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Anonymous writes...

Why did the Malcom Canmore's descendents start hunting Demona? I mean Demona didn't do anything to them?

Greg responds...

How do you know?

Response recorded on June 20, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

You said that in the future the Castaways and Monmouths would be in conflict with each other so who does Jon marry somebody to have kids or does he adopt kids to continue his line? If he marries who does he marry?

Greg responds...

Not answering that now.

Response recorded on June 19, 2001

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matt writes...

hey Greg!

what did Titania whisper to Fox in "The Gathering"?

where will Arthur and Griff find Merlin?

who is Lexington's mate?

how will Goliath and Elisa have a child?

did Iago have a mate? does he have a kid on Avalon?

what are the answers to 74 and 517 in the G2198 contest?

where do Jade and Turquesa go when they leave Avalon?

will Puck's prophecy from "Future Tense" come true?

how will Macbeth and Demona die?

will Jason Canmore ever be healed from his injuries?

will Xanatos and Fox have anymore children?

who will Delilah end up with?

and please fell free to describe the origens, workings and all available information concerning the Illuminati, the Korean Clan, the Space Spawn, locations and dates of Brooklyn's Timedancing, the story behind Hudson's death, the Redemption Squads adventures, Una's childhood, how the Banche regains her voice, Demona/Angela relationship, the economy of Ishimura, and what your favirote color is...

just kidding! April Fools!!!

Greg responds...

I will answer one of those questions.


Have fun guessing which one.

Thanks for warning me that it's April 1st, by the way.

As it's June when I am, I could have easily gotten fooled by the posts that follow, I imagine.

Response recorded on June 09, 2001

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Duncan Devlin writes...

I just watched "The Journey" for the first time--amazing, huh.

Some questions about the Stonecutters.

1) Since the show was in a completely different time slot, was John Canmore and the Pie Guy supposed to be inside jokes?

2) Why were the Hunter slashed reduced to being part of the larger symbol instead of beingm like the old 3-slice masks. (As I write this, I think its ABC's fault)?

Greg responds...

I assume you mean the Quarrymen.

1. Inside jokes? Well, I wanted people to enjoy the episode even if they hadn't seen those characters before, but no, not inside jokes.

2. No, it wasn't ABC's fault. I don't think there's a fault at all. It wasn't supposed to be DEAD obvious that Jon Canmore and John Castaway were the same person. That is, I wanted to play fair with old fans, but I wanted a mystery for new ones.

Response recorded on May 04, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Who is Fiona?

Greg responds...

Not Nought.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001

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Todd Jensen writes...

In the list of characters' ages that you printed just now to Mel Celestial (from King Arthur all the way down to Thailog), you included a certain "Fiona". Who is she? I don't recall anyone by that name in the series.

Greg responds...


Must be a reason for that, don't you think?

Response recorded on May 02, 2001

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Todd Jensen writes...

One amusing little historical note about Canmore, which I must confess spooks me a little. In actual history, two of his sons, both of whom became Kings of Scotland after him, were named Alexander and David. In the context of "Gargoyles", I must confess that I find that a bit on the creepy side.

Greg responds...

You and me both, buster.

One of the many freaky little things leaking into our reality from the Gargoyles Universe.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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Anonymous writes...

Is Jason Canmore your Mary Sue character?

Greg responds...

I'll say it again. Huh?

Response recorded on March 29, 2001

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Corrine Blaquen writes...

What is Canmore's mother, Duncan's wife's, name?

Greg responds...

I can't remember. Can't even remember if I ever knew. Todd?

Response recorded on February 15, 2001

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Heather N. Allen writes...

City of Stone...what a great miniseries! Not one of my specific favorite sets of episodes, but I love how everything storywise came together ('what a tangled web we weave'!) I ADORE continuing story lines, which is why I never got into many 'sitcom' cartoons. (I DO admit having a weakness for "Freakazoid", though...)

And thanks for explaining that whole screw up with Demona looking too old in that 'new' scene with the Captain of the Guard. That has always annoyed the heck outta me, but I wasn't thinking along the lines of the poor animators trying to keep things straight. Considering I want to go into some type of animation, I feel guilty for not being more thoughtful! ^_^

Now, on to some questions/musings/etc...

"If it turns out short, we can add the bit about 'Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane', which I've left out for now."

1>You planned to use this witches' prophecy from the play in the show? How were you going to fit it in exactly?

This was one of my favorite ironies in the play (now that I've read it!), right next to the prophecy about Mac not being killed 'by a man of woman-born'. And if you think about it, that irony _was_ portrayed in the series. Demona isn't woman-born, and she certainly ain't a man! ^_~

"He gets in his helicopter heading for Studio, with Derek at pilot."

2> You mean you didn't have "Metamorphosis" planned out at this point in time? Or were you just confused? Or am I just confused...?

"Duncan goes to destroy them starting with Demona."

3> Whoa, hold on! I just thought of something...how'd Duncan know about Gil's feud with Demona specifically? Did Gil tell him? And did he pass on the legend of "The Demon" down to Canmore? How did the Eternal Hunt for the Demon get passed down (I mean, how did future Canmores specifcally know to hunt HER?)

"Duncan is killed in some way. (Preferably the same way Find & Gil bought it.)"

4> Well, we know he DIDN'T die this way. How did that whole magical orb thing come into the picture? Who's idea was it? (Yours? Mr. Reaves?)

"...To Demona, who is having a grand old time with the 'stoners'..."
"...She's practically giddy, talking to herself and the 'stoners'..."
"...In the skies above Manhattan, Xanatos & Goliath fly abreast for a moment as they 'pass gas'..."

>No questions here, I just thought that was funny. ^_~

>Hmm...I just ran this by spell check, and it suggested "manatees" for "Xanatos". How the heck do you get _manatees_ outta that?! There's no "X" in manatees! Sheesh!

Ciao, thanks again!

Greg responds...

1. Honestly, I no longer remember exactly. But it would have been part of Canmore's attack on Castle Moray. The one where Demona switched sides.

1a. I liked that irony too.

2. We didn't have the order of things planned out at that time. We knew Metamorphosis was coming. Didn't yet know where it would fall.

3. He didn't. (Now I think one of us IS confused.) She was hunted (a) because she was the only one left (as far as they knew) and (b) because of a little mishap with Canmore and one of his sons that I haven't told you about yet.

4. I don't remember. I'm guessing Michael (or Lydia or Brynne). Maybe they remember. Come to the Gathering this June in L.A. and ask them. All three will be there. (End of plug #562 in a series.)

5. Gotta keep myself amused, you know.

Response recorded on February 01, 2001

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