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Zergrinch writes...

Hypothetical question.

ALL of your past and present projects have been renewed, and you have been asked to help them all. Which one would you prioritize, and why?

Greg responds...

Well, as many regular readers of this site know, I'm not big on hypotheticals. Reality is so much more complicated, but I'll give it a shot:

GARGOYLES first, always. We're trying to get another comic book version now. Tweet the hashtag #WeLiveAgain!

YOUNG JUSTICE, second. Season Three is real. It's here. I'm working on it.

I'm also working on the second book in the WORLD OF WARCRAFT: TRAVELER series, THE SPIRAL PATH, and recently completed co-plotting work on THE FALL AND RISE OF CAPTAIN ATOM, w/my old Captain Atom partner Cary Bates.

The third book in the RAIN OF THE GHOSTS series, MASQUE OF BONES, which I still plan to get back to as soon as I possibly can.

Everything else falls into the category of it's just too hypothetical to differentiate. But I'm very fond of THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, W.I.T.C.H., ROUGHNECKS: THE STARSHIP TROOPER CHRONICLES, STARBRAND & NIGHTMASK, anything with the STAR WARS REBELS characters [especially STAR WARS KANAN], 3X3 EYES, DISNEY'S VILLAINS and many others.

And I'm sure Edmund Tsabard would love to finish Last Tengu in Paris.

Response recorded on December 05, 2016

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Spydre Rogue writes...

Searched the Previous Questions: "roughnecks" (read all)
Searched Unanswered Questions: "roughnecks" (no results)

I am not asking for information that is to come on a show...as there is no show anymore.

I come as a Dad--I have a lasso in hand, and the moon in sight...my task: impossible; my course--but to try.

My six year old daughter, on a day when the TV went out, found my (now grown and moved away) son's collection of 'Roughneck: Starship Troopers Chronicles' DVD's. I said if she was interested she could watch them, but warned that the series was canceled before it was finished; so there would be no ending.

Okay, so maybe you can see where this is going, I was aware they had scripted the concluding episodes (my son was always sure they would get made), but I never realized that, after all these years, some transcripted form of the teleplay wasn't readily available on the Internet. Until now.

So...I have a daughter who is only a few weeks out from finishing the produced show, who has that dreamy attachment that I've seen before with Pokémon, and My Little Pony--and, as I continually try to ease her towards the fact that there will be no ending, I have to listen to her reassure me that, "Don't worry, dada, we will just have to read what happens in the ending; no big deal. We'll find the story in a book, or on the Internet." But I've looked, and I haven't found it.

MY QUESTION: Is it out there somewhere...?

Being a Dad is tough, but when you're on the line and you've got your orders, you charge the bugs. Moon or not, my lasso is up and away...live forever, apes!

Greg responds...

I sympathize. Honestly. But I don't think I'm going to be able to provide those for you.

The main reason is that I don't own them.

But a secondary reason is that ASK GREG is not a good forum for posting teleplays. The formatting goes to hell, and it takes me a long time to go through them to make them even legible. And they're still badly formatted.

Finally, I don't have them here at my Nickelodeon office. So even if I was so inclined, I don't have them to post.


In summary, the Hawaiian battle continues. There's a big pit. A lot of bugs. Humanity triumphs.

Response recorded on September 09, 2016

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My CONvergence 2014 Schedule

So the #Gargoyles20 U.S. Tour continues. Stop #3 is CONvergence in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Well, actually in Bloomington, Minnesota, but close enough.) http://www.convergence-con.org

This is a big one for us. It includes a number of events that we used to do at the old Gathering of the Gargoyles Conventions, which ran from 1997-2009. And I know a bunch of Gargoyles fans will be attending, so it'll also be a reunion of sorts.

My schedule for the long weekend is quite packed - which is just how I like it!

Ever wanted to be in a radio play? Now is your chance! We are holding auditions for a live performance at CONvergence! You don't even have to be a fan of Gargoyles to enter. You just have to know how to read! Casting: Myself and Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice). Casting decisions will be posted by 7:00pm on Friday, July 4th. ATRIUM 7.

Okay, so Gargoyles ISN'T the only show celebrating an anniversary. The Buffy/Angel universe has been off the air for ten years. Let's reminisce and talk about the impact these shows have had on TV fantasy since their cancellation. Panelists: Myself, Tim Lieder, Cetius d'Raven, Madeleine Rowe, Mark Goldberg. EDINA.

7:00pm - 8:00pm OPENING CEREMONY
If it's not exactly a magical invocation, it is nonetheless our official kick-off for the convention! Join CONvergence mascot Connie as we welcome our Guests of Honor, give out some awards (including the Mark Time and Ogle winners), and get this party started. Panelists: Myself, Amy Berg, Emma Bull, C. Robert Cargill, Sarah Clemens, Scott Lynch, Marina Sirtis, Frank Paur, Matthew Ebel, Dawn Krosnowski, Greg Guler, Rob Callahan, Windy Bowlsby, Michael Lee. MAIN STAGE.

Geek Partnership Society is excited to host the Greg Weisman Fancy Bastard Pie Competition at CONvergence 2014! It is open to all CONvergence members who wish to participate. The goal is to make a pie that Greg Weisman, herein to be known as "Fancy Bastard", likes best. The winner will be told super-secret Young Justice spoilers. Find out [some of] what would have happened in Season 3! (But winner must swear to secrecy to claim prize.) See below for some helpful hints.* CABANA 110.

FRIDAY, JULY 4th, 2014
Ever wanted to be in a radio play? Now is your chance! We are holding auditions for a live performance at CONvergence! You don't even have to be a fan of Gargoyles to enter. You just have to know how to read! Last chance to audition! Casting: Myself and Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice). Casting decisions will be posted by 7:00pm on Friday, July 4th. ATRIUM 7.

12:30pm - 1:30pm FROM TV TO COMICS
We'll discuss the TV shows that expanded into the comicverse, such as Buffy, Smallville, Young Justice and Gargoyles. Did they succeed? Were any of the comics improvements on the shows? How did canon change during the transition? Panelists: Myself (Gargoyles, Young Justice), Shawn van Briesen, Jonathan Palmer, Greg Guler (Gargoyles), Karine Charlebois (Gargoyles, Bad Guys), Christopher Jones (Batman Strikes, Young Justice, Bad Guys). PLAZA 2.

2:00pm - 3:00pm SIGNING
Myself, Christopher Jones (Young Justice, The Batman Strikes, Parallel Man) and Greg Guler (Gargoyles, Phineas and Ferb) will be holding a signing session. Both Chris and Greg always have an array of stuff (books, prints, etc.) to sell and sign. But this time I'm pretty darn prepared as well. First off, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE - especially if you buy my book. ;) CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

3:30pm - 4:30pm CREATING GARGOYLES
This is what we used to call (at the Gathering) the Rocky Horror Gargoyles Show. The creators of Gargoyles show clips and tell stories of how the show came to be. Lots of visual aids. Panelists: Myself (Creator, Supervising Producer/Story Editor, Writer), Frank Paur ( (Supervising Producer/Director), Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer). ATRIUM 6.

7:00pm - 8:00pm TIME TRAVEL THEORY
Let's assume for a moment that Time Travel is possible. This panel will explore the theories behind such technology. We'll explore quantum realities, temporal anomalies and all other challenges our theoretical time travelers will be face! [Now, I suggested this panel, but then they went and put some actual scientists on the damn thing. So I may quickly be embarrassed into silence.] ;) Panelists: Myself, Nicole Gugliucci, Jim Kakalios, G. David Nordley, Amy Berg. ATRIUM 4.

8:30pm - 9:30pm GARGOYLES Q&A
Join the cast and creators of the "Gargoyles" series and SLG companion comic books to ask and talk about the property. And, as always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Myself (Creator, Supervising Producer/Story Editor, Writer), Christopher Jones (Bad Guys guest artist), Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona and Margot Yale), Frank Paur (Supervising Producer/Director), Karine Charlebois (Gargoyles Guest Artist, Bad Guys Artist), Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer, Gargoyles Guest Artist). MAIN STAGE.

SATURDAY, JULY 5th, 2014
9:30am - 10:30am GARGOYLES SIGNING
Myself, Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona and Margot Yale) and Frank Paur (Supervising Producer/Director) will be holding a signing session. Again, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

This is a closed session - for those who were cast in the Radio Play - led by Myself, Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice) & Marina Sirtis (voice of Demona, Margot Yale and Queen Bee). ATRIUM 6.

Fans and professionals - including Myself (voice of Donald Menken and Lucas "Snapper" Carr), Jennifer Anderson (Talent Coordinator on The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice), and of course, Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi from Star Trek TNG and the voice of Demona, Margot Yale and Queen Bee) - perform a LIVE, ORIGINAL Gargoyles radio play! ATRIUM 6.

A "what if" panel about the biology and culture of the Gargoyles universe. Creators and performers speculate about anything and everything going on outside the frames of the TV series. Panelists: Craig A. Finseth moderates Myself (Creator, Producer) and Greg Guler (Lead Character Designer). ATRIUM 7.

3:30pm - 4:30pm RAIN OF THE GHOSTS
I'll be reading from and talking about the world and characters of my novel "Rain of the Ghosts" and its sequel, "Spirits of Ash and Foam," which comes out July 8th, 2014, one week after the convention! ATRIUM 3.

Hal Bichel will moderate a one-on-one panel with Myself. PLAZA 2.

8:30pm - 9:30pm SIGNING
Once again, I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

10:00pm - 11:00pm BLUE MUG
Ever wonder about the sexual habits of Gargoyles? Ever wonder who was sleeping with whom among the Young Justice Team or the cast of Spectacular Spider-Man? Join us for for a late night peek at your favorite animated series. This panel will get blue! (So attendees will be carded!) Panelists: Myself, Christopher Jones, Mara Cordova (Last Tengu in Paris Artist). It is also rumored that Edmund Tsabard (an unfancy bastard and Last Tengu in Paris Writer) may make an appearance. EDINA.

SUNDAY, JULY 6th, 2014
Shakespeare portrayed several intelligent, independent, and self-aware women--Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Katharine, Beatrice, Viola, Rosalind. We'll discuss the problematic and the remarkably (for the era) fleshed-out aspects of their representation. Panelists: Myself, Elizabeth Bear, Ashley F. Miller, Joseph Erickson, Alexandra Howes. EDINA.

12:30pm - 1:30pm GARGOYLES FAN PANEL
It's the 20th Anniversary of Gargoyles. Come share your favorite moments from the show. As always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Daniel Mohr moderates Myself, Ryan Alexander, Robert Wagner, Maggie Schultz, Jennifer Anderson, Karine Charlebois. ATRIUM 6.

2:00pm - 3:00pm SIGNING
Myself and Greg Guler (Gargoyles, Phineas and Ferb) will be holding one last signing session. Greg G. always has an array of stuff (books, prints, etc.) to sell and sign. And I'll be selling and signing copies of my first novel RAIN OF THE GHOSTS for $10 cash, which includes the book, a personalized signature and signed copies of the original development character designs by Kuni Tomita for the television version of Rain that never was. In addition - and by popular demand - I am selling and signing an array of my animation teleplays for $20 cash from such series as Gargoyles, Team Atlantis, DC Showcase (Green Arrow), Men in Black: The Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles, The Batman, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, W.I.T.C.H., Young Justice and even the 2009 Radio Play "The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets Gargoyles". I'll also sign anything else you bring and put in front of me for FREE - especially if you buy my book. CONVERGENCE CENTRAL.

3:30pm - 4:30pm YOUNG JUSTICE
Creative minds behind the Young Justice TV and comic book series will talk about this fan favorite. We're planning some special surprises as well. And, as always, Cosplayers are welcome! Panelists: Myself, Marina Sirtis (voice of Queen Bee), Christopher Jones (Artist YJ Comic). MAIN STAGE.

5:00pm - 6:00pm CLOSING CEREMONY
It's not over 'til the gynoid sings - or something like that. Join CONvergence mascot Connie and our Guests of Honor as we say farewell to another convention. Shenanigans may ensue. Panelists: Myself, Amy Berg, Emma Bull, C. Robert Cargill, Sarah Clemens, Scott Lynch, Marina Sirtis, Matthew Ebel, Frank Paur, Dawn Krosnowski, Greg Guler, Windy Bowlsby, Rob Callahan, Michael Lee. MAIN STAGE

SEE?!! I told you there was a lot. And that's only the stuff that I'm doing. CONvergence is jam-packed with all sorts of pop culture nutritional goodness. So stop by and say hello!!

*In the interest of Full Disclosure, Fancy Bastard would like all to know that he especially likes the following pies:
BERRY (pretty much any kind of berry or a mix of same)
BANANA CREAM (herein to be known as the funniest pie)
Combinations of some of the fruit pies can be great. Contestants are welcome to try other pies at their own risk.

Fancy Bastard does NOT especially like the following pies:
Anything with Chocolate or Lemon or Meringue
Raisins in Apple Pie
Almost never Cherry, though he has tasted the rare exception...

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Jasae writes...

Oh my gosh, you did work on Starship Troopers Roughnecks? Thats one of my favorite series and something I watched avidly during my childhood~
What work did you do on it exactly?

Greg responds...

I story edited two of the arcs: the five episode Tesca Nemerosa jungle arc, and the final arc set on Earth (beginning with the funeral of Razak). The latter was a set of five episodes that were all written and recorded, but the last three episodes (the conclusion of the entire series) were never produced, which was frustrating.

I also personally wrote two episodes, the one where Rico flashes back to joining the service, and the Razak funeral episode.

I also participated in the post production of the seven episodes that I story edited and which got produced.

Response recorded on December 18, 2013

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Ashley writes...

First off, thanks for reaching out to the fans! I cannot believe I didn't realize before that you were behind Roughneck Chronicles, my all time favorite show as a kid. (I know this show is getting old now, so my questions may be out of date, but I appreciate you taking the time anyways.)

1. Are you a fan of Heinlein?
2. Was the ending of the series already scripted before production issues caused the premature cut off, or was it just conceptualized?
3. Were there any characters in that ensemble that were easier or, conversely, harder to write for?

Greg responds...

1. I'm a fan of a lot of Heinlein, but I won't pretend I've read even close to all his stuff. But "All You Zombies" is a great short story, and I love STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, THE PAST THROUGH TOMORROW and TIME ENOUGH FOR LOVE, all of which I first read as a teenager. "Requiem" is one of the most beautiful, heart-breaking short stories I've ever read.

2. It was scripted AND recorded.

3. Not that I recall. But it was a long time ago.

Response recorded on December 09, 2013

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A Flash Fan writes...

While on the topic of CGI, do you prefer this method or the classic hand drawings for animation and why? I know your series have mostly been all drawings (I think) but wanted to see.

Greg responds...

I don't have a preference if the series is developed correctly for the medium it's using. I did Roughnecks: the Starship Troopers Chronicles in CGI, and I think it worked great. I did Max Steel (Season One only), and although I'm proud of our scripts, I DON'T think it worked great, because the series as it was developed (by me but under marching orders from multiple very large companies) didn't work in CGI.

Response recorded on March 22, 2013

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gaiachild writes...

It isn't really much of a question, but all in all, I just wanted to say "Thank you". Thank you for all the high quality shows you produced that enriched my childhood and still give me intelligent and gripping entertainment in my favorite media, animated shows, as an adult.
Most off all, I also wanted to express my admiration for your resolve. While privately I may often joke bitterly about the "Weisman curse" whenever one of your shows gets unfairly canceled way too soon despite (arguably) having the best quality in the entire program. You will always have my gratitude for continuing to produce great shows despite all the stones placed in your way.

As for questions:
1. If you had the means to, would you do a Young Justice/Gargoyles Crossover?
2. Sorry to bring up this unfairly missed opportunity gain, but if you had remained on the staff for "The Roswell Conspiracies", do you think that show would at some point crossed over with Gargoyles?
3. In the spirit of question one, do you think Demona would make a good Red Lantern?

In any case, once again, thank you. Thank you for raising the quality and complexity of the already great W.I.T.C.H. cartoon, thank you for producing the best animated Spider-Man series to date, thank you for bringing Starshiptroopers to the screen in the way it should have been in the first place, thank you for doing such a great job with Max Steel, thank you for doing a huge part in keeping animated DC material extremely high quality, especially at the moment, and of course, thank you for Gargoyles, probably my favorite franchise ever, and I am rooting for you to one day get it back and do more wonders with it.

Greg responds...

1. I don't think so. Maybe as a radio play. But I don't see the two universes as being particularly compatible.

2. No. Two different companies.

3. See, this kinda thing doesn't interest me much. If you think so, great.

Thanks for all your kind words.

Response recorded on December 14, 2012

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Femi writes...

I have a rather odd question. First is it true that the final episodes of Roughnecks were read during a Gargoyle Gathering? If so do you have any idea where i could get my hands on that? I hope this does not violate the spoiler rule

Greg responds...

It's true. The 2000 Gathering Players performed a radio play version of the final three - never produced - episodes of Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles.

But "get [your] hands on" what exactly? On a live event that took place twelve years ago? How would that be possible?

Response recorded on November 15, 2012

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Edward writes...

Is the Green Arrow short in continuity with Young Justice since you were/are involved with both?

Greg responds...

I was also involved with W.I.T.C.H., Starship Troopers, Gargoyles and the Spectacular Spider-Man, and none of those are in continuity with Young Justice.

Response recorded on April 07, 2011

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

I finally got around to reading Starship Trooper. I'm not entirely clear how involved a story editor is on an overall series versus a producer, so please forgive me if I ask questions that don't apply...

Roughnecks was clearly based on the hoaky movie, though without the hoakiness and restoring some of the most glarring ommisions - most obviously the exosuits that made fighting with the bugs the least bit sensical. Other aspects of the book could enter in simply by virtue of the time to do so, like the Skinny's. Like in the movie; Rico, Dizzy and Carl (& Carmen) form the nucleous of characters instead of it just being Rico's story. Dizzy and Carl aren't dead. (In general the troopers have way better survival rates.) His father is dead. Dizzy is female as are many infantry troopers. (And there are probably a lot more male pilots than the none I remember in the book; just a mention that men were physically inferior for the job.) etc. The choices make sense- you can't build off of a franchise popularity by ignoring the franchise. Also, the book covers decades of Ricos life and development and often not in chronological order.

I still love the series but and think it was really great military storytelling (and I apologize for relying on years old memory here) but I don't really remember much of Heinlein's philosophy of citizenship and responsibility and, for lack of a better term (because he clearly thought Carmen qualified), 'manliness' coming up. Browsing through the archive I see that Heinlein is one of your favorite authors and that you 'tried to slide in a few' controversial ideas but there were limitations of formate that got in the way.
1- a clarification- it was the time and pace limitation of a 30minute show versus that of a prose novel and not controversy that was the main impediment, right?
2-if you can still recall at this point, where and when did the urge to slide in the ideas come up? specific events or in general.
3-a stretch: The idea to wound one trooper and have his son be sent in his place- was that all an attempt to capture a little of the interaction or at least themes between Rico and his father?
4-what are you personal thoughts on Heinlein's ideas?
5-do you have outlines or summaries of the concluding episodes that never were produced that could be posted here?

Greg responds...

1. Yes. But we did address the "citizenship" thing in the flashback episode to Rico's senior year in high school.

2. I think those ideas informed the series. Where we had room to spell them out, we did.

3. I don't think so. We just wanted to show the realities of a long war, while giving our characters great fodder. It felt right, mostly.

4. Some of them are appealing on some level. But mostly, I wouldn't want to live in that world.

5. I have scripts for sure. Maybe outlines. (Although, I don't have ANY of it HERE in my WB office.) Don't know about posting them. I'll think about it.

Response recorded on December 30, 2010

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RADIO PLAY: The History

I posted this in the comment room, but Todd suggested I repost it here...


Sometimes I just don't have anything Gargoyles for us to do. And I'm not sure if just doing old episodes is all that interesting. And the other things have been fun... at least it seemed that way to me.

Here's a history of the works of the GATHERING PLAYERS...

1998 - RAIN OF THE GHOSTS (an unproduced pilot I wrote)
1999 - THE ROSWELL CONSPIRACIES (a rejected pilot I wrote)
2000 - ROUGHNECKS: THE STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES (the last arc of the series, which I story edited, half of which was unproduced. Written by me, Jon Weisman Lydia Marano, Cary Bates and Michael Reaves.)
2001 - GARGOYLES: "Hunter's Moon, Part Three" (Note: this was the first time that we actually did something gargoyles related for the radio play. This included scenes that were cut for time from the original. Written by Michael Reaves.)
2002 - TEAM ATLANTIS: "The Last" (Unproduced episode featuring Demona and Fiona Canmore, written by me)
2003 - GARGOYLES: "The Reckoning" (Performed in honor of Gary Sperling, who co-wrote the script with Lydia.)
2004 - GARGOYLES: "The Journey" (my uncut version of the script)
2005 - DOC SHAKESPEARE (An unproduced pilot written by myself and Sam Bernstein)
2006 - GARGOYLES: "The Mirror" (written by Lydia Marano and Brynne Chandler Reaves)
2007 - GARGOYLES: "Clan Building, Chapters III, IV & V: Invitation Only, Masque & Bash" - (from the comic, premeiring chapter V before it was published. Written by me...)
2008 - Geez, I should probably figure this out soon...

Anyway, you can see that traditionally, we've only done something gargish about half the time. For me it's fun to get to see my unproduced work performed, and it does give the fans a little insight into the biz. In any case, I've never heard any complaints from the folks who attended.
Greg Weisman

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Lawrence Matheson writes...

who invented robotic body armour? was it MacBeth?Renard?Xanitos? or someone else?

Greg responds...

I think it was Robert Heinlein.

Response recorded on May 19, 2005

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Shan writes...

Greg --

Posting this though I know it will take a while to be answered, but I'm afraid I'll forget to ask you at a later time.

This is a Starship Troopers Roughnecks question about the inscription on Razak's urn. I'm assuming that you scripted what it would say, sounded like your touch.

The quote, near as I've been able to tell, is part of a longer quote by an 18th century female astronomer. Is that right?

Secondly, are there any significance to the dates used? You often tend to choose month/day combinations with personal significance. Just wondering.


Greg responds...

Actually, I had nothing to do with the inscription on the urn. In the original script, I described it as a small metal box.

Response recorded on June 24, 2004

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Steve Nunez writes...

I loved your episode of Video wars for the jem series, I was wondering how you and cary bates came up with the storyline, and why you only seem to have written 1 episode for the show? You and Cary also seem to have done a lot together. Will you two be working on future shows? and personally, I think you both rock! :-) Stnp@yahoo.com

Greg responds...

Thanks. Cary & I were writing partners for years, mostly at DC Comics. Nowadays, we still like working together, so I made him a story editor on Gargoyles. And I've had him write scripts for me on that show, plus Starship Troopers & Max Steel.

Basically, if I ever get another show, we'll wind up working together again, most likely.

I'm glad you liked the Jem episode. We only did one, because we were only offered one. I'd have been happy to do more. I'm not too clear (as it's been over 15 years) how we came up with that particular storyline, but I think it was suggested by the bible. Not the premise per se, but it felt like a natural.

Response recorded on March 23, 2004

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AZRAEL writes...





Greg responds...

Sony had an order for 40 original episodes. And we wrote all 40. And we voice recorded all 40.

But at some point -- I think because one of the CGI studios declared bankruptcy, taking with it a chunk of Sony's budget -- Sony decided that to save money on the order of 40, they'd have to cut four episodes and replace them with four clip shows.

By that time, pre-production was pretty far along. Since this was a money-saving solution (not a creative one) in the first place, it made budgetary sense to shelf the episodes that had the least work done on them. So the last four episodes were shelved. Then someone realized that the episode depicting the destruction of Buenos Aires would be extremely expensive to produce. So that one got shelved and they put the fourth to last episode back into the pipeline.

Response recorded on January 09, 2004

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John Skeel writes...

Hey Greg,

What's the story on Max Steel? What are you up to lately? Want to have lunch? Call me sometime. johnskeel@hotmail.com

Greg responds...

Hey John,

About two years ago you posted the above message on ASK GREG.

Unfortunately, I'm so far behind answering ASK GREG questions, I only just saw the message. Two years out, I don't know if this hotmail address will still work. I know that the old e-address I have for you is dead. As are all the phone numbers. I haven't been able to reach you in forever.

On the other hand, I've had the same damn contact info since leaving DreamWorks in 1998.

So I don't feel too guilty.

Anyway, I'm still freelancing. I did a season of Max Steel.

What have you been up to?

FYI: John is a talented producer, that I partnered up with at DreamWorks. We also worked together on ROUGHNECKS at Sony. Haven't talked to him in a long while.

Response recorded on December 10, 2003

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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

Not a question- just a comment:

I saw a notice on SciFi.com that the latest Starship Troopers DVD was coming out (February). I took a look at it and the other three on Amazon.com. They are a fangirl's ideal! Episodes + lots of comentary (from recognizable names :) + behind the scenes. Now if I could only afford them... oh well, next career.

Still, somebody must be in a profitable profession. If "Amazon.com sale rank" means what I think it does two of the DVDs are among the ~50 and ~60 most common ordered things today. (or were in February)

Between that and noticing Disney has put a little link next to some of the Gargoyles tapes to say "I'd love to see this in DVD form" I think things bode well for a DVD release here too.

Greg responds...

Things bode very well, as the DVDs are scheduled to be released in 2004 to coincide with the series tenth anniversary.

And I think those Starship DVDs turned out great. I highly recommend them. (And I get no financial benefit from doing so.)

Response recorded on October 16, 2003

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Sanjai K. writes...

Hi Greg, I'm a big fan of the Starship Troopers Roughnecks series, which you wrote for. I wanted to ask you, did the worlds we saw the Roughnecks fighting on then comprise all the worlds involved in the "First Interstellar War"? Or were there other worlds being fought over during that war, which we didn't get to see? Also, since I notice that it's referred to as the "First Interstellar War," does that mean that there were other interstellar wars following that one, presumably with different enemies? Again, the show was incredible -- so sorry that more episodes were never made.

Greg responds...

I wasn't the producer of that show, just one of the story editors, so what follows is only my opinion.

I believe that there were other planets involved in the war that the Roughnecks just weren't assigned to.

And I know we had plans for a second season and another "war". But we never got to even produce the last three episodes of the first season, so a second season obviously never materialized.

Response recorded on August 14, 2003

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Zelandonii writes...

Will you be making any kind of public appearences in Northern California in the foreseeable future? Or anywhere else other than the Gathering? (I don't plan to bombard you with a dozen tedious questions about the ages of various characters while you're minding your own business at the supermarket or anything like that)

Greg responds...

I don't often get asked to make "public appearances".

I go to the Gathering every year, because (a) it's a blast and (b) they pay my way. I couldn't afford it otherwise.

I have been going to the San Diego Comiccon the last few years because the Starship Trooper fans have organized a panel and invited me. And I can afford to drive down to San Diego for a day. Don't know if I'm going this year. Don't know if they're doing the panel this year. I haven't been contacted.

I'd happily go anywhere I was invited assuming it was either close and uncostly and/or my way was paid.

So if you want me in NoCal, I'm not that hard to get. I'm a con-whore.

Response recorded on May 27, 2003

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Aaron writes...

I just wanted to ask, what's your feeling on clip shows? I think they can be fun, in a kind of remember great moments of a series, or recap for new audience members way, but they can also be percieved as laziness on the part of the writers and/or actors. (Or am I completely wrong, and it's really, really hard to find a decent plot contrivance to string a clip show out)

Anyway, what's your feeling on them, and would we ever have seen a gargoyle clip show?

Greg responds...

I've never been a huge fan of clip shows -- which are absolutely NOT about writer (or any other staff member's) laziness. Rather they are a reflection of budgetary (and occasionally deadline) concerns. Clip shows are MUCH less expensive, for obvious reasons. And they can be put together, even with a framing sequence, much more rapidly than a typical episode.

I recall admiring some early year SIMPSONS clip shows, for being cleverer than most. And I actually think FRIENDS has done a half-decent job at taking a clip show and making it matter to the audience by tying the flashbacks to a character's important decision. But usually, I don't much care for clip shows. For example the STARSHIP clip shows all make me cringe, though I know that the people involved were working their hardest to make something worthwhile out of them. And the fact that some of my material was used in the clips is flattering, but doesn't actually make it work any better. Of course, I'm biased. Those clip shows on ROUGHNECKS were done to save money -- and they took the place of my last three episodes which would have concluded the series.

Like I said, just not a fan.

Response recorded on May 08, 2003

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Jacob writes...

Hi Greg

Are there any series you have produced or created that you like more than others? Maybe you could write your three favourite ones.

Greg responds...

Well, Gargoyles. Duh.

But I also really loved working on Starship Troopers aka Roughnecks, though I was neither the Producer or Creator.

(I assume we're limiting this discussion to series that actually made it on the air.)

Anyway, those would be my top two, in that order.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

You idiot, do you actually think he'll answer everyone of those questions. If he actually gives straight forward and clear responses for half of these then I'm a monkey's uncle.

Greg responds...

Wow. Anonymous. Looks like you've got a new moniker.

Ladies and gentlemen, "A Monkey's Uncle".

I love being unpredictable.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001

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Blaise writes...

Hi again!

This question actually deals with the credits listing of the series (yeah, I know it seems I have too much time on my hands, but that's beside the point).
Two things about GARGOYLES' credits stood out. The first you already talked about--the writers recieving credit at the beginning of episodes during the first season. The second however I also found to be quite interesting--GARGOYLES actually gave a true cast list. Usually in these Disney shows, when the credits say, "With the Voice Talents of..." they just lump the actors' names together without telling who they played. GARGOYLES was the first Disney animated series I know of (BUZZ LIGHTYEAR did it later) that actually listed both the actors and the characters they played. This enabled me to (when I started taping the episodes and could hit pause) more fully discover just how diverse and talented this cast was. I could recognize names and see if a person played multiple roles, and I was quite pleased.

1) Is there any story behind this, like there was for giving the writers' credit up front?
2) Whatever the case, I'm glad I could know who played who.


Greg responds...

I don't know if this would qualify as a story, but I liked how Batman the animated series listed who played who. It seemed to show more respect for the actors (and as I was a fan of Batman) more respect for the fans who might be VCRing the thing and want to know.

So we followed their lead. And I'm glad we did. I tried to talk SONY into doing that for Starship and/or Max Steel, but they weren't interested.

Response recorded on July 18, 2001

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Monday, June 25, 2001

Once more, Kathy knocked on my door to wake me for the staff breakfast.
Once more, I ignored the first knock.
Once more, she didn't give up.
Once more, I got up and answered the door, telling Kathy I wouldn't make it to the breakfast.
Once more, I did get down there in time to catch the tail end of the breakfast and get some juice.

I checked out of the hotel and put my stuff in my car.

The first panel of the day was for Roughnecks: The Starship Trooper Chronicles. This was actually the panel I had been most nervous about. The reason? Well, we had gathered an impressive list of guests: David DeLuise, Jamie Haines, Alex Polinsky, Rino Romano, Steve Staley, James Horan, Jason Marsden, Sue Blu, Wayne Boon, Vince Edwards, Russ Isler, Joe Lawson, Dave Hartman, Lydia Marano, Jay Oliva and Tom Pugsley. But the panel was scheduled for 10am on Monday the night after the Masquerade. I was afraid that our panelists would outnumber the attendees. Fortunately, that wasn't the case. I played an episode from the series: "Funeral for a Friend". Mostly because it's my personal favorite. Yes, I wrote it. But I just love how it turned out, particularly the epilogue funeral itself. Then we gathered for the Q&A, which was fun. A lot of these guys hadn't seen each other for awhile. Then a short signing. Finally, I had to clear the room for the next panel.

3x3 Eyes. Guests included Thom, Jonathan Klein, Taliesin Jaffe, Mia Korf and Susan Chesler. This was a nice little panel too.

Then a short break and closing ceremonies. Lots of people getting thanked....

I hung out downstairs for awhile, then Brynne and Russ and I meandered up to the con suite. The Dead Dog Party took a while to get started. But we shared a pizza with the constaff. And then I had to take off. (My family missed me.)

And that, was the con.

But once again, I'd just like to thank everyone involved. Jen and the whole constaff, in particular. But also the guests and supporting members. And especially the fans who shelled out and showed up. It was great meeting you/seeing you again, etc. It makes my year. I'm already psyched about Virinia Beach in August, 2002. And, although, I wouldn't wish the workload on any of my friends on the G2001 staff again, I do hope that sometime we have the chance to do the con in L.A. once more. In terms of Gathering the cast and crew that worked on the show, you just can't beat proximity to where they all live. You guys always treat me wonderfully, but it was also very gratifying to see everyone else on the show get a chance to share in your respect and appreciation. GARGOYLES was never a one man operation, and I'm glad you all got the chance to meet each other.

I'd also like to point out, what I'm sure you're all very aware of -- how feeble my Gathering diary is. I have no defense. Except that I'm a fiction writer not a journalist. I've been lurking around though, and diaries by Christine, Lexy, Aaron, BrooklynX, Greg Bishansky, Shan, etc. have really put mine to shame.

And I'm also sorry that I missed a few things at the con. I was so busy, I didn't ever get to see Crispin's mythology seminar. I spent almost no time in the video room and it would have been fun to watch some of the shows with you guys. And although, I did get to the art room, I never had time to just hang there and really absorb everything (I never had time to vote, for example), and I somehow completely missed seeing the MAP that won the big prize. If it's scanned online and there's a link, I'd sure appreciate someone sending the link my way.

Thanks, gang. You rock. (Pun intended.)


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Andrea L. Marbry writes...

Dear Greg,

Glad to hear that a SECOND Roughnecks video is coming out. Please let us know the release date as soon as possible. If you guys didn't win the Emmy (I don't know WHO did), keep on working. You'll soon get at least one.

Greg responds...

Thanks. No we didn't win the emmy. Batman Beyond did.

I think the Tesca arc is coming out on September 18th.

Response recorded on June 27, 2001

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Vernice writes...

I am a Gargoyles fan too and only found out about the yearly convention just last year. Since i'm my own gardian now( just turned 18). I really want to go to the convention. Is there an official site, and where and when is it located at? like the others said, "there are tons of gargoyles fans out there still" but not too many people know about the convention or what is happening to it's great creator. I hope once again, there will be a movie, 3rd or 4th series of gargoyles. It was getting so good.

Greg responds...

Well, Vernice,

I hope this SLOW moving site isn't the only place you asked this question. You'd have gotten a much quicker response from the comment room.

Anyway, here's the website:


I hope you can make it. But as I write this, it's less than two days away.

The convention is June 22 - 25 in Los Angeles, CA at the Universal Sheridan. We have a ton of events planned. Workshops, panels, Q&As on every aspect of Gargoyles and on a couple other shows as well, including ROUGHNECKS, the Starship Trooper Chronicles and 3x3 EYES.

We have over fifty guests attending. Including all of the Gargoyles producers (myself, Frank Paur, Dennis Woodyard, Bob Kline). People who developed the series. Artists who worked on it. Post-Production people. Writers and Story Editors. Etc.


We have the voices of Goliath. Of Brooklyn, Lexington and Broadway. Of Owen. Of Obsidiana and Griff. Of Duncan & Canmore. Of Odin. Of Petros Xanatos. Of Maria Chavez. Of the Magus. Of Maol Chalvim. Of the Renaissance Hunter. Of Natsilane and the Coyote Trickster. Of young Peter Maza. Of Officer Morgan. Of King Kenneth II. Of Hollywood, Brentwood and Malibu. Of Goon #2. Of Bruno. We've got the voice of Vinnie.

This is really a once in a lifetime event.

I hope to see you all there. Soon.

Response recorded on June 20, 2001

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Epyon Zero writes...

Will you, one day, do the ramblings on the last Starship Troopers episodes (the ones that never aired, not the clipshows)?

Greg responds...

I'm not sure what you mean by "do the ramblings".

We're still hoping those last three Starships will get made for DVD. (A real possibility if the DVDs sell well.) Until I know they AREN'T going to DVD then I'm reluctant to reveal anything.

Response recorded on June 19, 2001

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Greg "Xanatos" Bishansky writes...

Don't have time for a large ramble on "Outfoxed", so I'll just comment on a few key points.

Cyberbiotics> I was wondering what became of Cyberbiotics after "Awakening", so it was nice to see them again. And personalizing them in Renard, so we know who it was that got hurt by Goliath and everyone's actions.

I didn't think much of Vogel's resemblence to Owen. I thought they were cousins or something, or perhaps that one was a clone. He also made an interesting character, and I thought his change of heart was believable at the end.

Halcyon Renard. First of all, that is a great name. I like the sound of it. Yes, I did figure that he was Fox's father. I may have flunked out of French class that year, but I knew what Renard meant. He was a great character to, and Robert Culp did a great job doing his voice. Also he made a nice opposite to Xanatos.

Goliath was well-used in this episode. Also nice to show that he's far from perfect in his waiving off his responsibility in the destrcution of Fortress I.

Fox was great in this episode also. She became one of my favorites here. I was surprised by her pregnancy, but it seemed to be a natural step in where she and David were going. Seeing her beat David in their karate match was fun, but I'd like to see him win one some day, he lost to Owen to. Fox's attitude at the end with Renard was priceless, and nice to learn her birth-name. Janine was very appropriate.

Also, with Demona, Elisa, Angela, Fox etc, "Gargoyles" has a lot of great woman characters. That's one thing I really like about this show.

The theme/moral of integrity was a good one, and well handled. I understand how Renard feels when he says it's a daily struggle. I for one have been guilty of taking the easy way out and waiving off integrity. But I try to practice it as often as I can.

This was a very good episode. Not one of my favorites, but very good.

Also, don't ask me how, but I knew that David and Fox were going to have a son. I also knew that IF Goliath and Demona had an egg it was a daughter. Don't ask me how, I just knew.

Hopefully I'll have a longer Ramble/Review for "Revelations". I enjoy doing those.

Greg responds...

ANd I enjoy reading them.

I do like writing female characters a lot. My Starship stories also made the females more prominent. Women just appeal to me as subjects. I just hope I do them justice.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001

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Bruno writes...

Hi, Greg,

I was thinking: Im Max Steel and Starship Troopers, you worked with old garg fellows: Michael Reaves, Lygia Marano, Cary Bates... You invited them or was it a case of great professionals hired to work togheter?

Greg responds...

On those shows specifically, I invited them. If you find good writers, you try to work with them over and over.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001

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Andrea L. Marbry writes...

Dear Greg,
Just wanted to offer my very belated congratulations on the Starship Troopers video Roughnecks: The Pluto Campaign, coming out in March 2001 (according to Previews Magazine). Hopefully, this will be the beginning of getting out a whole lot of your work out,
including a certain other show of mine that's near and dear to my heart. Do you know who I can write to in order to get more dvd's and videos of Sony's animated stuff out?

Greg responds...

I don't, no. But you might try RoughneckChronicles.com or something.

I got a copy of that first DVD. I didn't work on those episodes, but they are coming out with a second DVD that has my five Tesca Nemerosa jungle shows on it. It also has a commentary track with me, Producer Audu Paden, Executive Producer Jeff Kline, the various directors of each episode and Rino Romano, the voice of Johnny Rico.

By the way, Troopers has just been nominated for two Emmy awards. One for sound, and the other for Best Animated Series Special Class. If we win the latter than a bunch of us will actually walk away with statues. This is my first emmy nomination. I'm pretty psyched about it.

FYI Gargoyles was nominated for sound emmys. Didn't win, unfortunately. But I was never nominated for that show.

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Code Name: Heero Yuy writes...

What is your general views on clipshows? I know when you worked on Starship Troopers, they did a few to make up for the slow production and episodes airing in the wrong order?

Greg responds...

No, that's not what happened. On Starship, they did a few clipshows as replacements -- to save money so that they wouldn't have to produce the expensive last three episodes (that ended the war) -- allowing them to ultimately deliver 40 "episodes" as required by their contract.

Occassionally, a clip-show can be mildly entertaining. The Simpsons have done a few good ones. Friends did one that I kinda liked. But generally, I dislike them. And I particularly didn't care for the Starship clipshows. But I'm biased, as those last three episodes (that didn't get made because of them) were mine.

Response recorded on February 07, 2001

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SEM writes...

Given what you learned from STARSHIP TROOPERS and MAX STEEL -- if you were told that you could do GARGOYLES again but only if it could be done in 3D Animation would you? Do you think GARGOYLES could even work in 3D?

(I know it's a hypothetical, but this was the main selling point that got VOLTRON back on the air after 10 years as VOLTRON: THE THIRD DIMENSION for 26 episodes.)

BTW for the person who asked what program MAX STEEL is rendered in -- I know Netter Digital (now defunct) used Lightwave, and that Foundation Imaging used Lightwave for season one (as well as for the work they did on STARSHIP TROOPERS). I presume its still being used for the current season but not sure. Lightwave's major competitor is a program called Maya.

Sorry if I wandered too far off topic, Greg, but since I knew this came up thought I'd answer it for the archives.

Greg responds...

Yes, I think Gargoyles could work in 3-D. And if that was my only option for bringing it back, I'd jump at the chance.

If I had multiple options, however, I'd use the animation style that best suited the subject matter of the series.

Response recorded on February 07, 2001

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hlbimages@juno.com writes...

I've been watching a show called Roughneck: Starship Troopers Chronical and I notive that you are the story editor on it. Great jobs on it by the way. I guess my question is how did you get involve in that and are there any other new shows that you may be attach to because I love your story telling ability.

Greg responds...

I was one of the story editors on it. Hired by Sony after they liked my MEN IN BLACK scripts.

I have a few projects in the works, but it's premature to talk about any of them except 3x3 Eyes. (Check the 3x3 EYES ASK GREG archive for more info.)

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Coldplasma writes...

Hello mr. Weisman!

I know your involvement in Starship Troopers was minimal, but it's only recently that I learned that some episodes never aired:
33.Home Front
38.The Gates of Hell
39.Circle of the Damned
40.Final Inferno.

Do you know if any CGI, voice recording were made or the entire story was scrapped out? Do you know if they are any plans for future episodes? How do you feel that these too-important episodes have been removed?

Also, I've been told they've been some trouble with airing: lots of reruns, production problem with multiple companies,...

So far, I've only seen until "Heart" and the rest of the season will show up in Canada. I hope they don't

Greg responds...

I wouldn't call my involvement minimal.

Voice recordings were made for all those episodes. No animation. But some boarding was done on the last three.

They plan on selling the existing eps on DVD. If those sell well, than they'll make 38-40 as a direct to DVD movie.

And I feel lousy about them being removed. I edited the last three. But it's beyond my control.

You hope they don't show up in Canada? Now, I'm confused.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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Laura 'ad astra' Ackerman writes...

The questions keep on coming in!

Have you every seen the cartoon Exosquad? It was the first cartoon series with a serious running plotline I saw. It did not have quite the breath of Gargoyles [what does?], but it was interested in a much smaller timeframe- a devastating war and the events of the last half century or so that created it. Aside from a running story line the thing that most reminded me of Gargoyles in it was the complex theme behind it. It did deal a bit with accepting the strange and different and the consequences of hatred, but even more it dealt with the idea of mankind as beings who can create far beyond their ability to take responsibility for their creations. If you had not heard of it before Gargoyles, did anyone bring it up when you were working on Starship Troopers? [btw, I am greatly enjoying that series and was very happy to see your name at the beginning of a few ep] Whoever came up with Exosquad has probably read Heinlein. As the only member of my family who has not yet read Starship Trooper or The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, I can only guess that the use of exosuits, jump troops, and pirates descendent from abandoned penal colonies were borrowed from Heinlein- almost as explicitly as Roughnecks does. If you can get your hands on some copies of the series I highly recomend it.

Greg responds...

> The questions keep on coming in!

No kidding! I thought I'd never get through "June 27"! Were you guys having a contest of your own that day to see how many questions you could post?

Anyway, I've seen one episode of Exosquad. Unfortunately, it was a middle episode and I couldn't keep all the characters straight. I didn't stick with it. But I've heard great things.

But no, I don't recall anyone mentioning it while we were working on Troopers. There's no doubt however that Heinlien orginated the ENTIRE powersuit, sci-fi jump troops, space marines idea. (I'm not sure about the pirates.) It may all seem old hat today -- heck, we even borrowed from it in Gargoyles more than once -- but it all originated with Heinlein.

I've never read "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" either, by the way. But I've read a lot of other Heinlein. He's definitely one of my all time favorite Science Fiction authors.

Response recorded on August 02, 2000

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Sixshot writes...

In the Starship Troopers episode "The Face of Truth", there was a message at the end: in memory of Min Zin. Who is Min Zin?

Greg responds...

Sorry. I don't know. That wasn't one of my episodes. And I was never on staff at Sony, so I didn't know everyone.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000

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jp12@mail.csuchico.edu writes...

I love the show. I can't watch it here in Chico, Ca. But, your work with villians is great. One vision for 2 seasons is very rare.
1. How much does it cost to produce 66 episodes?
2. Does it vary much for different studios/companies?
3. Any way I can get some of the material you show at the gathering? NY is pretty far from CA. I can't afford the trip.
4. What do you feel is your best work (not a specific "1", but things you'd recommend)?
5. I know and like Max Steel. Anything else you're working on now (even single episode plots)?

Thanks for listening. If you're even half as busy as I am, you'd be pressed to answer these in a timely manner. I'm glad just to hope for a response eventually.

Best Wishes, John Peacock
P.S.: Gargoyles is one of the few shows I'd be proud to watch with children. Hope yours keeps enjoying it.

Greg responds...

1. We averaged between 400K and 500K per episode in the first two years. The third year had, I believe, a lower budget.

2. I'm not sure what you mean.

3. New York isn't that far from Orlando, Florida -- which is where this year's Gathering is. (Next year's is in California.) And where were you during the TWO NYC Gatherings in 97 and 98? Anyway, what material did you have in mind?

4. On Gargoyles or period? Gargoyles is my best work. I'm fond of Starship Troopers and the comic book Captain Atom too.

5. I just completed voice directing a Japanese Anime video series called 3x3 Eyes. It should be available in September.

Response recorded on July 24, 2000

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ComicCon & Shakespeare

Looks like I'll be going down to San Diego for the ComicCon. I'll be appearing Sunday Morning the 23rd of July at a Starship Troopers panel, along with a lot of other people who worked on the show, particularly Producer Audu Paden and the voice of Johnny Rico, Rino Romano.

I'm also thinking about attending the performance of HENRY V at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre on Saturday night the 22nd.

If you see me at either event, say hi.

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Xeennexx writes...

Dear Greg:

First off, I would like to say that Gargoyles is one of my all time favorite shows (and this is coming from a woman that has, for the most part, given up on TV). There is not a thing more I can say about it that has not already been said, other than this: Gargoyles is one of, if not "the", greatest animated shows of all time (heck, the USA Today poll proved that). I very glad that you put so much into Gargoyles, and I'm sad it had to end all too soon. In short, Thank You.

However, I'm glad that you have moved on and continue to produce quality animated programing (I'm particularly interested in the English adaption of 3x3 Eyes, as that I've been a fan of Japanise animation for years, but I don't speak a word of Japanise). One of your most recent works interests me (and is the reason for my questions, forthcoming). It is Starship Troopers: Roughneck Chronicles. What I would like to know is:

1) How did you like working on SST:RC and are there any intesting stories you have about your experiences working on the show?

2) Did you wish they had covered more of the controversal ideas that were in Heinlein's novel?

3) I know that 4 of the planned episodes for the show were scrapped due to budget and production problems.
a) What are your feelings on this?
b) The last 3 eps that would have ended the Bug War
were, I have learned, written by you. So:
1) Since the possibility of seeing these last eps
produced are remote to nil, is there any info you
can give out about the story line of these eps,
or are you bonded by contract not to reveal any
info on the show?
2) If these eps in question had been produced, would
there have been any room for a second season?

Thank you. And I look forward to seeing you at The Gathering 2000.

Greg responds...

1. Nothing is perfect, but STARSHIP was without doubt the most fun I've had in animation since Gargoyles. Much of the credit for my enjoyment should go to Producer Audu Paden. I was just a lowly story editor on Starship, one of many actually, but Audu included me in almost every stage of the production -- at least as far as my episodes were concerned. I didn't have the kinds of controls I had on Gargoyles. I certainly didn't have final say, but for the first time in years, I felt like my input was valued. And that's cuz Audu made a space for me on his team.

As for stories, yeah, I've probably got a few. But anecdotes aren't the kinda thing I like to put in writing. Could get me in trouble later. Ask me at the Gathering. We have some very special STARSHIP/ROUGHNECK events planned. Really not-to-miss if you love that show. And if you love that show, Gargoyles and anime, then you just have to come.

2. I tried to slide a few in there, particularly in my script "Liquid Dreams". And yeah, I wish we had the time and space for a little more of that kind of thing. But ultimately, what you can get away with in a prose novel of whatever length is different from what can be fit into a twenty-two minute episode, wherein each episode has to tell a complete story from beginning to end.

3. a. It really bothers me. Particularly since three of those four were episodes that I edited. They were the big climactic episodes that ended the war. Part of the final sequence of five set in Colorado and Hawaii. The two that did air were "Funeral for a Friend" (written by Greg Weisman) and "Spirits of the Departed" (written by Jon Weisman). The three that didn't air were "Gates of Hell" (written by Lydia Marano), "Circle of the Damned" (written by Cary Bates) and "Final Inferno" (written by Michael Reaves). As you can imagine it was a pretty kick-ass story. And I'm crushed that it wasn't produced.

3. b. First off they weren't WRITTEN by me. They were edited by me. Important distinction.

3. b. 1. Well, I'm not sure what my contractual obligations are, but I don't know how remote those chances are. Their non-production isn't etched in stone.

3. b. 2. Yes. In fact, Audu, myself and John Skeel had already had multiple discussions about our plans for a second season.

Response recorded on June 27, 2000

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Coldplasma writes...

Max Steel questions:

1.In the first episode of Max Steel, I noticed the reference to "biting the knee caps off". It was amusing to see that, at least for us Gargoyles fans :-) Will all the Max Steel episodes have references to Gargoyles, just like Futurama has reference to The Simpsons?

2.What company created the CGI Max Steel? Is it the same that did Roughnecks? These are the best CGI I've seen so far. The hair detail and the backgrounds are very well made.

Greg responds...

1. I doubt I slipped a garg reference into EVERY episode of Max. For starters, you want those things to be fairly organic. If they're forced they're not funny, even to those in the know. They're just labored. And besides, for those not in the know they'd stick out like a soar thumb.

But trust me, there are a number of Garg references, though to be fair, the one you cite above is really a Monty Python reference common to both shows.

The fun thing was slipping garg in-jokes into our English dubbing of 3x3 Eyes. Once both volumes are out on video and dvd, I'm gonna hold a contest here to see who can find the most garg references in that one. Some slap you in the face and are pretty funny. Some are much more subtle.

2. Two different companies worked on Max Steel. The first was Netter Digital. They did episodes 1-4 and 9. That's "Strangers", "Sacrifices", "Shadows", "Sportsmen" and "Sabres". Then Netter and Sony had a parting of the ways. And Foundation Imaging, which did the bulk of the Roughneck/Starship Troopers episodes took over for 5-8 ("Seraphim", "Spear-Carriers", "Snow-Blind" and "Sharks") and 10-13 ("Sphinxes", "Swashbucklers", "Scions" and "Shattered").

But I'm afraid I can't agree with your glowing assesment of the CGI. Generally, I think Starship Troopers is MUCH stronger.

Response recorded on June 23, 2000

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Greg Weisman Update

As promised, here's a little update on what's been going on in my professional life...

The first season (all thirteen episodes) of MAX STEEL have been completed. I've lost track of how many have aired. I think they turned out pretty good. At any rate, the show is a success and will be back for a second season. Unfortunately, I won't be. The WB didn't invite me to produce/edit/write season two. So you can forget about any long term plans/arcs I had for the series. Still, I wish the show well. (After all, it'll still carry my "Developed By" credit.)

In other news, today I finished recording all of the two volume (seven episode) video anime series 3X3 EYES. I think we assembled a terrific cast for the English dub. Here's a complete list:

Christian Cambell* as Yakumo Fujii
Brigitte Bako^ as Pai/Sanjiyan/Pabo Ayanokoji/Parvati/Howasho

Thom Adcox^* as Monkey
Edward Asner^* as Grandpa Ayanokoji
Earl Boen as Benares
Leslie Boone as Ken-Ken
Susan Chesler as Lee Ling-Ling
Bill Faggerbakke^ as Steve Long
Elisa Gabrielli^ as the Doll Demon
Jean Gilpin* as Mrs. Wong/Xunquai
Taliesin Jaffe as the Frog Demon and Feihong
William Katt as Tinzin
Mia Korf* as Natsuko
Ralph Lister as Choukai
Erin Matthews as Mei-Shin Long
Yuji Okumoto* as Chou and Naparva
Gregg Rainwater^* as Jake MacDonald
Dina Sherman as Dawn and Ran-Pao-Pao
Rick Simone as Tatsuya
Keith Szaribajka* as Professor Fujii and Ryouko
Rosie Taravella as Grandma Ayanokoji
Greg Weisman^ as Hide

and Keith David^ in a roll so rocking, I can't reveal it here. :)

* indicates a Voice Actor I worked with on MAX STEEL.
^ indicates a Voice Actor I worked with on GARGOYLES.

Anyway, the voices are all recorded. I've got three mix sessions left to do. I should be done in a week or so, at which point -- I'm unemployed.

Or nearly. I'm still teaching the animation writing course through UCLA extension. That's been a lot of fun and it keeps me pretty busy. Plus I'm working on writing a spec screenplay with my brother. And I go on the occasional job interview.

All this means is that it looks like I'll soon have plenty of time to dive back into ASK GREG. At one point we were closing in on completely catching up. Now we're over three months behind. But I'll try to make some fast progress. We've now got Todd Jensen helping Gorebash out to keep the site current, so that should help us avoid the "Nothing in queue" problems that were slowing us up before.

And I hope to see most of you at Gathering 2000 this August. It should be a GREAT con this year. I'll be there with Thom Adcox plus my wife and kids. We'll have new and special treats from Gargoyles, 3x3 Eyes and another EXCLUSIVE radio play event -- something that I guarantee you won't want to miss. Plus Disneyworld is a shuttle ride away. Make your reservations now.

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Coldplasma writes...

Hello mr. Weisman!

We got Starship Troopers in Canada! We'll make make sure it will never go off the air! :-)

About one of the episode, the title was named "Missing In Action". I couldn't help to notice the similarity with "M.I.A " in Gargoyles. Did you had any involvement for the title, or someone else did? (I know that they never show the title at the beginning, but I've seen all the titles on a website)

Thank you for answering. Let's burn some bugs!

Greg responds...

I didn't have anything to do with that Missing In Action.

I really only worked on ten episodes, only seven of which were produced. Check the Starship Archives here at this site for the titles.

And, btw, I'm glad you like the series. I'm pretty proud of it too.

Response recorded on March 22, 2000

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Jodi A. writes...

Dear Greg~
This isn't so much a question as it is a kudos. i'd been watching Starship Troopers from the beginning, (and yes it stinks that they aren't in order *sigh but such is how the universe works)and was thoughly impressed with the CGI animation. It also helped realizing that Bill Fag...( I can never spell his last name) was doing a charcter voice also added to the attraction. Anyways, to make a long post shorter, a few weeks ago I was watching on a mini tv while brushing my teeth and nearly choked on my toothbrush when I noticed your name on the credits. Of course as I was rushing to get ready for work, I had to wait all day in order to ask Jennifer if it was really your name I'd seen. I've been very impressed with the entire show and knowing of your involvement with the show makes it that much more enjoyable. I look forward to seeing more of your works and hopefully getting the chance to meet you at G2K in Orlando this summer.

Greg responds...

I'm looking forward to Orlando and hope to meet you (all of you) there as well.

Troopers has been a very rewarding experience for me. Next to GARGOYLES, nothing I've done on television makes me prouder.

I wasn't the mastermind behind this one, but I did story edit ten episodes.

I did the entire five episode TESCA NEMEROSA jungle planet arc, all of which have aired at this point. I wrote one of those. It was the one where Rico was in a coma and flashbacked to high school and basic training, while the Roughnecks battled a monsoon in the real world. I think it came out great.

And I also edited the final five episode arc set on Earth. I wrote the first of these five, set in the Colorado Rockies. I'm very proud of it. The second was set in Hawaii. My brother wrote it, and it also came out great. Neither of these have aired yet, but they're both completed, so any day now...

Unfortunately, the last three episodes I edited, also set on Hawaii, the ones that end the war, were never produced for economic reasons. These were great scripts by Lydia Marano, Cary Bates and Michael Reaves. I hope some day they make them as a home video or something.

Response recorded on March 08, 2000

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Zeliard writes...

Hi mr. Weisman!

1.Are you still in touch with Michael Reaves, Frank Paur and Laura Perrotta?

2.Do you know what they're doing now since Gargoyles was cancelled?

Greg responds...

I haven't seen or talked to Laura in some time. She left Gargoyles between the first and second season of the series to become an Associate Producer on SANTA BUGITO at Clasky-Czupo, I believe. I ran into her in a restaurant once since then, but that's it. I think she told me she had moved to Warners, but I can't remember.

I last talked to Frank, last summer. He was trying to get to the Gathering 99 and was having flight trouble. Instead of calling the Gathering staff, he kept leaving messages for me at my hotel room. I called him back at an airport payphone. He had just finished work on season two (three?) of SPAWN. I'm not sure what he's been doing since. Maybe more SPAWN?

Michael Reaves and I worked together fairly recently. He wrote a couple of the STARSHIP TROOPERS and one of the MAX STEEL scripts that I edited.

Response recorded on February 03, 2000

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Russ Isler writes...

Hi there. I didn't see a mail link so I'll sneak this in here. I'm an animator at Foundation Imaging, working on Starship Troopers. I personally havn't looked at the scripts for the episodes you wrote (we just got off of Pluto last week here ) But I have seen every dang episode of Gargoyles, twice. Three or more times for some. Just wanted to extend my appreciation to you for the incredible work. Gargoyles just has to be one of my top favorite shows of all time. Now that I read you've written some of the episodes I'll be working on, my enthusiasm has just taken off! Now, I have to go read through the rest of this site, see what I've missed. (I just found this site today)

Greg responds...

Welcome Russ, and thanks for the kind words.

Gargoyles was my best professional experience in television, and I'm glad you liked it.

But I really liked working on Troopers too.

I wrote two episodes personally, LIQUID DREAMS and FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND. Plus I story edited the entire TESCA NEMEROSA and HAWAII arcs. Unfortunately, SONY currently has no plans to produce the last three episodes of the Hawaii arc, but I'm hoping someday...

Anyway, you guys at Foundation are amazing. I'm incredibly happy with the work I've seen, both on my shows and on the series as a whole. Great job.

Response recorded on February 01, 2000

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Anonymous writes...

Greg -

Hi! Quick question about Starship Troopers: is there any word as to when it might air on free TV in NY? All we can get lately is Pokemon. (We don't have cable.)

Alex Wittenberg

Greg responds...

Troopers is syndicated. (As far as I know, it's not on cable at all.)

That means it's on a different station and in a different time slot in every market. It also means that it hasn't cleared at all in some markets. (Though I'm surprised about New York, since it's so large.)

Here in L.A. it's on at 7:30am Monday through Fridays on independent channel 9. It's part of the BKN children's block of programming.

I can't tell you when and where to look in NYC. But you might try looking for it in your local TV GUIDE at various unreasonable times.

I'm really proud of the show. I just wish they'd start airing the episodes they have in order.

Response recorded on February 01, 2000

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Hi Gang,

I'm back. And determined to pour through these questions. I can't believe I'm still backlogged until JULY!!!

But first, let me give you a quick update on what I've been up to recently.

Post-Production has been completed on my first arc of stories. They are all set on the jungle moon TESCA NEMEROSA. I think they turned out wonderfully. I'm still very proud of the writing, but I'm wildly impressed with the CGI. (And yes, there are a few small things that bother me, but...) Overall, I think it's a very powerful set of stories.

We've completed writing and recording all 13 episodes for the first season. Post-production should begin after the first of the year. The CGI series should premeire in February on the WB's Saturday Morning. And now that the heavy lifting is done, I'm all but unemployed, which means I should have plenty of time for ASK GREG.

A good friend of mine did the English dub for this Japanese Anime series. Thom Adcox does the voice for one of the leads, and I do a few incidental voices here and there. (Yes, the man who brought you "Nice Mask!" and "Father, the rockets aren't working!" is back behind the microphone. God help us all.) It's available on home video in stores starting mid-January.

As many of you already know, I did a CAPTAIN ATOM/JLE/GARGOYLES parody team-up for this comic book. I wrote it a year ago and I still haven't seen the final result, but I'm told it turned out all right. And every copy you buy puts about a tenth of a penny into my pocket... Seriously, it wouldn't hurt if this issue sold out and was followed by a letter writing campaign asking DC to do an actual Gargoyles comic. Don't know if it would work, but it wouldn't hurt.

For those of you living in the L.A. Area, Kevin Hopps and I are teaching a twenty week course on writing for Television Animation through UCLA Extension's Writer's Program at Universal CityWalk starting this Spring and running through the Summer. Hope to see some of you there.

Now, back to your questions...

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I can't believe I said I "wrote" ten episodes of Starship Troopers. That's flat out untrue.

I meant to say I story edited ten episodes of Starship Troopers:

16 - "No Substitute" by Jon Weisman
17 - "And Then There Were Two..." by Cary Bates
18 - "Marauder" by Michael Reaves
19 - "Liquid Dreams" by Greg Weisman
20 - "Heart" by Lydia Marano

36 - "Funeral for a Friend" by Greg Weisman
37 - "Spirits of the Departed" by Jon Weisman
38 - "Gates of Hell" by Lydia Marano
39 - "Circle of the Damned" by Cary Bates
40 - "Final Inferno" by Michael Reaves

As you can see I wrote two episodes and story edited ten. My apologies to Cary, Michael, Lydia and Jon.

Episodes 37 - 40 were the ones yanked out of production. And of course, the numbers listed above reflect their ideal airing order. There's little chance that they'll actually air in that order. At least not the first time through. And of course, SONY doesn't show the titles on SCREEN. So the best you can do is look out for the above five writers names. These are all scripts I'm VERY proud of. Hopefully, the episodes will turn out as good.


P.S. Now, watch -- I've probably made some new dopey error.

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Where's Greg....?

Greg is up to his neck in work right now. Sorry.

Here's what's been going on.

As many of you know, I wrote ten episodes of the forty episode order of STARSHIP TROOPERS (now dubbed ROUGHNECKS: THE STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES (or something like that)).

My episodes were orignally slated to be #16-20 and #36-40.

My first arc (16-20) were set on a jungle planet. My last arc was set on Earth (36 in Colorado & 37-40 on Hawaii specifically).

Then all hell broke loose.

Two CGI companies were originally doing the CGI for the show. One of these companies bailed -- as I understand it they declared bankruptcy -- still holding onto five episodes worth of SONY's money. But Sony still had to deliver 40 episodes. And they didn't want to pay for 45. So now they've added three clip shows. And taken a couple of single episodes and made them two-parters. In the process they chose (at least for now) not to make my Hawaii episodes. Hopefully, they'll be made later for Home Video or a second season or something.

I've been watching the shows on my local channel. Missed the premiere episode. Then saw the next five. The first one I saw, (the second to air in syndication) was an episode from the third week arc (had to be 16, 17 or 18 in the original airing order) set on the planet Tophet. They followed that with the first four episodes set on Pluto in order. Then yesterday they aired the first episode for at least the second time in two weeks.

Obviously, we're having some delivery problems.

And all of the above, completely out of my control.

The good news is that the five episodes I saw kicked some major ass visually. And the stories were pretty great too. (And I had nothing to do with them.) Maybe that bodes well for the six episodes of mine that should get made soon.

Meanwhile, I've been swamped working on a CGI show for Sony that should air on the WB in January. It's on an inhuman schedule that's literally killing me, but hopefully you'll like the finished product.

Sorry if I haven't had much time for ASK GREG recently. But I love doing it, so I will get back to it as soon as I can.

I swear.