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Babs writes...

ok this is going to be a pain, but I'm making a Gargoyle page page , and need mucho info about the chars and the land that they came from and so on and so on, I've been hunting for a few days and it seems that every few web sites I go on, thier info is different from what others are, and I would like to have the correct info for my page, right now I'm working on info for the main N.Y. clan, you know thier age, when they were born, height, wingspan, stuff that like. and i would also like to find out about info with other Clans around the world, what ever you can help me with would mean a great deal and also help that much you can get back to me on here or e-mail me at Barb018@hotmail.com for any info anyone have for me, just plz make sure that it's 100 % correct I don't want to spend hours making this site just to find out that its wrong, plus its my first site I ever made and im learning HTML and Flash and some other werid things to make it, if anyone has any pics or midis, mps, whatever thank you very much. This is the best page that I can find about Gargoyles, you has tons of info and it helps alot, so i know you won't let me down, from one Gargoyle fan to another .

Greg responds...

Uh, I guess I'm a gargoyle fan.

But, I'm sorry, you're question is too large and vague, and since you posted it nearly two years ago, I'm not going to expend a ton of effort to write up everything I can think of for a page you probably completed ages ago.

And I don't know wingspans, anyhow.

Still most of what you're looking for is available in the ASK GREG archives or FAQ.

Good luck.

Response recorded on June 17, 2004

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