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Kchishol1970 writes...

I'm sorry if my last question about Maggie seemed unsettling, but it seemed logical to ask.

Anyway, is Maggie truly aware of what Brooklyn felt for her? For instance, in "Kingdom" when she approached him to help Derek, did she understand how tempted he would be to refuse her? I mean, he tried to help her repeatedly in the past and all he got in return from her was fear, hate, emotional manipulation and physical pain.

For that matter, does she realize the reason Brooklyn's keycard slight-of-hand trick was so convincing was because he was venting his real feelings of frustration, betrayal and jealousy to a certain degree into the act? If she did, then it would seem rather ungrateful or thoughtless to embrace Talon like that in front of him, considering it was obviously a knife through the heart to see what he could only accept was not to be.

I don't know if you think I'm being too judgmental about her, but part of the reason why "Kingdom" is my favourite episode is because it made me realize what television narrative brilliance you were creating with Brooklyn. In short, I could feel his pain as he accepted certain realities and sacrifices as he became a "man," and can't help but resent Maggie for making it so difficult for him.

Greg responds...

I'll leave this to the audience's interpretation.

Response recorded on April 15, 2008

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