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A. Goodman writes...

Before I get to the questions, I'd just like to say how much I enjoyed the show and how amazed I am to find that I'm not alone in wishing to see a return to that universe. Having said this...on with the questions!
First, is it possible to obtain recordings of some of the episodes, particularly "The Mirror"? On the subject of "The Mirror" I must say that I was somewhat disapointed that subplot (the sparks of romance) between Goliath and Elisa never reached the level of developement I was expecting (or did it?). I honestly thought Elisa made a very good gargoyle, and I always wondered if that might also have been addressed in some way. Thank you once again for everything!

Greg responds...

1. The first season was released on video, though you'd probably have to haunt e-bay to find copies of those tapes. Otherwise, the only thing I can recommend at this point is to record the eps off Toon Disney.

2. Well, I think the subplot was advanced in episodes like "Sentinel" and "Hunter's Moon", among others. As for Elisa being a gargoyle, that was always temporary in my mind.

Response recorded on April 08, 2003

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