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Maverick writes...

Something you mentioned from the Ep "Silver Falcon,":

'Elisa nearly shoots brodway.'

1) What would happen if a bullet go lodged in Broadway? Would it vanish at dawn with the wound or would it stay there forever? [Apu on the Simpsons has something like 8 in his body.]

2) If *Elisa* was *Showing* Broadway the gun (In deadly Force) and it went off, hitting him, how bad would the wound be? Life threatning like Elisa's wound was, or would he have much more stamina to survive untill dawn like Goliath did in 'Long way 'till morning'?

3) When a gargoyle gets shot in the wings, are there nerves that allow it to feel the shot?

4) Can gargoyles, during the day, stop a bullet, [assuming they are stone]? Would it just bounce off him, or actually make a hole?

B) Would the gargoyle then wake up?

Greg responds...

1. It wouldn't vanish.

2. It depends where he was shot. It could kill him instantly.

3. Yes.

4. Probably make a hole, but it depends on other factors like range, caliber, etc.

B. No.

Response recorded on November 02, 2000

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Siren writes...

I might spark a debat in the comment room on this one...but it's a free country!...
Are there gay and lesbian gargoyles in the Gargoyles Universe?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on November 01, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

A weird biological comment:
I read that in almost all vertebrates (with the exception of newts and salamanders) digits II and III are formed first, then IV and finally I and V (digits being numbered from the thumb and moving to the pinky)

Now, when in the course of evolution a species of animal loses a couple of fingers, it's always done in the *reverse* order (because losing an "early" digit would destroy the development of all the following ones). So in evolution, when individual digits are lost, it's always either the "thumb" or the "pinky" first, followed by the other, then IV, and then II and III.

Which means that since Gargoyles have four digits in each hand, (and since they *do* have a thumb) it means that most probably it's the "pinky" that they are missing, and not one of the three fingers inbetween.

Now, was that more about digit evolution than you ever wanted to know? :-)

Greg responds...

Uh. Actually that was kinda fun.

But what if instead of "losing" a digit, they never had one in the first place?

Or what if two interior digits fused into one?

Response recorded on October 26, 2000

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Faieq writes...

1)How many sets of teeth do gargoyles have? Humans have two sets: their milk teeth and their adult teeth, (three sets if you count false teeth.) Do gargoyles have two sets of teeth as well, or just one set of teeth? Or do they have more than two sets of teeth?
2)At what age do the hatchlings start to teeth?

Greg responds...

1. I haven't given it any thought.

2. Born with teeth, I'd think.

Response recorded on October 26, 2000

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Faieq writes...

Are their any gargoyles that have eye color or do all gargoyles just have black pupils.

Greg responds...

Pretty much

Response recorded on October 20, 2000

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Aris Katsaris writes...

A small tidbit that you revealed through the last contest was that the hatching of the eggs takes place in March 21st - the Spring Equinox, that is.

Now, I always felt it would be on an equinox or a solstice- those are the only dates that make sense really... Is the laying of the eggs also done on the Spring Equinox (ten years earlier ofcourse)?

How about the egg's conceiving? Have you decided how much time is spent between the eggs's conceiving and laying?

Greg responds...

That's interesting. Maybe.

As for conception, maybe I'll make it a six month term and put it on the fall equinox.

The truth is I chose March 21st because it's my son's birthday. But sometimes things in the Garg Universe just seem to come together. It's cool that way.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000

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icemann writes...

Just one question I've been wondering for a while

What would happen if a Gargoyle were to go into space (on a shuttle or something)? would it go into stone sleep until it came back to earth?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on October 19, 2000

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Skylar writes...

1. When I asked if there are any Gargoylebeasts whith wings you said they involved without. So if it is all an evolving thing and if there are only two kinds of gargoyles (the human like and the beast like), how does it come, that some gargoyles look totally different to the others and seem to have other bones, a much different skelleton?
For example Lexington looks much different (for example his bones in his wings) and a much more distinct example is Zaphiro. He seems to have no legs at all.

1b) How should I imagine Zaphiros skelleton? Is his "foot" exactly like a part of a snake or have the two legbones grown together into one?

2. Are there any other gargoyles out there that look much different than the rest? (as much as Zaphiro does)

3. How about feathers? Have some gargoyles feathers at their wings? Is that normal? Or is it maybe a genetic characteristic you find just in the genetic resources of the gargoylepopulation of some specific lands and not all over the world?

4. Do all Ishimura-Gargoyles have black hair? Is it normal, that in all countrys where the hair color of the native population is black, the hair color of the gargoyles is black, too?

4b) How about the Guatemala-Gargoyles?

Greg responds...

1. I think I said "evolved". You've never seen Zafiro's skeleton. The differences are superficial. The limb count is the same. Even Beasts, may have small vestigal wing bones, I suppose. But that doesn't mean there are flying beasts.

2. Yes.

3. Some have feather-like things on their wings, for example Zafiro and Griff.

4. Not all.

4b. What about them?

Response recorded on October 19, 2000

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J.K. writes...

Hello again..

So how developed are baby gargoyles at birth? Are they, say, as helpless as a human infant, or more along the lines of a deer or foal-able to walk shakily an hour or two later (bipedal or all fours.) Any other info will be appreciated. For that matter, how long might it take for a healthy hatchling to escape from the shell? Any bird can take several hours, just curious:)

Greg responds...

When he or she is ready, it's fast.

They are slightly more advanced than human infants. They are able to support their own heads for example. They start crawling much quicker. But mentally, they aren't that much further along.

Response recorded on October 05, 2000

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Kelly L Creighton / Kya White Sapphire writes...

gargoyle biology:

these may have been asked, but i couldnt find them. i wont be upset if you yell at me and tell me to look harder. ^_^

1. does a garg's vision change when their eyes glow?

2. if not, do they know theyre glowing just like ppl know when theyre blushing?

3. the stone sleep heals everything? i mean, if they started catching a cold one night, would the stone sleep cure it? i have strep throat right now (again. its my anual strep) and id REALLY like a lil stone cureall ^_^

Greg responds...

1. No.

2. Not consciously, no.

3. Yeah, it's a wish-fullfilment thing.

Response recorded on September 27, 2000

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