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Basillisk writes...

Are Goliath and Coldstone biological brothers or just rookery brothers?

Greg responds...

Rookery brothers.

There are never any biological brothers of the same generation. Cousins, sure. Brothers and sisters, never.

Response recorded on July 11, 2000

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Joxter the Mighty writes...

One more time... Do gargoyles leave marks on hardwood floors when walking on them and what does it depend on?

Greg responds...

Generally, my Basset Hound does not leave marks on our hard wood floors. Neither do the cats. At least no marks I've ever seen. And I have no idea what it depends on. So I'm technically unfit to answer this question.

Response recorded on July 07, 2000

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LSZ writes...

1) How long did it take for the New Olympians to develop their technology to the level seen in New Olympians?
2) In any respects are any of the three races involved in the Space-Spawn war less advanced than what we've seen of Earthly technology? Meaning is there anything in particular technologically Earth has that the aliens don't have? Like say, Sevarius' genetic manipulation, the NO's anti-gravity, Xanatos' Matrix..
3) How advanced were Gargoyles technologically by the time humanity came along? Stone Age-tech?
4) Castle Wyvern is a large stone-built fortress that looks like it was built using construction techniques and concepts that didn't appear in Europe until after the Crusades(I think). So why, in the Gargoyles universe, are the Europeans of 994 more advanced than in history? What in-universe explanation is there?
5) King Arthur of the 6th century seems to wear at least partial plate armour that didn't appear until the 1400's? what's the in-universe explanation here?

Greg responds...

1. Until 1996.

2. Generally, they are more advanced than us. But I won't rule out the possiblility that we might not be able to surprise them.

3. Not very. It was unnecessary to their life-styles. Humans are a much more adaptable race, for better and for worse.

4. In universe, I don't need an explanation if I don't feel like dealing. They just are. Perhaps less was forgotten. Perhaps magic was involved. Perhaps our knowledge is flawed.

5. He had access to sources of Armor that most people didn't. We assume that these things didn't EXIST until later. All we KNOW is that they weren't prevalent until later.

Response recorded on July 07, 2000

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Patrick Toman writes...

Hi, Greg.

I guess this is sort of a combination ramble and question, growing from a discussion that got started in the TGS comment room.

First, the ramble that explains the origin of my question. I recently saw part of a documentary on PBS about birds (David Attenburough's "Life of Birds" series) and a segment was shown about endangered species of birds being raised by humans from eggs to be released into the wild later. Part of it showed how whooping crane chicks raised completely by humans were being taught how to fly. It was really rather comical... the people were running about flapping their arms, but in the end by mimicing the gestures the young cranes caught on and were able to get into the air for their first flights.

So now to the question... would Katharine, Tom, and the Magus have applied anything similar to help the Avalon hatchlings learn how to glide, or did they simply leave the young gargoyles to their own devices and instincts?

And also related to this... how old must a gargoyle be before it's ready to begin gliding? Does it vary from individual to individual, or does a rookery all mature at about the same rate?

Greg responds...

1. Both, I think. If for no other reason than it would be fun to show in flashback someday.

2. I bet it varies a bit. Just as walking and talking, etc. varies among human children. Even between siblings.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000

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A Fan writes...

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the accuracy of my hypothesis. I know you are likely to be cryptic, so I promise to be only somewhat annoyed it you are, although I'd prefer if you weren't.

About time travel, why is the Phoenix Gate the only time travel device out there? Or is it?

It is likely the only magical way, because if not, why would Oberon want it so badly? Unless it is like a washing machine. You can wash it by hand but you'd rather use a machine.

You've established that the past cannot be changed, and that Xanatos's current position in society is solely because of his little trip to the past.

Establishing that the Phoenix Gate is gone, except for its little TimeDancing trip, does that mean that time travel in the gargoyles universe is now totally impossible?

the final question would have to be, since you don't believe in a changable past, does the Gargoyles universe contain parallel time tracks, entire other universes with a different version of events.

Finally, I apologize if I missed previous answers to these questions. I have been reading the archive since it started, but my memory is a little bad at times.

Greg responds...

1. I didn't say that the Gate is the only device out there. Depending on your point of view, one could say the Grimorum acted as a one-way time travel device for Goliath et al. And for the Coldtrio as well.

2. Who said Oberon wanted it so badly? Puck thought it would make a good bribe. Who knows if he was even right?

3. I wouldn't say "solely" but sure, what's your point?

4. Not necessarily. But I'd never make it easy. (And calling TimeDancer a "little...trip" is the understatement of the day, at least.

5. Ehhh.... Those things tend to be abused whenever they're introduced. Look at the X-Men. That book became unreadable to me eventually. As I've said before, I'm open to thinking about parallel universe/tracks etc. But I tend to think I'll end up saying no.

6. S'O.K.

Response recorded on July 05, 2000

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Joxter the Mighty writes...

A couple of questions about, of all things.... Shaving.

1. Xanatos- Electric or old fashioned razor?

2. Owen- Does he need to shave at all, or is a side effect of the "out Vogeled vogel" character include always being clean cut?

The gargs- In the past whenever anyone assumed that Hudson is odd because only has a beard and that the other gargs don't shave, you've basically responded "Who said they didn't". So...

3. *DO* the other gargs need to shave?

4. If so, what do they shave with, particularly Goliath on the Avalon tour?

5. Would Brooklyn ever seriously consider growing a beard, since it'd probably look rather akward on his beak?

6. COuld Brooklyn grow a beard even if he wanted to?

Just an odd tangent I was suddeny inspired to ask. Thanks for your time Greg.

Greg responds...

1. Ask Fox.

2. He shaves.

3. Not Angela.

4. Superman checked in periodically, and volunteered his heat-vision.

5. Would you in his circumstances?

6. Only a Goatee.

Response recorded on June 26, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Hey Greg.

Did Lex hatch after his Brothers Brooklyn and Broadway?

If so round about how meny? (if you answered this..Ill understand)

People seem to that his hatching later plays a role in his size and personality..like it made some big difference..can you tell me if that is true or if that is how he is regardless of a few lousy days?? IE: he's less mature or short? *L* I dont think it does..but I realized I never really asked the man so here it is

Thanks again:)

Greg responds...

They all hatched about the same time, give or take a few hours.

How many what?

It's got nothing to do with anything. Don't you know two people who have close to the same birthday who are different heights? What does date of birth have to do with size?

Response recorded on June 23, 2000

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Doug writes...

Alright so I wanna get this straight. So if gargoyles don't age at all when they are "asleep" and when they are awake they age at half speed right? So they really only age at quarter speed of humans right which would have made goliath 29 as of the last episode of hunters moon thats human years which would mean he has actually been alive for 58 years total right? not counting the BIG SLEEP.

Greg responds...

No. They age normally when awake. They basically don't age when asleep. So all told, they age at half-speed.

And yet, because, frankly, your math is awful, you still basically you got the numbers right.

Response recorded on June 23, 2000

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Vashkoda writes...

1) Without stating my obvious suspicion lest it be interpreted as a new idea, who will Bronx's mate be? 2) What gender is/are the gargoyle beast/s on Avalon other than Boudicca? 3) Do you have any specific plans for that big red beast we saw in "Bushido", or was it just thrown in by the artists? 4) When the Guatamalan clan's eggs hatch, will there be any beasts? 5) Are all gargoyle beasts land-bound?

Greg responds...

1. Boudicca, of course.

2. Male and female.

3. We get to everything eventually.

4. Yes.

5. Pretty much. (If I get your meaning.)

Response recorded on June 23, 2000

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The mysterion writes...

Are gargoyles red blooded?

Greg responds...

Yep. (See "Awakening, Part One")

Response recorded on June 20, 2000

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