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Allison writes...

Hey, Greg! Love Gargoyles, excited for Rain of the Ghosts, and I just reread the comics and have a question about the clones.

We know that if gargoyles A and B are cloned, the clones, C and D, will have photo-negative coloration. Now, let's say A and C are female, and B and D are male. Let's also say that A and B do not become mates, but C and D do. The egg, E, is not artificially sped up, but develops over the ten year period. When E hatches, will its coloring resemble that of A/B or C/D?

Just curious about the practical application of the clones. Also, I think a Gargoyles Kickstarter would be a great idea! Have a nice day!

Greg responds...

Oy, that made my head hurt.

Well, first - you need to remember that the color change was a result of the accelerated aging, not of the cloning process.

So the assumption that C and D are photo-negative assumes that they were accelerated. Not a safe assumption, but for the sake of argument...

Would E's colors resemble A/B or C/D?

I do not know. I'd have to consult my Garg-science buddies.

Response recorded on October 16, 2013

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Rebel writes...

Which part of the world did gargoyles first arise in? For example, humans apparently arose in Africa and then migrated almost everywhere else, and then evolved. I'm curious to know which continent gargoyles first came from. If you'd care to narrow it down even further, that'd be great, since a continent is a really big place.

I did a search to see if this had already been answered, but I didn't see anything. If you've answered it already and I missed it, my apologies.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 22, 2009

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Joseph writes...

what would be the science behind how goliath and his clan glide,and climb almost anything except solid steel?

Greg responds...

Who said they can't climb solid steel?

I don't know the science. They glide on their wings. They climb with their claws. Do you need more science than that?

Response recorded on April 23, 2004

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Rick Maloney writes...

How can Thailog and the Clones be cured of the clone virus when they're solid stone, and incapable of intraveneous injection? If science is a kind of magic, as Titania mentions in 'The Gathering' two-parter, no mage could meddle with it.

Greg responds...


1. Don't take what Titania said too literally. She was making an analogy, not writing a treatise.

2. Keep in mind, you're talking Goliath Chronicles.

Response recorded on August 04, 2003

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Jacob writes...

If someone would bring a gargoyle by plain very far into eastern or western direction during he's stone, would his internal clock notice that or would it be a way for him to be awake at day?

Greg responds...

It might be. Honestly, I'm not sure. We thought about that in our pilot when the gargs were being moved from Scotland to New York. But it was a non-issue there.

Response recorded on August 14, 2001

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Demona Taina writes...

Hey, Greg:

I was checking the archives, and I think I can explain why sometimes, the gargoyles turn to stone slowly, and sometimes just slowly solidify until they're completely in stone. In Awakening 1, Goliath and Hudson could've turned to stone slowly because they were struggling, so the body couldn't solidify as quickly. So it starts down and spreads throughout their bodies until they're trapped in stone. When they're sitting/standing still, the body can solidify at normal speed. Anyway, that's what I think makes sense. What do you think, oh wise Greg?

Greg responds...

Oh wise Demona Taina, it makes sense to me.

Response recorded on August 08, 2001

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matt writes...

if all the female gargoyles on Avalon only are able or ready to reproduce when the Earth 20-year cycle comes around wouldn't that mean that they would be laying their eggs within a very short time on Avalon? i mean, on Avalon that cycle would come around every 10 months! would the females on Avalon be ready to concieve after just laying an egg?

and lets say that its too soon to be laying another egg and they skip a cycle, that means that they will only lay two eggs in their lifetimes, and if that happened it would be bad for the Avalon clan. first of all, their population would never grow, in fact over time it would probably shrink due to the unequal distribution of males and females, a couple has to have more than two children for any population growth to occur. another problem is that over time (and may i remind you that time is way faster on Avalon) there would be a huge amount of inbreeding, esspecially as the population dropped.

so, the problem is, either Avalon females are birthing their eggs twenty four times faster than gargoyles typically do, or the Avalon clan is doomed to die out.

i'm a bit worried about the fate of the Avalon clan, whats going to happen with them and this problem?

Greg responds...

1st paragraph... No.

2nd paragraph... I don't follow your reasoning here. They have the potential at least to have many MORE children on Avalon.

3rd paragraph... you can't see something between those extremes?

It's an issue. Fodder for stories. I'm not going to reveal the answer here. But don't worry too much about this. After all, they may not survive the return of Mab.

Response recorded on July 27, 2001

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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

Okay, we've asked you this question before, and you've never really given a strait answer. Nothing says you will now, but here goes:

1) What happens to the stone sleep cycle of gargs in space?

I know the sleep is a biological process that's triggered by the sun. So, would they keep their normal cycle of 12 hours, or would the cycle change.

If you dont want to answer that question:

2) Have you yet figured out what happens to gargoyles in space, and you just dont want to tell us, or are you waiting for divine inspiration? :)

Greg responds...

1. Don't know. Haven't tried it.

2. I'm not sure about divine. But there's a reason why Zafiro and Demona are the one's who join Nokkar, Guardian and LXM on 'the away mission' in space.

Response recorded on July 20, 2001

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Steven L. writes...

Gargoyles mate for life. Does that mean that once two gargoyles show interest in each other, and become intimate, that they've mated, and are officially forevermore monogamous?
If so, what happens if, over the years, the two gargoyles come to drift apart, or realize they have nothing in common? Do they stay together simply because of tradition? I take it there's no gargoyle equivalent of divorce. (Or at least there wasn't until Goliath and Demona kinda set precident).
And in that vein; should a gargoyle have an affair, then what happens if that affair is discovered? Does the unfaithful gargoyle and the one he/she had the affair with get banished from the clan?
Hope this hasn't been asked before.

Greg responds...

Gargoyles mate in both sexual and ritualistic fashion. After that they GENERALLY (and that's the key word) remain monogamous.

They imprint upon each other biologically, and there are strong ties of custom to discourage a split. Affairs, I believe, are quite rare.

But as you noted, sometimes things don't work according to plan. Iago has clearly imprinted on Desdemona, though she is imprinted on Othello and he has imprinted on her.

Goliath and Demona imprinted upon each other, but maybe as a result of a thousand years, that imprinting didn't last. Goliath has clearly imprinted anew on Elisa. (BTW, I'm not sure I'm using the word imprinting correctly. I know it's generally used for babies to imprint on their mothers. But it's the closest thing I can think of.)

So there are issues of both biology and custom that discourage anything like divorce or cheating. But that doesn't mean it NEVER happens.

Response recorded on July 18, 2001

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matt writes...

i'm going to try to guess the date you're reading this and i think it'll be a bit less then the current two month wait cuz i bet you'll try to catch up before the next contest so: is it August 8? lol, do i get another prize if i'm right?

by the way, your most recent batch of questions was extremely interesting and hilarious, as usual. esspecially Arthur's other Avalon adventure, and (LOL) masturbating gargoyles. its been a while since i've laughed that much!

ok, question time:

1. you recently said that if a gargoyle slept in caves for day after day after day they would begin to have ill effects from lack of sunlight, but you've said that the Korean and Loch Ness clans live in caves. so, did you mean that they sleep outside the caves, i guess?

2. do gargoyle eggs need sunlight ever or are they fine spending their ten year incubation in caves and rookeries?

maybe i'm just really tired or something and kinda giddy, but i'm still laughing about masturbating gargoyles. interesting you won't tell us about gargs going to the bathroom, but you'll tell us about them masturbating! LOL

Greg responds...

Not even close. July 17.

1. I love it when people are DETERMINED to trip me up.

2. I'm not committing.

Shows where my heads at, I guess.

Response recorded on July 17, 2001

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