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meagan hatfield writes...

I'm not sure if you'll consider this a valid question or not... but, I have been a long time fan, and I am interested in putting together a video collection of the gargoyles cartoons. How many episodes were put out on video? Do you have any suggestions on web sites (not ebay), where one might find new/used copies? I'm sure you've had quite a few requests for this information, and you can tell me to bugger off if you'd like. I appreciate your time, Thanks! :) trailbeasty@holtmail.com

Greg responds...

I'm not going to tell you to bugger off, but since you guessed (correctly) that I received multiple requests for this info, why not check the archives and save yourself the TWO YEAR WAIT.

Anyway, the entire first season was released on video, though I have no idea -- beyond ebay -- how you'd track down those tapes at this point.

And I wouldn't bother as the entire first season will be released on DVD by the end of this year (2004). If that release sells well enough, you can be sure they'll release season two as well.

Response recorded on July 26, 2004

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Anna writes...

Hi there, Greg. First off, kudos to you. Great work on everything you've done. The only question I really have (the rest will be answered when you get to do your spinoffs ;-) ) is this:
Do you get irked by all the incessant Gargoyle questions rather than questions about other projects you have worked on?
Or, in Layman's Terms, do you ever want to yell out randomly: "It's over! Get a life!"?

Greg responds...

I don't actually. If anything, I sometimes want to yell at myself: "It's over, get a life!" But the truth is, it's not over as long as the fans keep it alive. And I very much appreciate that.

The fans and in particular the Gatherings have kept things alive long enough for me to FINALLY convince Disney to release the first season on DVD. After that, it's back in the hands of the fandom. If the DVD sells well enough there WILL BE MORE. If all of those sell through the ROOF, then the series will be back in some way, shape or form, even with original material.

Response recorded on July 21, 2004

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JediPunker writes...

Hey Greg, whats up?
The other night I was watching Gargoyles on Toon Disny as I usually do and reading Wizard:the Coics Magizine as I usually do. I was reading an article on the 80s Nostolga Boom currently happening In comics. Thats when my wee little mind put two and two together and asked my self, why not a gargoyles Comic? I investigated a bit and discovered that Marvel had allready published 11 issues of an illfated comic series based on Gargoyles. And A few questions arose.
*Dose this comic take place in the same continuity as the show?In other words is it Canon?
*Did you, Greg, wright it?
*Were there any second printings or Trade Paperback collections of this series? If not, will there ever be?
*And finally, if you could never get Gargoyles or a related show back on the air, would you take the rest of the story into comics?

Greg I think you did a great Job with the show and it is easily my favorite dramatic animated show.

ps. In a totally un related question, will the show every get released in its entirety on video or DVD?

Greg responds...

*It isn't canon, though they tried (with a little kibbitzing from me) to be as consistent as possible.

*I did not write what was published, though I was scheduled to take over the writing chores on the book, just before it was cancelled. I even wrote an issue that was never published.

*I don't think there were. I never saw them. I doubt Marvel is contemplating that.

*I'd love to if someone was interested in paying Disney for the license to publish it.

*The first season is coming out on DVD THIS YEAR. Whether or not the rest comes out will depend on the sales of the first DVD.

Response recorded on July 12, 2004

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Dave writes...

Hey Gregg, I'm new to this site, and I was just wondering... is there something I missed about Gargoyles? I mean, I know of Gargoyles, and The Goliath Chronicles, but was there some other Gargoyle show that aired after?

What lies ahead for Gargoyles? Do you plan on bringing them back to the air at some point? I'd really like to see some new Gargoyles cartoons....

Thank you.

Greg responds...

There were proposed spin-offs, sequels and prequels, including

Gargoyles: The Dark Ages
The New Olympians
Bad Guys
Gargoyles 2198

plus plenty ideas just to continue the "Gargoyles" series itself.

I haven't been able to convince Disney to do any of these things.

But who knows?

"Firefly" was dead. It sold a TON of DVDs and now they're making a movie, "Serenity". "Family Guy" was dead. It sold a TON of DVDs and now they're making new episodes.

Up until this year, the best single way you could help relaunch the show in some way, shape or form was by attending the Gathering, our annual convention. That's still true. So if you haven't heard, check out this year's con at their website:


The good folks at Walt Disney Home Entertainment took notice of the fandom, largely thanks to these conventions. They'll be attending this year with a video crew to tape footage of the con to put on the Gargoyles DVD, to be released later THIS year (2004!).

The DVD will contain all 13 episodes of the series' first season, complete and uncut. It will also have a commentary track and other extras (in addition to the con footage) that are still being discussed.

If you want to see the 2nd Season on DVD, and if you want to see Disney make more Garg Universe materials, there's no better way to get them to take notice than by buying the DVD. If the fans demonstrate an audience with disposable income, Disney will respond. It's not far-fetched. It's happened before.

Response recorded on July 02, 2004

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Forliya writes...

hello, If you would please tell me where to find the gargoyles tapes because my friends and I want to find them!
I'm not sure where to find the answer to my first question?
and dont be mean please.

Greg responds...

Not mean. I just don't know. Sorry.

But the first season is coming out on DVD THIS YEAR!! Watch for it!!!

Response recorded on June 30, 2004

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supermel420@aol.com writes...

is it possible to purchase any or all of the gargoyle series on dvd(or tape)including the infamous "deadly force"

Greg responds...

The First Season, including "Deadly Force" (uncut) will be available on DVD by the end of this year. Watch this space for more announcements.

Response recorded on June 23, 2004

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Babs writes...

I was just on a Web site and bought all the Disney's Gargoyles Movies that I could find,I've also been taping the shows that have been playing on the T.V., I was wondering if Disney or anyone (not knowing who has the legal rights) is thinking about putting the 3 seasons on VHS or DVD ?
Thanks for taking your time to answer :)
Gargoyles Forever !

Greg responds...

Yes, the first season will be released on DVD this year (2004). If it sells well, watch for the other seasons to follow.

Response recorded on June 07, 2004

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Katarina Rodriguez writes...

I hope these questions are alright. I was wondering if there were any episodes on video, of Gargoyles and if not, why the show was never able to. And also, what caused Gargoyles to end so early, having only three seasons, or were there more?

Greg responds...

The entire first season of Gargoyles was released on video back in the day.

That same first season is being released this year on DVD.

The second season will no doubt become available if the first season sells well.

Response recorded on June 04, 2004

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JULIO writes...


Greg responds...

DVD's due out toward the end of this year. Watch for 'em!!

Response recorded on May 20, 2004

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icemann writes...

This isn`t a question. But I just thought I`d say that I for one am REALLY glad to hear that disney took notice of all the gatherings, and also of the future DVD releases. I`ll definately be grabbing all of those when they come out :)

Greg responds...


Response recorded on May 14, 2004

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