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Firestar formerly The Souldier writes...

I was watching The Gathering part 2 recently, and got to wondering, what is Hudson's sword made out of? It's obviously not iron otherwise it would ave cut through Oberon's hair (jst as a reminder as the gargs were fighting Oberon he made strands of his hair go and grab Goliath). It was suggested to me that maybe the sword is bronze, but that has a couple of problems: 1. Obviously if it's bronze the color is wrong, 2. Bronze is a realtivly soft metal and doesn't hold an edge very well. The more logical possibility I can think of is that the sword has some sort of magic in it, but i would think that would allow it to harm Oberon, so it doesn't seem that that likely. The less logical possibility that popped into my head is that Gargoyles are secretly insanely good metal workers, and the had discovered some sort of alloy that worked very well in weaponry. If you don't know, it's no big deal, your a creator, not a metalurgist.

Greg responds...

I don't know. Can't it be steel?

By the way, he got the sword from a Viking.

Response recorded on June 01, 2004

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Arystella writes...

Hi Greg!
Me again! I hope I'm not being picky or anything, but I wanted to ask you a question about Hudson's sword. . . sometimes when Hudson turns to stone, so does his sword, but other times it doesn't.
Why is this?
(What sorcerey is this!?)

Greg responds...

This is in the archives over and over. At the time of transformation, if Hudson is thinking of his sword as part of his uniform, it will turn to stone with the rest of his clothes per a spell cast during the time of Caesar Augustus. If he's thinking about it as a separate weapon (or whatever) it won't. He doesn't even have to be conscious of the decision.

Response recorded on April 22, 2004

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Jimmy writes...

Who was Hudson's mate and what did she look like?

Greg responds...

Not saying and not telling.

Response recorded on February 26, 2004

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Melissa Evans writes...

How old is Hudson?

Greg responds...

As of the end of 1996, Hudson was 1118. (59 years old biologically.)

Response recorded on November 07, 2003

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Gipdac writes...

I could be wrong, but in Vendettas I think Hudson called Hakon "Hakon the destroyer of clans". So, did Hakon have a reputation for smashing gargoyle clan or so it just the one?

Greg responds...

I don't know if that's an exact quotation. I think he called him, "Hakon, Clan-Slaughterer". But I might be mistaken.

In any case, Hudson was referring to the Wyvern Clan.

Response recorded on October 03, 2003

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Stephaneus writes...

Hi Greg Happy New Year all

Vanity(don't you mean Gruouch??)

Know this is about Awakenings (which I think is the best episode in the whole series). Goliath caught Hakon's sword. What is the deal. Hudson's little dagger in Long way to morning cut a statue in half. But Hakons double edged long sword could only scratch Goliath. He's tough and rugged but come on now. And I really loved Hakon's reaction "Fight men they're not invincible" If that isn't invincible what the hell is? Why should Goliath even dodge weapons they just bounce off anyway?

Why did you let that happen? Catching a sword without it even hurting him seriously at all!!

Super Stephaneus

Greg responds...

I don't know what you're referring to vis-a-vis Vanity/Gruoch...?

As to your Awakening question, Hakon's sword did hurt Goliath. Cut down to the bone. He just toughed it out. Cuz he's Goliath. That's who he is. You expected him to cry?

And Hakon's sword could certainly cut THROUGH bone. But he would have needed to put more power behind the swing to do that. Given his position on that tower, Hakon did the best he could, but it wasn't good enough, and Goliath's been in enough fights to know what he can and cannot take. He stopped the blow with his hand before it could gain enough momentum to do serious damage.

What Hakon saw, before he spoke his line, was the Goliath's blood. We made a point of that, and even convinced our S&P exec to let us show the blood. Which is very rare for cartoons. If Goliath had been invincible, there would have been no blood. And the sword would have bounced off his hide. Which it didn't. Weapons don't bounce off our gargs.

Hudson doesn't have a dagger, by the way, but a sword. And a lot of Gargoyle muscle behind his swing.

And you, Super, have a lot of attitude, bordering on disrespect. Just so you know, it's really off-putting.

Response recorded on June 17, 2003

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matt writes...

attempting to be the first question of the new year... as i was last year... first question of the millenium last year!


does Hudson ever feel guilty or have regrets for forming that alliance with Malcolm all those years ago? i mean it led to the destruction of his clan... does he ever wonder what might've happened had the clan just remained isolated? maybe they could've survived through the first millenium unscathed?

Greg responds...

Thank God I'm out of 2001 questions. I was beginning to think I'd never get to 2002. Now if I could just get to 2003. (It's hard to believe that in September of 2001, I had actually caught up. CAUGHT UP!!!)

I think that Hudson, like all thinking creatures, has probably run all sorts of scenarios through his mind. But Hudson's pact with Malcolm was hardly the only factor that led to the massacre, and given the state of things in the 20th and 21st centuries, if we're thinking long term, it hardly would have made a difference. He did the best he could with the available info. Regrets, and he has a few, are too few to mention.

Response recorded on June 16, 2003

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Benjamin Gilbert writes...

"A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air."

You've said (or implied) that Castle Wyvern was built while Hudson was the clan leader. So protecting the castle can't have been a deep-seated, traditional, imperative practice for the Wyvern clan. Sure, there was the normal gargoyle territorial instinct, but there wasn't a _castle_ to protect.

1. Did Hudson (or another clan elder?) invent that saying out of whole cloth? If so, why? Why did he feel the need to word this saying _so strongly_ for a practice less than a generation old, and repeat it to the hatchlings until they were sick of it? (Certainly the Trio seem to have heard it enough.)

2. If not, where did the saying come from, and why did Hudson latch onto it as strongly as he seems to have?

Greg responds...

1. I think that it was a slight adjustment of the original phrase, which may have been something like "A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the rookery than breathing the air." (I believe, by the way, that the "Rookery" used to refer to the gargs' entire home, not just the cave with the eggs.) Or maybe "A gargoyle can no more stop protecting the clan than breathing the air." Or something like that. Did Hudson make the necessary change? Probably.

Response recorded on June 02, 2003

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Justin writes...

This question has been bothering me for quite some time.

Is Hippolyta, (Hudson's daughter)in the 938 rookery ( Goliath's generation) or 978 rookery ( Bronx's generation) Cuz I have heard both.

Greg responds...

Heard from whom?

Anyway, the answer is Goliath's generation. And, btw, the spelling I've chosen is Hyppolyta.

Hudson does have a biological child that hatched in 978. I'm referring to her in my notes as "True". (I can't remember if I've mentioned her before to anyone but Todd.)

Response recorded on May 22, 2003

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Lily V. writes...

I read somewhere that Hudson had a child with mate. Was it a male child or female? Do you think he had grandchildren?

Greg responds...

Hudson has had three biological children, if that's what you're getting at, including Broadway.

But you're thinking like a human. Hudson has many rookery children and grandchildren, including Brooklyn, Lexington, Broadway and Angela.

Response recorded on May 21, 2003

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