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Clan-Building #4: Masque

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Hey gang,

Just picked up a copy of Gargoyles #4. I'm pretty happy with it, but there were a couple of productions errors that I'm not-so-happy with.

First and foremost, the credits are in error. The interior of the book was pencilled and inked by guest artist Nir Paniry, not by our regular penciller David Hedgecock. I think Nir did a terrific job, and he deserves credit for his work. My apologies go out to both Nir and David.

Second, the Gargoyles logo and the title of the issue "Clan-Building Chapter Four: Masque" were somehow DROPPED off of page five of the book. (There are two empty black-spaces where they were supposed to go.) It's not as serious an error as the credit snafu, but it's something else that myself and the team regret.

We'll try to make sure that nothing like this happens again.

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