat were cursing about the EP with the alien on the easter-island, don't remember it's name)

So then, greet your familly. May Disney release Gargs on DVD :D
CU, John

Greg responds...

Try 2004.

Hiring an assistant isn't necessary. I have plenty of volunteers offering to help.

We just need to change the whole system, and that's up to Gorebash, who owns and operates the site.

I like all the episodes from the first two seasons. I'm okay with "The Journey" from Season 3, though I wish they hadn't re-edited it. I don't like the rest of the Goliath Chronicles.

There are little errors, probably in every episode. A couple of minor story points which I got wrong, I think, but which I've already discussed in some detail.

But overall, I've got no major complaints.

Response recorded on March 10, 2004

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Noorie writes...

What channel is toon disney?!?! my friend told me it's either 78 or 39 or something like that! is it?! ahh! o i wanna know! ;(

Greg responds...

Check your local listings. Newspaper. TV GUIDE. Whatever?

You're not even telling me WHERE you live, even assuming I was inclined to do that research for you, which I'm not.

But I guess the fact that you've been waiting (yeah, right) nearly two years for an answer as to how to tune your tv is punishment enough.

What do you think, guys? Too sarcastic?

Response recorded on January 30, 2004

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christopher pagan writes...

what channel is toondisney

Greg responds...

It's a cable network. Check local listings.

Response recorded on January 28, 2004

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Mark: PRJibaroPapi69@aol.com writes...

Hey Greg! Long time fan first time posting! I was wondering, you said that Gargoyles is the total property of Disney. Does that mean that even though you are the creator, you can't do anything with the series unless they give the okay? If so, does that mean your unable to buy ALL the rights to the show? If not, do you ever plan to reair the show with all new episodes in the future? The reason I ask these questions is because Disney was stupid in pulling the plug on the series just because they wanted to move on to something new. But if your able to buy the rights, I'm sure there's more than enough studio's out there who are so eager for ratings that they'll finance the reintergration of the show back to television. The WB would definatly welcome the show to it's programing as it was aired on that station in New York. Is there anyway that, at the very least, you can create a book series of Gargoyle novels that bring a close to the storylines that were never closed while the series was on the air? I just think that if Gargoyles will never make a big TV come back that comic books or novels should be made in it's place that bring a big close to the universe once and for all. Well... an official close because we all know that Gargoyles will always live on in fanfiction. That's all I guess. Thanx for writing such a wonderful series. One more questions, although it's not documented, in your most best thought opinion since the Gargoyles are the guardians of Manhattan, how do you think they reacted when, upon waking up from their stone sleep, they saw a big gapeing hole and a huge smoke screen on what used to be the world trade center on September 11th??? I, and alot of the fans, would really like to know.

Greg responds...

Yes. Again. Disney owns 100% of Gargoyles. They don't sell their properties, and even if they did -- WHICH THEY DON'T -- the cost would be way prohibitive.

I don't know if they were stupid to pull the plug after Goliath Chronicles. I'm not sure they exercised much smarts in pushing me out the door prior to Chronicles, but that's a VERY complicated story and in any case, should be attributed to individuals who no longer even work for the Mouse. Including me.

I also think, unfortunately, that you're wrong about other networks like the WB wanting the show. It's a moot issue, because Disney won't sell, but I see no indication that there is a single network out there looking for something like Gargoyles. No indication at all. Gargoyles has the greatest fans in the world, and I'm hoping that the DVD release will make enough of a splash and attract fans, both old and new, to wake people up to the possibilities that the series represents.

In the meantime, I haven't given up trying to get the property up and running again in some way, shape or form, and publishing (comics or novels) is something I'm extremely interested in.

As for the fans, the best thing they can do -- at least until the DVD's release -- is to come to the Gathering (our annual Gargoyles Fan Convention), this August, 2004 in Montreal.

Check out their website:


The more fans that show up to the convention, the greater our collective voice, the more likely that Disney takes notice.

Finally, I've answered the 9/11 question many times. Check the archives.

Response recorded on January 28, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

I don't know if you've heard of this show, but you've worked with some of its staff members on shows like "Men In Black" and "Max Steel- The shows called "Extreme Ghostbusters." It was 1997 spin-off of "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon. If somehow you were able to bring back "Gargoyles" in the same way, how would you do it? Do you think you'd be able to work around it considering TGC, or would you have someone help you or take the torch? If this possibility did happen, what would your concept of villains be?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure I understand the point you're trying to make regarding Extreme Ghostbusters... I know of the show, know many people who worked on it, but I never saw it. Never saw much of Real Ghostbusters either, actually.

For more info on what I'd do to bring Gargoyles back, check the FAQ for my so-called Master Plan.

As for villains, I don't know how to answer this question generically. Do you have a specific villain you want to know about?

Response recorded on January 23, 2004

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Greg responds...

Try the Station 8 comment room.

Response recorded on January 06, 2004

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Siren writes...

When Titania whispered to Fox, is visibly irked Fox. I don't even think it was anything as big as you say it is. Titania probably just told her "That shirt makes you look fat", it probably has nothing to do with the future of Gargoyles and that's why you feel we all might be disappointed. This was all just part of your Master Plan to keep us guessing and coming back, wasn't it?!

(So concludes Siren feeble attempt at irking Greg to come out with it already) ;)

Greg responds...

No. Not originally, anyway. It's you guys who have built it up and intimidated me into silence, frankly.

Response recorded on January 05, 2004

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Cortan writes...

Ok greg this has been puzzling me for a long time.
What does titania whisper to fox when her and oberon leave back to avalon after they give her baby back? She whispers something to her. First you think it is a kiss. But its a whisper. Now I know a whisper when I hear one. *L*

Can you answer this riddle/question?

Greg responds...

Yes, I can.

Response recorded on November 13, 2003

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Roxz writes...

Where did you come up with such a good idea?
Are you going to start the show up again(If you do will you try toget it put on at a earlier)?

Greg responds...

Check the ASK GREG FAQ and Archives.

Response recorded on November 03, 2003

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korina writes...

How did you get the idea? It's a wonderful story, the best I've ever seen. The travel between our time and the past, the different stories, the magic and goth. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. How come it's not on the air anymore? Is it possible to get it back? Sailor Moon was taken off the air and so many people responded that a few years later it was brought back. Is there a place I can write to to voice my opinion?

Greg responds...

Doesn't hurt to write to Disney.

I'm gonna refer you to the FAQ and the archives for most of your age-old "Why is it off the air and how do we get it back?" questions. Same for "How did you get the idea?"


DVD is coming next year.

Toon Disney still airs reruns now.

Supporting both those are great, but the key -- I firmly believe is to support the Gathering -- the fandom's annual convention. Coming to Montreal in August of '04.

Response recorded on October 31, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

Why was the show canceled?

Greg responds...

I'm seriously not going to answer this again. Not even with a brief explanation. All the information you need, including a link to a very in depth letter to the fans that I wrote on this subject is available in the FAQ.

Response recorded on June 04, 2003

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roxy J. writes...

I've heard that disney cancled Gargoyles because it was getting to in depth and lossing its whole "kiddy show" thing. Do you think that's true and if it is then what do you think about that?

Greg responds...

I don't think that's true.

They cancelled the show for a number of reasons which I have outlined in great detail here:


You could have found this by checking the ASK GREG FAQ, btw.

Response recorded on May 22, 2003

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Anonymous writes...

Are gargoyles aliens?

Greg responds...

Nope. They are native to our world. (And, I know I've answered this before, anonymous. You should check the faq.)

Response recorded on February 03, 2003

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This is something I wrote YEARS ago. But I don't think it's here in ASK GREG, or if it is, it's only in the old archives. Vash dug it up recently, and I thought I'd reprint it here, verbatim, I've added a few notes in [brackets]:

Life in the real world.

I know I've said this stuff before. Please read this carefully. I have a real fear that this might sound defeatist or condescending, but you can't possibly succeed in "saving" the show if you don't come to terms with these hard truths. I don't know what you've been told by other people. But I do know a few things about today's animation market. I've told you before that I did not believe that Gerry Leybourne was single-handedly responsible for not renewing the show. Dean Valentine is also not single-handedly responsible. Neither is Eisner. If the fans insist on looking for a VILLAIN to blame, they stand no chance. [Neither Leybourne or Valentine are at Disney anymore.] You say you're looking for a straight answer. But really you've been given and have ignored straight answers and what you are looking for is for simple answers. There are none. Here are some (but not all) of the many factors that have probably played into the non-renewal:

1) Quantity. A normal syndication package for any children's show is 65 episodes. If you don't make it up to 65 then you are considered something of a failure. If you make 65, then you have created a show that can have ongoing library use. That's a success. Anything above 65 is gravy and NO SHOW makes more than 65 episodes without significant financial incentive. They made 78 gargoyles (including Chronicles). The financial incentive for the last 13 was that ABC needed a boys action show with some "Marquee" attached to help fill out it's Saturday Morning line-up. You'll notice that no new episodes were made for syndication. There was no financial incentive in syndication. So they didn't make any more for syndication. [These days a syndication package can be as few as 39.]

2) Ratings. The ratings for Goliath Chronicles are, or so I'm told, lousy. Forget about the why for a moment, and just absorb this fact. If the ratings are lousy, we've just lost the financial incentive to make any more beyond the 13. On that level, Goliath Chronicles objectively failed. Gargoyles did a bit better in its day, but it never broke out and knocked down the competition. Aladdin did better business for Disney. And they're not making any more new Aladdin tv episodes either.

3) Shelf space. The Disney Afternoon, as we know it, is dead. The rise of FOX, the WB and UPN ate up almost all of the existing independent stations that aired the Disney Afternoon or (in lieu of the full two hour block) the individual shows that made up The Afternoon. We've known this was coming for awhile. Existing contracts kept the Afternoon alive through the end of this season. But after that it is gone in it's present form. Now, as I understand it, Disney has made a deal with Kelloggs to do a reduced version of the Afternoon. I think it's supposed to be an hour and a half long, with one new show and two library shows. The new show for next season is 101 Dalmations. For fall of 98, it's supposed to be HERCULES. There isn't room for new Gargoyles in syndication. ABC has similar problems. As a broadcast network, they've committed to air 3 hours of FCC/Kid friendly programming per week. That means 3 hours of their morning have to be reserved for that kind of programming, because unlike Fox, they don't have any other place in their schedule to air this FCC stuff. That only leaves them with about one and a half hours to fill their morning. They have an existing commitment to the Bugs Bunny cartoons that they air for an hour. That leaves them with one half hour slot to fill. Given Goliath Chronicles ratings, it just doesn't make sense to fill that one slot with a show that's failing, when you can take a chance on something new that might succeed.

4) Resources. The fans seem to regard Disney as this Giant that can do whatever it wants, and that's true up to a point. But Disney TV Animation has limited resources. There are only so many talented animators and storyboard artists out there. There's only so much money they can spend without profits to justify the expense. From Disney's point of view, Gargoyles had its shot. You and I may quibble about how that shot was handled. Whether it could have been handled better. I think everyone would acknowledge that mistakes were made. But not intentionally. EVERYONE at Disney wanted the show to be a huge success. IT WAS NOT. I wish I could tell you different. Creatively, I'm very proud of the show. We touched a substantial group of people. But an even more substantial group preferred POWER RANGERS on a consistent basis. They cleaned our clock. Disney has to decide how to allocate limited resources. If Gargoyles had 78 shots to be a hit, and didn't quite make it, you can see why they might think it's time to allocate their resources to something else.

5) Quality. Resources came into play with Goliath Chronicles. The decision was reached to allocate priority resources to shows and home videos that they believed had a better chance to break out. That's why Chronicles looks the way it does. In my opinion, the show is inferior to the original on almost every level. This doesn't mean that a lot of good people didn't work their butts off to make it as good as it could be. But limited resources result in limited success. The resource issue was the major reason why I walked away. I regret it now. The animation has been weak, but I should not have passed up the opportunity to tell twelve more of my stories. But that's spilled milk. Eric Lewald was under the gun from the moment he came on board the show. There wasn't adequate time to make the show at its previous quality level. There wasn't even adequate time for Eric to become as familiar with the show as I'm sure he would have liked to. I tried to help. I was paid to consult. But...

6) Time. Along with limited resources, the main reason Chronicles isn't up there is Time. The show didn't get a go ahead until late november '95. I began "The Journey" in December. Eric didn't really come aboard until January '96, as I recall. Look at where we are now. It's late February [1997]. Do you really want to see the GARGOYLES episode that would result if it started from scratch now and had to air in September [1997]? I WOULD NOT.

7) Expectations. I do believe that Disney in general views the show as a disappointment. They had tremendous high hopes for it. They rushed 52 episodes into production for it's second year despite my warning that they'd have to air a lot of reruns in between new episodes. The reruns, the weaker stations we were on and many other factors, including series content resulted in a solid but decidedly unspectacular performance. I do believe that the high expectations that many at Disney had for the show, led to greater disappointment in its real failure to break out and its perceived failure in general. That disappointment doesn't make a lot of people feel inclined to make more.

8) Strategy. O.k., I'm not at Disney anymore, so I'm not privy to their strategy meetings, but from outside observation, it doesn't seem like Gargoyles fits in their overall strategy plans. Maybe it never truly did. Now we can be mad about this. We can even try to change it. But first and foremost, we should be glad they made the show at all. Next we should realize that if it doesn't fit their plans, they aren't going to be too inclined to change them IN THE SHORT TERM.

9) Management. (The one I suppose you've been waiting for if you still insist on playing the blame game.) There has been a lot of management shake ups at Disney. Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rich Frank, Gary Krisel and Bruce Cranston all left. So did I. We were all supporters of the show. But Eisner didn't leave and he was a supporter too. I haven't talked to him recently. I don't know what he thinks about the show. Maybe he's disappointed. Maybe he's not. Maybe for him it's just the resource issue. Gotta take a shot with something new. Maybe he's not involved in this decision in a significant way. No way to know. But I wouldn't be so quick to label him a villain. It doesn't hurt to let him know that you love the show, but it can't help to blame him for its demise.

I don't know Gerry at all. I've never met her. I'm also a little vague on her responsibilities at Disney, thought I've heard she's responsible for scheduling ABC's Saturday morning. But before you blame her, or even guess at what she personally feels about the show, reread all the above, particularly the section on shelf space, strategy and ratings. Now she may not like the show. I have no idea. Neither do you. If she doesn't care for the show, I'd personally be curious to know what she bases her dislike on. Goliath Chronicles? Gargoyles? Both? Whatever, she's entitled to her opinion.

I've met Dean. I've heard that Gargoyles isn't his thing. I've heard that he believes that it may not be Disney's thing either. But I don't know any of that. And again, Dean's personal view of the show is, positive OR negative, way down on the list of reasons not to make more. See above.

Buena Vista. Mort Marcus ran Buena Vista at the time I left Disney. I have no idea if he's still there. Mort was a big early supporter of the show. He was also very disappointed when it didn't perform up to expectations. Buena Vista is taking its next shots with Dalmations and Hercules. But even if the Afternoon had survived, there wouldn't be any new episodes of Gargoyles in syndication. Look at the Disney Afternoon's history. A new show premieres with new episodes. Over the next few years, the reruns move down through the Afternoon. That's cause they couldn't afford the MILLIONS of Dollars that it would take to make new episodes for early time slots that don't deliver very many kids. If there aren't any (or many) butts sitting in front of the t.v. then advertisers don't want their products advertised there, in which case they don't pay much for commercials. So networks won't pay much for the shows, so the shows operate at HUGE budget deficits. Gargoyles operated at a huge deficit. Ultimately, I'm sure it will make an overall profit for the company. It may have already. But let's not pretend this was the LION KING.

Other divisions. Some did better than others. But no one is clamoring for more gargoyles product, so none of the other divisions are clamoring for more shows.


We begin by admitting, at least to ourselves, that in the short term, we lost the battle.

Then we go on and try to win the war.

We have one big chance and a general small chance. Both are long shots.

The Big Chance is the Touchstone Live Action Feature. If this ever gets made and if it succeeds, then there will be renewed interest in the show.

The general chance is that television is cyclical. He-Man rules until DuckTales comes along. Rescue Rangers rule until Batman comes along. Soft and quirky is big now. But times change. And Gargoyles has a marquee. (It's a trifle damaged, but it's real.) There's a chance it could come back.

The best thing we can do is keep the flame burning. Keep executives, particularly if there's any executive turnover, informed that there is a fan base for the property. Write letters to Buena Vista, to Eisner, to ABC, to Disney TV Animation, to Touchstone. Write letters to local stations, asking them to air reruns. Write letters to the Disney Channel for the same thing. If the reruns are airing in the U.S., we have a much better chance of someday making new episodes. Keep these letters respectful. Don't try to assign blame. My god, what difference does that make. If I thought it would help I'd take 100% of the blame myself. I certainly deserve some of it. Just let people know that you loved the show. Praise it's virtues. Show "Deadly Force", "Lighthouse..." and "The Green" at grade schools. Make the GATHERING a yearly event. Increase it's budget and scope on a slow and steady basis until it becomes an important event. (Don't try to get too big too fast. If you go bust early on, you won't get a second chance.) Keep the fan base excited about the show. (This to me is the main virtue to the whole fanfic thing, which I have many mixed feelings about. If it keeps the fans interested, great.) Don't let the fans marginalize themselves with hostility or esoterica. If they get territorial they keep new fans out. No new fans. No new episodes. Prove to Disney that you are part of that great consumer demographic that they are hunting for. BUY STUFF. Buy all the stuff you can find. Prove that the show can still make money for the company. Buy all the videos off the shelf. Then write Disney's home video division and have them make more. More copies of existing tapes and more episodes on tape. Show those taped episodes to new fans. Particularly young fans. Adults and college kids are great too, but if kids don't like the show, we are doomed. Try to convince Disney records to release Carl's music on C.D. Buy animation cells from authorized Disney dealers. Talk it up.

As for the petition, hell, make copies. Send it a lot of places. Buena Vista for sure. Don't worry about whether or not it's read cover to cover by the president of the division (Mort Marcus, I think). It'll make an impression. But I don't see why you shouldn't send it to Gerry too. Send it to Dean Valentine at Disney T.V. Animation. Send it to Barry Blumberg (at the same place). Have someone in every market send it to their local ABC affiliate. Gerry isn't giving you bad advice there. If the local stations want the show, they'll make their voices heard at the network. (But remember, you need locals to send it to local stations. A petition postmarked Newark won't be taken very seriously in Cleveland.) Send it anywhere you think it might help. But you might want to read it over first. If it's full of hostile and antagonistic attacks, then we've marginalized the petition. Also try to make sure that there's no doubling up. If people signed the petition twice and Disney figures that out, then they'll figure the entire document is compromised, and they'll freely ignore it. If it's a rational statement from real existing fans than I promise you it'll make a positive impression.

But I don't want to kid you. We are probably past the point of no return, at least for this coming fall [1997]. I appreciate that you refuse to give up, and I'm not telling you to. But if you want to save yourself some heartbreak, I think you might want to start focusing on the long term instead of the short term. Even if we could change everyone's minds overnight, we've all but run out of time to put new episodes of any quality on the air by September. I don't like saying that, but I figure it doesn't help anyone to beat around the bush.

Now let me say in advance that most of this won't work. Sorry. The odds are against us. I take some consolation in knowing I was involved with 66 episodes that I can be proud of. I told the stories I wanted to tell. Not nearly all of them, but many. I ended it with Hunter's Moon and Journey, in a way that gave us some small closure but left it open in case I get another shot. A shot I'm longing for. All this offers some consolation. I hope you and the other fans feel the same. It's something to hold onto through what's bound to be a LOT OF REJECTION. There are no guarantees that we'll ever get the show back on the air in any form. But what I've written above is the most practical plan I can think of. If I can help in any way, let me know.

Otherwise, Good Luck. You are going to need it.


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I just read through the entire ASK GREG FAQ. WOW!!!!!


Four corrections:

1. In 2198 there are only twelve clans. Queen Florence is added later. Paris, later still.

2. "Hobgoblin of Little Minds" and "The Weird Macbeth" (formerly "Puck's Macbeth") were two different story ideas. The one described in the FAQ is "The Weird Macbeth". So far, I have given no details on "Hobgoblin".

3. There have been at least six writers (that I know of) on the Live Action Gargoyles movie.

4. I never worked on the Disney Tarzan Animated series. I was offered a job on it, but I was busy voice directing 3x3 Eyes at the time, so I had to pass.

But given all that information, I'm amazed that there's so little for me to correct. Again, thank you. (Now, let's hope people look at it.)