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XeniaG writes...

Here I've been...a fan of yours due to your work on Gargoyles and I never knew you had previously worked on Jem and the Holograms until today. I absolutely loved that 80s cartoon show and I wish they had conventions for it. It was a unique show for its time...with fun and well-thought out story-plots. I was just wondering if you would like to share your brief experience with that show.

Greg responds...

Sure. And it was brief.

I was working at DC Comics in New York. I was an Associate Editor there working on books like INFINITY, INC., ALL-STAR SQUADRON, TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS, JUSTICE LEAGUE, YOUNG ALL-STARS, etc. I was also co-writing a book called CAPTAIN ATOM with my friend and partner Cary Bates (whom many of you know as a Gargoyles story editor and writer).

Cary had some friends, former comic book writers, working in animation. So as partners we pitched premises on a number of shows, including TRANSFORMERS, etc.

We only sold one premise: "Video Wars" to JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS.

The premise was approved and we wrote the outline, which was approved to script. I wrote the first draft and Cary wrote the final draft.

I had literally no contact with the people at Jem. Cary did all that.

But that episode was the first time I saw my name on TV. I've still got it on tape.

Response recorded on February 02, 2004

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Entity writes...

Hey, Greg!

In your memo for "Upgrade," you mention the following line:

Sorry. After cuts were made for both S&P and for things that I did not want to reveal, there wasn't anything left. So out it went."

I thought S&P didn't really play a role in GARGOYLES. Do you remember what the cuts were?

Greg responds...


And I never said that S&P didn't play a role. I said we had a common sense S&P person, Adrienne Bello, whom we respected and who respected us and what we were trying to do.

That didn't mean that she'd let us show Sevarius amputating Hyena's arm on camera.

Response recorded on February 02, 2004

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