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Amy writes...

Hey! Before asking my question I just want to say that I love that show and that the DVD is so amazing. Because of it I am seriously trying to make it to the next Gathering. But back to the question. You said Disney is meeting in Feb. to discuss season 2, but does the show have a good chance of getting the rest released? Are sales going well enough at the present time?

Greg responds...

Sales for the Season One Disk were not what you'd call a "Slam Dunk", but they were (as you probably know by now) brisk enough to convince Disney to take another chance on another release, and thus Season Two, Volume One is also available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. Unfortunately, sales on that release were weak, and now we have to sell a LOT MORE UNITS than we'd have originally needed in order to get Disney's attention again and convince them to release the DVD.

That's why I'm asking each and every fan to tell 1000 people about the DVDs, comics and Gathering. SPREAD THE WORD!!!

Response recorded on October 20, 2006

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