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Karc writes...

First off, thank you and the staff of Gargoyles for giving us such a great series. I have a few questions about The Goliath Chronicles though, as I never got a good understanding of its production. Why was it distinctly different than the first two season of Gargoyles? Was there some sort of new direction that Disney decided to take with the series, or was this the sole discretion of the creators? Actually, I was also wondering how much creative freedom you really had on the first two seasons. My only guess has to do with syndication vs. network standards, but I think I'm way off. Help, I'm confused. Thanks.

Greg responds...

You're not way off. We had considerable freedom the first two years, and one of the main reasons was because we were a syndicated series.

The third year - The Goliath Chronicles - was network and had much tougher standard & practices rules. But the main reason that the third season was different was because they replaced nearly the entire crew, including all the producers and story editors.

Response recorded on April 27, 2005

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Babs writes...

hallo again,
In episode " seeing is'nt believeing, Elisa doesnt call Goliath by his name when he is human, was that done on purpose so it gave us a more understanding that he was human ( because no in thier right mind would name thier child that) or was it just left out for another reason and if so , what was it.
danke for answering,
Gargoyles Forever !
(man work is boring)

Greg responds...

I had nothing to do with the production of that episode. I've only ever seen it once. I have no idea what their intent was.

Response recorded on July 01, 2004

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Sata writes...

it seems to me there is a difference from season 3 Seeing Isn"t Bleaving maby more shadowing do you notice any difference?

Greg responds...

What's with all these "Seeing isn't Believing" questions recently? Is this one person posting under many names?

Anyway, I've seen this (and all non-Journey Chronicles episodes) exactly once, way back in '96/'97.

I remember there was one that was sort of Aladdinesque in its animation, but I'm not even sure which ep that was. And I don't know why.

Response recorded on June 21, 2004

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roxanne writes...

last night I whached the episode "seeing isn't believing". I think it's the second to last episode in The Goliath Chronicals. Anyway, the animation style was really really weird, I wondering if you happened to know what that was about.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on June 21, 2004

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Forliya writes...

hey,Um, I'm wondering if you could tell me how many gargoyal
cronicals are thear? because I'm embarresed to say that I'm in love with goliath. I know its stupid but I cant help it.Oh by the way can you tell me who dose the voice of goliath ? because it goes by so fast on the credits I cant read it on the screan!

Greg responds...

We made 65 episodes of "Gargoyles" over two seasons.

They made a third season, 13 episodes, called "Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles". I wrote the first of those 13, but had no real involvement beyond that script.

And the voice of Goliath is the amazing Keith David.

Response recorded on June 21, 2004

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Babs writes...

In the Episode Seeing isn't believeing I noticed that the drawings were different, which to say the truth I was thinking about how different they looked during the whole show which made it hard to pay attention to what was going on. I was wondering what happened to the orginal drawers, and why was the drawings of everyone different ?
Gargoyles Forever!

Greg responds...

Except for "The Journey", I've only seen each episode of "The Goliath Chronicles" once (back in 1996/97). Frankly, I can't even remember which episode you're referring to.

I do recall that one of the episodes looked like it was an episode of Aladdin.

In any case, I had nothing to do with the production of those episodes. Couldn't tell you why it looks the way it does. Sorry.

Response recorded on June 10, 2004

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Erin writes...

Have you made any progress on getting the new gargoyles series up and running? If so then when can we expect it? Also, if this series does get going, will you disregard what happened to the characters in the goliath chronicles?

Greg responds...

No real progress, no. Though I think some positive steps include (1) the fact that they're now airing reruns in the Jetix block on ABC Family and (2) the coming release of the DVD.

As to your second question, I've answered it many, many times before. It will depend on the situation of our pick-up.

Response recorded on May 04, 2004

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Jumping sharks...

My brother e-mailed me this link:


so I decided to check it out for myself. Might do a couple rambles on the commentary there, but today let's just look at the vote tally as to when people think the series "Jumped the Shark" (i.e. started to suck)...

Network Switch (SYN to ABC) - 8 votes
Never Jumped - 7
The third season - 3
The Goliath Chronicles - 2
They found the Island of Gargoyles - 1
Time Slot (They moved it to the morning) - 1
Xanatos repents - 1
Gargoyle of the Week - 1
Thailog - 1

Of course, four of those categories are really one and the same. The "Network Switch (SYN to ABC)" and "Time Slot (They moved it to the morning)" was for "The third season", which was subtitled "The Goliath Chronicles". So if you add up those votes, you get a whopping (if any number out of 25 can be called whopping) 14 out of 25 votes for TGC as our shark jumping moment. Since I have to agree and since another 7 voters (bringing the total up to 21 out of 25) think that the show didn't jump at all, I'm feeling pretty good right about now.

So let me obssess about the remaining four votes.

I'll try to take them in chronological order...

One person thought we jumped the shark by introducing Thailog. I don't know what to say, except that I disagree. I think Thailog was a pretty cool addition to the series. A great villain and a complex character. I'd tend to think that the fanbase would agree.

(I know that at this time the submit function here at ASK GREG has been suspended, but I invite folks at the Station 8 Gargoyles comment room at:


to entertain this topic.)

Another viewer thought we jumped the shark when "They found the Island of Gargoyles", (i.e. Avalon, I assume). Hard to figure exactly what the person didn't like about this. Don't know if it's Avalon itself that bothered the viewer or the addition of more gargs, or Angela or the World Tour that followed. Maybe it got too fantasy. But again, I have no regrets on this score.

Our third rogue shark-sighter cites "Gargoyle of the Week" as our problem. I can only guess that this refers to the World Tour. Of course, we certainly never intro'd anything close to a gargoyle a week. We intro'd four new clans (Avalon, London, Ishimura & Mayan) over twenty-three episodes (which initially aired over something like a six month period). But maybe Gargoyle-A-Month is a more accurate criticism. Did we make a mistake saying that our sextet (plus Demona) weren't the only survivors of the gargoyle race? Maybe. It does remove some drama. But I liked adding hope into the equation for the gargoyle race. And I definitely liked how the World Tour (and not just the new clans, but especially the new clans) widened the scope of our tapestry/series. But many have disagreed.

Finally, our last shark-sighter cites "Xanatos repents". But I'm not sure that Xanatos ever really repented. He called a truce certainly, but not until the fourth to last scene of the last episode of the 2nd season. And I don't think anyone really thinks that we jumped the shark during "Hunter's Moon". So I'm going to be generous to myself and assume that it was how X was handled during TGC that this guy was voting for. (That may include my episode "The Journey", but I'll have to live with that and the notion that if people had been able to see where _I_ would have taken David in subsequent episodes, they might be less inclined to even think he repented, let alone that it caused the series to jump.)

Well, that was fun. I'll try to tackle the commentary tomorrow...

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Arystella writes...

Why was Goliath's human form different when Puck made him human than when Titania made him human?

Greg responds...

I had nothing to do with the Goliath Chronicle episode where Titania made Goliath human. So I can't answer why they changed the model... though I'll question IF they truly changed it.

Aside from clothes and hair-length -- are you sure the model was different? (I've only seen that episode once, eight years ago, so I can't remember.)

Response recorded on February 23, 2004

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Todd Jensen writes...

I know that you don't like answering "Goliath Chronicles"-related questions, but this is something that's been puzzling me for some time, and I was hoping that you might be able to throw some light on the subject.

I was recalling your mention of how the production team for "The Goliath Chronicles" originally wanted to end the series with the clan and Elisa simply running away from New York and scattering, though you fortunately talked them out of it. I'm still grateful that you did so, but what really puzzles me is why they wanted to end it that way in the first place.

Now, a lot of the changes that the production team made do have a certain explicability about them, when you consider that the bulk of them were still new to "Gargoyles" and not very familiar with it (and didn't have enough time to become familiar with it). But that "original ending" didn't. Because, even if I wasn't familiar with the first two seasons, I'd still have considered a bad ending, simply because it had the protagonists just give up and run away instead of persevering. After spending the entire season attempting to make peace with the humans and solve the "racial hatred" problem, they just give up trying and run away in defeat. That would certainly be dramatically unsatisfying, even anticlimactic.

So what I'm wondering is: did the new production team ever tell you why they wanted to end "The Goliath Chronicles" that way, when you found out about their plan? Because that original ending certainly didn't make sense to me.

Greg responds...

I think they simply had a notion to bring the series to a definitive end (without literally killing everyone off). Why they would want to do that, I'm not sure. But that was the sense I had.

Response recorded on February 12, 2004

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