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Secret_Agent_Gerbil writes...

Sorry for two different questions, but as I was browsing through the unanswered questions at the time, I noticed that one mentioned that they supported your move to make Lexington homosexual.

1) Is this true

1b.) If so, why?

2.) Is this referenced in the series? It probably isn't, but I've only started rewatching the show so I may have missed something about it.

As a fan of the show who is homosexual, this strikes me as strange, since this is technically a children's show. If you did do this, I commend you. If you didn't, you still rock.

Greg responds...

1. Is it true they support it? I don't know.

1b. Not sure.

2. It's not. Although I don't think we're inconsistent with the interpretation.

I'm not exactly trying to be commendable. The characters often tell us their truths. But I'm not unhappy that you like the idea.

Response recorded on January 10, 2006

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