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XeniaG writes...

Here I've been...a fan of yours due to your work on Gargoyles and I never knew you had previously worked on Jem and the Holograms until today. I absolutely loved that 80s cartoon show and I wish they had conventions for it. It was a unique show for its time...with fun and well-thought out story-plots. I was just wondering if you would like to share your brief experience with that show.

Greg responds...

Sure. And it was brief.

I was working at DC Comics in New York. I was an Associate Editor there working on books like INFINITY, INC., ALL-STAR SQUADRON, TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS, JUSTICE LEAGUE, YOUNG ALL-STARS, etc. I was also co-writing a book called CAPTAIN ATOM with my friend and partner Cary Bates (whom many of you know as a Gargoyles story editor and writer).

Cary had some friends, former comic book writers, working in animation. So as partners we pitched premises on a number of shows, including TRANSFORMERS, etc.

We only sold one premise: "Video Wars" to JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS.

The premise was approved and we wrote the outline, which was approved to script. I wrote the first draft and Cary wrote the final draft.

I had literally no contact with the people at Jem. Cary did all that.

But that episode was the first time I saw my name on TV. I've still got it on tape.

Response recorded on February 02, 2004

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