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Antiyonder writes...

On a much lighter note, I thought I'd comment on the Kim Possible you wrote. I saw it on Disney Channel.com, and am going to record it when it comes on (I'll be gone this evening). Overall, it's a pretty great episode, better than Queen Bebe (Not that I dislike that episode).

Recently my stepsister had a baby last summer, she's really adorable. So, I can really understand the Stoppable's feelings towards Hana. Right up there with Alexander Xanatos (as a baby).

To bad Ron had to go through all of that flour and of course sugar. Would his preference of Roman Numeral be a reference to the "Bricks of Fury III" in "Team Impossible"?

After some have pointed it out, I did catch the Gargoyles reference in there. That being the statues coming alive. Two questions on that:

1. Did you put any Gargoyle references in Queen Bebe? I would guess no as no one pointed it out, but you never know.

2. Any idea if Hana could say harassment?

I recall hearing that Queen Bebe was changed quite a bit from how you wrote the episode, did Big Bother turn out better in your opinion?

Greg responds...

1. Not that I recall.

2. Maybe someday we'll find out.

Queen Bebe turned out great I thought, it's just very different from what I wrote. But I'm the first to admit that I didn't quite have the voice of the show down in that one, so I understand why I was rewritten so heavily... (particularly considering that the whole Smashmouth subplot was something that came up AFTER my work on the episode was completed).

But Big Bother is MUCH closer to what I wrote initially. So obviously, I can take a bit more personal pride in that one. And I do think I had the voice of the show down better in this one.

Response recorded on May 08, 2007

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Chip Coffin writes...

Me once again, comment, not a question. I was just on iTunes when I noticed the latest episode of Kim Possible was up. Now I don't have cable, so iTunes is how I watch most cable shows, I purchased the episode (haven't watched it as it is still downloading) and then went to TV.com and discovered that you were the one who wrote it, making me really excited to watch it! The Episode was entitled Big Bother, and I guess I'm just looking for comments from the writer, seeing as how by the time you get to this post I'll have watched it.

Rock On-Chip

Greg responds...

I'm not sure what to comment on. I had a really fun time writing it. I'd written one Kim before, and thought I hadn't done a very good job (though the final product turned out great -- just through efforts not my own). But I felt very good about this script, and the proof in the pudding is that most of what I wrote made it on screen. There's a Gargoyle in-joke in there too... although it got trimmed a bit. Same with a reference from a "Mummy" I once wrote and a Max Steel.

Response recorded on April 23, 2007

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Mike writes...

First off, thank you for a great show. It was truely one of the best ever and doesn't seem to have as much cred. as it deserves like Superman or Batman, but then again I am bias ;) I am very happy that there is a DVD release.. now my old cruddy tapes which are worn from viewing can be put away and replaced with non-wearing DVDs ^_^ Just gotta worry about keeping them scratch-free o_O.

Anywhoo, onto my question. Do you think that if by some chance Gargoyles was brought back into production, or one of it's spin-offs... with as cruddy as cartoons are today, particularly with the "modern" style of animation that seems more blocky and fake.. an example would be Kim Possible and Fairy Odd-Parents, do you imagine Gargoyles would end up being of the same quality or much like the original?

In my view, Gargoyles should be laid to rest simply because I think if it were to be brought back into production, it'd just not be the same Gargoyles. :/ I feel a dvd release of all 78 eps would best so they're all preserved on dvd and that be the end of it, unless of course the style/quality would remain unchanged.. but I doubt Disney would opt for that.

Greg responds...

Well, there are of course no guarantees, but personally I would jump at the chance to do more stories in this universe, and one of my few professional regrets is not sticking around to do the Goliath Chronicles.

We'd strive to keep the quality high.

But for now, that's all moot. We have the DVDs (some of them anyway) and the comic (yes, issue #2 will come out soon, and we should be back to a bi-monthly schedule thereafter). That works for me.

Oh, and by the way, BIG KIM POSSIBLE FAN HERE. I've written two of them, so I'm not unbiased. But I really like the show.

Response recorded on November 01, 2006

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Siren writes...

I just noticed in the archives, you wrote one Kim Possible. My daughter and I love that show. Could you please tell me the episode's title so I can be on the look out for it?

Greg responds...

I think it was called "Queen Bebe". In any case it's the one with Smashmouth.

Response recorded on September 22, 2005

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