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DJ writes...

Wow I can't believe how old some of these questions are. 2000? Dang, I was barely in kindergarden. This show is just not that old in my mind D:

Anyway, just some curiousity questions about Jackal and Hyena since I just realised I adore these two.

1. Did the Pack live in Pack Media Studios when they were big stars? Besides, Fox, I've never seen them "at home", except for Jackal and Hyena, but that was after they were cyborgs. I always figured them as a 'family' when I was little, but of course now I can see that is very far from reality, so I can only wonder if they lived together or not.

2. It's been said on here and just around the internet that Jackal and Hyena are completely nuts; a sociopath and a psychopath I believe, as well as being amoral in every sense of the word, save for towards each other. I was curious as to if they're the kind of people that would be some level of incestiuous? I mean, I doubt it would strike them as "bad", and even if it did, I doubt they'd care.

Greg responds...

1. No, they didn't live at the studio.

2. I don't think so. He's not her type.

Response recorded on August 11, 2011

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