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Scottish Angel writes...

Where exactly in Scotland would Castle Wyvern have been? Are we talking along the West of Scotland or further up North in the Highlands? Please forgive me if this question had been numerously asked, I did take a look for this but couldn't see it anywhere.

Also just wondering even if the Wyvern clan were destroyed, I imagine there would have been several other clans throughout Scotland - would the clans have been expected to fight throughout battles with the humans? (Such as the battle of Dunbar in 1296 where the English invaded Scotland, etc)Would Gargoyles have protected not just their castles, and general areas but towns, villages, and the country against invasion from other countries?

Thanks for your time, sorry if these questions may have been answered before.

Greg responds...

With ASK GREG's new search feature -- installed just the other day, nearly two years after you posted, it would now be fairly easy to find this information.

Wyvern (though fictional) is located on the west coast of Scotland.

Response recorded on August 02, 2004

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