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Anonymous writes...

Do Titania and Oberon's two children in any of the traditional stories about the fay?

Greg responds...

It depends what you consider fay-canon, I guess.

Response recorded on February 13, 2004

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Heading out of town...

I'll be out of town tomorrow and all next week.

No internet access while I'm gone, so I'll be back here at ASK GREG on 2/23/04.

Have a great Valentine's Day,


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Todd Jensen writes...

I know that you don't like answering "Goliath Chronicles"-related questions, but this is something that's been puzzling me for some time, and I was hoping that you might be able to throw some light on the subject.

I was recalling your mention of how the production team for "The Goliath Chronicles" originally wanted to end the series with the clan and Elisa simply running away from New York and scattering, though you fortunately talked them out of it. I'm still grateful that you did so, but what really puzzles me is why they wanted to end it that way in the first place.

Now, a lot of the changes that the production team made do have a certain explicability about them, when you consider that the bulk of them were still new to "Gargoyles" and not very familiar with it (and didn't have enough time to become familiar with it). But that "original ending" didn't. Because, even if I wasn't familiar with the first two seasons, I'd still have considered a bad ending, simply because it had the protagonists just give up and run away instead of persevering. After spending the entire season attempting to make peace with the humans and solve the "racial hatred" problem, they just give up trying and run away in defeat. That would certainly be dramatically unsatisfying, even anticlimactic.

So what I'm wondering is: did the new production team ever tell you why they wanted to end "The Goliath Chronicles" that way, when you found out about their plan? Because that original ending certainly didn't make sense to me.

Greg responds...

I think they simply had a notion to bring the series to a definitive end (without literally killing everyone off). Why they would want to do that, I'm not sure. But that was the sense I had.

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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Emma Rooney writes...

Where do you get all the information about Gargoyles from, without calling/visiting the sculptor?

Greg responds...

The sculptor?

Mostly, I make it up. Or rather, I made it up some time ago and I either type it up from memory or I refer to my old notes.

Or maybe, as I've suggested before, I'm just psychically tapping into the Gargoyles Universe -- if that doesn't sound TOO pretentious.

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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jamie writes...

what are the roles of puck and oberon in a midsummers night dream

Greg responds...

In the Shakespeare play, Oberon is King of the Fairies and Puck is his servant.

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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Mary Mack writes...

Completely out of left feild...

I've heard you worked on Darkwing Duck, and you've said many times that Thailog's coloring was in part based on Negaduck's costume. Now, I'm likely the only gargfan who has ever dressed up as Darkwing Duck for Halloween(in the eighth grade, btw, and I'm a girl), so I hope a few off topic (well, off gargoyle) questions won't bug you too much.

What did you do while working on Darkwing? Do you have any standout memories from that show? Or any favorite characters? I'm guessing you wrote-- which episodes did you work on?

Thanks for reading! I wish I were going to the Gathering this year, but I'm using my savings to start my own business instead-- that way I'll be able to make it to G2K3 in New York without emptying my penny jar. The L.A. con ROCKED, and I regret missing out this year. My siblings, however, are going, and have been instructed to videotape everything for me. (So if anyone sees Blondewookiee or The Souldier without a camera, remind them I'm pining away at home!)

And in the spirit of guessing when you'll read this... Happy New Year! (Am I right?)

Greg responds...

Nope. Again, closer to Valentine's day -- plus a year.

Hope to see you at the Montreal Gathering this summer ('04).

I helped Tad Stones develop Darkwing Duck, helped him staff up his writing staff and gave story notes on episodes. I was an executive at that time. I didn't write any episodes.

But did I really say that Thailog was based on Negaduck's coloring? Cuz I don't recall saying that or that being the case. Maybe someone else made the connection?

Thailog's coloring was actually more inspired by the Fantastic Four's costume change as perpetrated by John Byrne in the Eighties.

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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Lord Sloth writes...

Here's another wild guess at the date: Father's day, 2003?
And now for the questions.
1. How does subliminal education offset the accelerated growth of clones? Does it go something like this perhaps?

Money is good!
Stop growing.
Power is good!
Stop growing.
Control is good!
Stop growing.
Profit is good!
Stop growing.
Protecting those you care for is bad!
Stop Growing.
Blackmailing people (with the exception of your father) is good!
Egon Pax.
Egon Pax!

Or was it something else?

2. Were Burbank's, Malabu's, Brentwood's, Hollywood's and Delila's fast growth turned off the same way, by programing in: "obey Thailog" and "don't thing for yourself"?

3. Who created the Elisa clone we saw in "Protection", and what happend to her?

Thanks for putting up with me once again.

Greg responds...

Closer to Valentine's Day 2004.

1. I don't understand the question AT ALL. Big "Huh?" on this one.

2. What does their accelerated growth have to do with their programming? Two separate processes.

3. What? What Elisa clone?

You're pulling my leg, aren't you?

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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George writes...

Is Gargoyles 2198 a lot like the original gargoyles episodes. like haveing a few gargoyles (main charactors)or does it consist of no really main characters but 14 differnt clans showen every once and awhile

Greg responds...

Much more the former than the latter. You can read the development in the ASK GREG Archives.

Response recorded on February 11, 2004

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Anonymous writes...

1.Would two age accelerated clones of the same gargoyle have the same coloring?
2.If Delilah(I) was grown naturally what would her coloring be?
3.Does Delilah of 2198 have the same coloring as her ancestor? If not mind telling us what her coloring is?

Greg responds...

1. Assuming all else is equal, I'd say yes.

2. Good question. Depends what pieces of DNA Sev used for skin tone, I guess.

3. I was thinking yes, but the characters aren't designed and I won't be held to that.

Response recorded on February 11, 2004

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LEX is cool writes...

first I would like to compliment you on a great job. you have created a truly phanominal show.(sorry can't spell)
I watch it all the time.

Well, I got a few question about Lex (with him being my favorite character and all).

1.) Is Lex's mate going to have the same type of wings as Lex? Somehow I cant imagine haveing Lex's mate have the typical type of wings most other Gargoyles have. They seem much taller and id really like to see another gargoyle with that unique type of wings

2. Id also like to know how you think Lex feels, being the smallest and supposedly the weakest of the others. does he feel less efficent as a fighter or something.

3.) does Lexs hatred limit his amility in battle or improve it in anyway(fighting with rage and such)

4.) last question(sorry if i ask to many questions im just curious)when and where will Lexs mate be introduced will you tell us eventully? or in a gargoyle series(if it starts back up again)? I know you probably dont want to answer this yet just seeing what info I can get on my favorite charactor.

BTW thanx for your time I appreciate it

PS: keep trying Lexy I want to know his mate as much as you do Hehe (i learned a lot from your posts.=)

Greg responds...

1. I'm not answering this.

2. He's a fairly effective fighter, using his size and speed to his advantage. I've never noticed any kind of complex.

3. I think that he's generally been less effective against the Pack, because he lets his rage get the better of him.

4. I can't intro Lex's mate without a professional story-telling medium to intro Lex's mate. I'm still working on finding that medium. I haven't given up.

Response recorded on February 10, 2004

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