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A Thought Exercise

So as an intellectual exercise (and I promise that is all this is), I tried to calculate what would happen if TPTB asked me to adapt every Gargoyles comic I've written (for both SLG & Dynamite) into 22-minute television episodes. And through the end of Gargoyles Quest #5 (even though I've actually only written the script through Quest #4 at the time I'm typing this up), I came up with 22 episodes:

01. SLG Gargoyles #1-2
02. SLG Gargoyles #3-5
03. SLG Gargoyles #6
04. SLG Gargoyles #7-9
05. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #1
06. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #2
07. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #3-4
08. SLG Gargoyles Bad Guys #5-6
09. SLG Gargoyles #10-12
10. Dynamite Gargoyles #1-3
11. Dynamite Gargoyles #4
12. Dynamite Gargoyles #5-6
13. Dynamite Gargoyles Dark Ages #1-2
14. Dynamite Gargoyles Dark Ages #3
15. Dynamite Gargoyles Dark Ages #4-6
16. Dynamite Gargoyles #7-8
17. Dynamite Gargoyles #9-10
18. Dynamite Gargoyles #11-12
19. Dynamite Gargoyles Quest #1-3
20. Dynamite Gargoyles Halloween Special #1
21. Dynamite Gargoyles Quest #4
22. Dynamite Gargoyles Quest #5

Now, some of the above 22 "episodes" would need their stories expanded to fit 22 minutes. (Others would be hard put to stuff all their content into 22 minutes.) And the truth is, if someone said, each and every issue needed to be expanded to fit 22 minutes, I still think I could do it, in which case 22 episodes suddenly and happily expand to 42 episodes.

And this is all SO hypothetical, it truly borders on pointless.

But this is what I thought about during a very long shower this morning. And I thought I'd share.

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Gargoyles 30th Anniversary Kickstarter

So, have you ever wanted to read the old `90s Marvel Gargoyles comics?

Ever wanted to read the old SLG run of 12 canon Gargoyles comics?

Ever wanted to read the old SLG run of our 6-issue canon Gargoyles: Bad Guys spin-off comics series?

Or, maybe, you've read them but don't want to pull individual issues or fragile old trades out of their bags?

This is your chance to have another chance at these stories!

These issues have long been out of print.

The Marvel stuff was never collected, and had some amazing creators on it, including some of Amanda Conner's earliest work.

Some of the SLG stuff (both Gargoyles and Bad Guys, all written by me and all of it canon to the television series and the current run of Dynamite Gargoyles comics) was never released as individual issues.

All of it is hard to find, and can cost thousands on ebay.

Now, Dynamite is offering a three-volume set (which can be purchased individually or together) collecting the Marvel Gargoyles run, the SLG Gargoyles run, and the SLG Gargoyles: Bad Guys run. You can get them in paperback trades, hardcovers or DELUXE hardcovers. And there are a bunch of other cool rewards to choose from, as well.

Check out the Kickstarter here:


Watch the video, and I'll tell you more about it all!

But remember, we NEED this Kickstarter to fund, cuz without it, it may be our last chance to republish these titles. So help us SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


Greg Weisman

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Rachel writes...

I know you're not on top of the products and sales, but how come Gargoyles season 2 vol 1 is out of stock everywhere while vol 2 and season 1 are readily available? Same with the Clan-Building comics, even if I want to buy a used version, it says it costs $1000 on amazon. So is there ever going to be a re-release of the products with its resurgence on Disney+?

Greg responds...

I'm sorry, I just have no idea. I'm not consulted on these things. I've been trying to get them to rerelease the entire SLG run of comics for some time. But no luck yet.

Response recorded on March 17, 2022

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Clan-Building Review

There's a pretty comprehensive review of Clan-Building here:


This guy really knows the series.

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Greg Bishansky writes...

Thank you so much for the Bad Guys timeline info. Now, if you would please share the dates and descriptions from your timeline of the events of "The Rock," "Rock & Roll," and "Rock of Ages."

I believe this will bring the GargWiki up to date with all things canon.

Greg responds...

Isn't all that stuff in the trade itself?

Response recorded on May 04, 2012

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G2008 Radio Play

G2008 Radio Play

No, that's not a misprint. Before I post the G2009 Gargoyles/Spectacular Spider-Man crossover radio play, I'm going to post (over the next few days) the G2008 Radio Play. This was a CHRONOLOGICAL adaptation of issues 7-9 of the Gargoyles comic, i.e. the Stone of Destiny three-parter which makes up the first half of the recently released trade paperback, GARGOYLES: CLAN-BUILDING, VOLUME II. Now that the trade is out, I'm okay with posting this. But there are some caveats...

1. Reading this does NOT replace buying the trade. Because...

2. This version of the story doesn't really work, dramatically or otherwise. The story wasn't designed to be told chronologically. It gets somewhat tiresome told in chronological order and the final dramatic moment with the Stone talking to Macbeth, Xanatos, Arthur and Peredur across four time periods has none of it's power.

Nevertheless, here it is... or at any rate, here is the title page, cast list and teaser. I'll post the three chapters over the next three days...



(Radio Play Edition)

A Chronological Adaptation
Greg Weisman
(from his SLG comic book scripts)

The Twelfth Annual
Gathering of the Gargoyles
Chicago, Illinois

Performed June 28, 2008.

(Radio Play Edition)
1. NARRATOR 86 lines.
2. MACBETH 34 lines.
3. SHARI 22 lines.
4. COLDSTEEL 22 lines.
5. LEXINGTON 21 lines.
6. STONE OF DESTINY 15 lines.
7. HUDSON 13 lines.
8. DAVID XANATOS 13 lines.
10. CONSTANCE/COCO 12 lines.
11. STAGHART/AMP 9 lines.
12. GRIFF 9 lines.
13. THAILOG 8 lines.
14. COLDSTONE 6 lines.
15. COLDFIRE 5 lines.
16. GOLIATH 5 lines.
17. COYOTE 5.0 5 lines.
18. PEREDUR 4 lines.
20. ELISA MAZA 4 lines.
21. JAY SATO 4 lines.
22. BLANCHEFLEUR 3 lines.
24. BROOKLYN 3 lines.
25. DUVAL 2 lines.
26. FOX 2 lines.
27. BROADWAY 2 lines.
28. HOLY GRAIL 1 line.
29. LUNETTE 1 line.
30. VINNIE 1 line.
32. OWEN BURNETT 1 line.
33. MAGGIE THE CAT 1 line.
34. TALON 1 line.



Gargoyles. Clan-Building. SEPTEMBER 29, 500. London.

And as High King, I, Arthur Pendragon, swear by the Stone of Destiny to protect Britain and to serve her people all my days…

SEPTEMBER 29, 1040. Scone.

And as High King, I swear by the Stone of Destiny to protect Scotland and to serve her people all my days…

DECEMBER 25, 1950. Westminster Abbey.

All right, lads. Now or--



APRIL 11, 1951, 1:06AM GMT. ARBROATH ABBEY. Macbeth has just finished repairing the Stone of Destiny with epoxy. There’s a visible crack, but it’s in one piece.

There. Good as new. You can barely see the--

The stone glows blue. The crack vanishes.

Thank you, Macbeth mac Findlaech, but the effort was pointless…


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KingCobra_582 writes...

Feeling too lazy for my usual 'what I like about this issue' review, and will instead make a page-by-page analysis of Bad Guys #4: Louse. Spoilers abound for whoever's seeing this and doen't have the comic yet.


Great cover. Doesn't really look too much like Fang, but I can let that go.

Page 1: Nice way to open, with Fang going electrical on a Gigantor Bot. Off to a good start.

Page 2: Liking Fang's expression when he says he was trying to run away gracefully, before he saves an annoyed-looking Yama.

Page 3: This is the sequence that I remember most from the BG panel at the Gatherings, when Fang delivers his lines on this page. Loved him blowing on his fists, it was cool. His expression at seeing Yama's lack of gratitude was priceless too.

"Hey, Yama... you're welcome!" Great line. Little non-comic related note: Jim Belushi, in the BG panel, delivered it so well.

Page 4: The transition from Fang's look of surprise to the ferocious snarl of 5 days prior was nicely done.

Page 5: "Doc doesn't care for tourists, sweet cheeks. So how 'bout I send you packing ...in pieces small enough to pack?" Great line. Very Fang-ish. I can actually hear Jim having fun with that bit of dialogue. A little surprised that Robyn is just sitting there, though. Wouldn't the Hunter be kicking his ass by now?

But, Yama steps in, smashing Fang's head into the wall. Nice.

Page 6: Robyn wonders if Fang is a Gargoyles, only to be assured otherwise. She doesn't seem to quite know to make of him here. And then Fang attacks.

Page 7: Poor Dingo, wandering around the sewers. Matrix cracked me up in the first panel.

Page 8: And the doctor is in. Hello again, Sevarius. He's actually one of my favorite villians. Not in the ranks of Thailog or Xanatos, but he is definitely up there. Robyn and Yama are in prison cells...

Page 9:... and, like any good evil doctor/villian/geneticist, he introduces them to their cellmates. Tasha, Erin, Benny, (I surmise those last two were named after your kids) and Thug, as the newest mutates.

"I'm a roly-poly bug." "You're a Pill bug."


Page 10: 'Doc isn't big on shifting into reverse!" Dunno why exactly, but I really liked that line. And Fang, with just a look from Sevarius, simply makes his exit? His relationship with the doc has come a long way since season 2's 'The Cage'. Nice touch having Matrix popping up in that bottom panel. Didn't notice it on my first reading.

Page 11: And Sevarius delivers the coup d'grace. He's made a new virus to make every infected human into a mutate. And guess where? The nicely-drawn crowd in Times Square would be a good target.

Page 12: Robyn actually seems frightened. That's a rarity.

Page 13: And Dingo makes a reapperence for the first time in 6 pages, Matrix armor and all.

Page 14: About time someone put Sevarius in his place. A prison cell. I'm wondering, why didn't they set the new Mutates free? Matrix can unlock cell doors...

Page 15: In regards to my earlier comment about the crowd, yep, they're gonna be mutated and Fang's involved. Loving the cameo by Margot and Brendan.

Page 16: Nice Tri Chang cameo. Dingo's constant reference to Fang as a 'misfit' was amusing.

Page 17: 'Doc and his damn drama.' Nice line, there. Sums up Sevarius perfectly. And here we have Yama attacking Fang. Loved Fang's eye when he tells Yama to 'Eat lightning, Schmuck-o!' And another great line, as well.

Page 18: "What keeps happening?!" Indeed, Dingo. He just can't seem to get his handle on the action. Nice touch having the Eyrie Building, and thus the castle, in the background.

Page 19. Nice touch, having the countdown on Sevarius' timer coinciding with the countdown for the New Year's balldrop. Poor Dingo, Matrix just leaves him like that? Geez. 'You just killed me, you flamin' gullah!' LOL.

Page 20: Matrix absorbing the mutagen at the very last possible second. Fun times. Hunter saves Dingo, but he smacks into the building fact-first. Ouch!

Page 21: Yama helps overpower Fang, and they take him back to the cells. Hunter had to think about saving Dingo? Nice. They get back, only to find...

Page 22: ...Tasha's apprent suicide, (didn't see that coming. It actually disturbed me.) and the mutate kids being comforted by Thug. Fang freezes up a second before he launches into inappropiate-joke-making mode. And of course Yama socks him for it, then tries to decapitate him.

Page 23: Fortunately, Dingo stops him, and I am liking Dingo more and more. He's come a long way from his days with The Pack, and he tells Yama that Fang is not worth it. Fortunately, Fang lightens the mood a bit. 'I'm not! I'm really not!' I liked the artistic work with Fang in that panel, too. And we get another 'whisper mystery'. What did Hunter say to Yama? Yama wouldn't reveal it. Would you, Greg?

Page 24: Robyn actually has someone she addresses as 'Sir'. Huh. Go figure. And Fang officially joins the team at this point. Liked Fang's get-up, (The gun holster was an especially nice touch) and Dingo's expression. And, of course, Yama is not pleased by this development.

End comic. What a great issue. A lot of Fang and Yama action, which is a big thumbs-up from me because I like those guys. Great art, a great story, some great twists, (Tasha's sucide in the cell) and great characterization just made this issue an all-around great comic.

Bring on Gargoyles #9 and BG #5.


Greg responds...

Seems like a good time for an update on both trades. All the scripting is done.

Bad Guys Redemption Chapter #5 and Gargoyles Clan-Building Chapter #9 are both completely done.

Karine has completed the roughs for BG#6 and is working on finishes now.

Greg G. has one last page of art to finish on Garg#10. I believe Robby's already begun coloring the book.

New penciller, David Hutchison, has roughed out half of Garg#11 and is working on the second half.

The script for Garg#12 is just awaiting an available artist.

Dan Vado informs me he's planning to release both trades in January.

Response recorded on October 17, 2008

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dph writes...

Review of issue #8

Ok, I'm ignoring the story for right now.

196 gargoyles plus 25 eggs. No beasts. Since the clan's population is stablized that the indication that every female is only allowed to have 2 eggs, we know that those 25 eggs came from 2 generations: 50 female gargoyles. So that makes 100 gargoyles split between two generations.

I had heard about the Jeremiah account as an alternate story. Now we learn that Shari is not necessarily always telling the truth, but rather repeating stories. That's a good thing to establish right now so we won't be disappointed when Sharon says something which we later learn was totally false. I wasn't aware that both King Arthur and King Macbeth were crowned on the same day. That's incredibly simplistic of you, which is fitting of your pattern. Keeping things simple helps out a bunch. :-)

Nice to see King Arthur and Macbeth trading stories. Also, it's nice to see Nightstone venturing into a 'legitimate' business.

So, supposedly, Cu Culhullain split the Stone of Destiny in two. So assuming that was true, do both parts still 'talk'?

It's nice to see Griff taking Hudson and Lexington to the London Clan's home. Of course, I wonder if Hudson and Lex had to make a promise about not revealing that location to outsiders. Also, I'm wondering about Macbeth being allowed into the London clan's home. That's taking a lot for granted. Lex had a nice response to Griff's question about why the steel gargoyle and iron gargoyle look like Goliath, something we've taken for granted for a while.

Whoa. The Stone of Destiny is also connected to Carbonek. I like the idea that "All things are true, few things are accurate" and Macbeth's reaction to it. It's nice to learn about the size of a gargoyle clan that managed to survive on its own to modern times.

It's nice that Thailog treats his subordinates the same way that Xanatos did: He would fire them for losing on purpose.

Last, we get the expected return of Coldstone and Coldsteel. We still don't know exactly what Xanatos's motives are in this whole affair, but I'm looking forward to learning the truth in issue #9 as well as more backstory for the Stone of Destiny.

Greg responds...

Stay tuned for our next trade paperback.

Response recorded on September 10, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

In "Gargoyles"#8, Hudson at one point called Constance "Lassie" during the battle at Westminster Abbey. This fits his speech patterns, but I wondered if there was some additional significance to it.

In the original comedy proposal, the equivalents of the trio were named Coco, Amp, and Lassie. Constance and Staghart are nicknamed "Coco" and "Amp", as a reference to that. Was Hudson's use of the word "lassie" intended as a way to get all three of the original names into the story? It was a great way of doing so, since those who didn't know about the comedy development wouldn't even realize they were missing something (for the reason that I gave in the first paragraph).

Greg responds...

Ya caught me, laddie.

Response recorded on August 15, 2008

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Charisma82 writes...

It's really late, but hey, better late than never, right? So here's the page-by-page review on Gargoyles #8.

Gargoyles: Clan-Building
Chapter Eight: Rock & Roll

Part 1 Pages 1-12

Cover: It's cool. Glad that Hudson got a front row seat on it.

Page 1: It's Griff! I was really excited when I found out Griff would be in the comics, and I'm so glad to finally get to see him in this comic. He's one of my favorite gargoyle characters. I like the estate that the London gargoyles have. It looks nice and very secluded. And I love the name: Knight's Spur. Cool.

Page 2: Another one of those pages that gives us a glimpse into the near future. I was glad to see Vinnie. I was also surprised to see Vinnie. I didn't think I'd see him for a while, but very glad at the surprise. He's a good guy to have around. Funny too. We see more about a bomb, which we still don't get much info on in this comic. We'll just have to wait for #9. And of course, at the top of the page we find Hudson duking it out with Cold Steel while exchanging harsh words.

Page 3: More of Shari's storytelling time. Thailog looks weird and creepy in the bottom picture on the page.

Page 4: Thailog thought he had one up on Shari, but then she gives her famous line "The story is told… though who can say if it be true?" I guess she has to cover herself by saying stuff like that so Thailog can't call her a liar.

Page 5: Arthur and Macbeth learn to play nice. They have a moment of doubt when they think the gargoyles will "be at each others' throats", but they worried for no reason. I really liked the two pictures of them being crowned as kings on the Stone of Destiny. They both have a connection to the stone (though in different time eras), and now, they'll have to work together to make sure it stays safe.

Page 6: The gargoyles are having a good time seeing old friends and making new ones. We also see Xanatos looking sly, pulling out some sort of mechanism with a button, and then pushing it. Can't wait to find out what that's all about.

Page 7: This is one of the two pages that are my favorites in this comic. I love the idea of Macbeth and Arthur getting to know each other better and sharing past experiences, seeing as they've both been around for a while. I love the lines exchanged between the two of them and hope to see more of this in the next comic. My favorite line is from Arthur after Macbeth tells him he's been "sleep-walking" for 939 years. "Guess I got the better bargain." Loved it.

Page 8: More of Shari's stories about the Stone of Destiny as she plays chess with Thailog. Thailog and Shari are so much like Xanatos and Fox in this aspect, it's scary.

Page 9: Some new gargoyle introductions. I like Coco. She's a go to kinda gal. I like Hudson's line, "Watch who you're callin' a yank, lass…"

Page 10: And we meet Staghart, or Amp. How did he get Amp out of Staghart? I like the transition where it goes from Coco saying no one calls him Amp to the scene where Lex does call him Amp. I also like on this page how Griff is confused about the robots looking like Goliath. Honestly, after watching the show so many times, I don't even think of the robots as looking like Goliath, they're just known as the Steel or Iron Clan robots.

Page 11: More fighting, and Macbeth figuring out that Xanatos is in on the game now. And then Arthur mysteriously disappears. I just figured he walked off to go help fight or he saw something else that was suspicious, but others think he might have been kidnapped or something. That thought never crossed my mind while reading this, but then I wouldn't cross that off as something that could happen. You never know with people like Xanatos.

Page 12: More chess playing and more storytelling, except now Shari is telling the story of Arthur. She sure does know a lot. She must be a reader.

Soon to come, part 2! And hopefully I'll be getting Bad Guys #2 & #3 in the mail soon so I can do them too. Then I'll be all up to date.

Thank you for your time and all that you do.


Greg responds...

Thanks for buying the books.

Response recorded on July 22, 2008

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Mara writes...

Not a question so much as comments- REALLY enjoying the hopping in time for issue seven and eight as well as the art gets better and better each issue. (Hedgecock's pencils are strong and improve as he's getting more familiar with the characters and Bevard's colors are beautifully crisp and more in touch with the style the show was done in.)

So, yeah. Keep on keeping on.

Greg responds...

Thanks, Mara.

Response recorded on June 03, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

Inspired by your "It's not a cowboy hat" response to my review of "Gargoyles" #8.

I'd forgotten to mention this in my review, but on my way back from the Gathering 2001, the airplane I was on showed a movie called "Just Visiting" about a medieval knight and his peasant-servant who get transported via magic to the modern world. At one point, the wizard who sent them there followed them into modern times and changed into more present-day-looking clothing: the precise clothes that he wore looked (I recall) extremely similar to the ones that Merlin was wearing in #8.

At the time, the airline's choice of that particular movie startled me enough, since the notion of medieval people in the modern world fitted in so well with "Gargoyles" (the plight of the gargoyles, King Arthur - and, to some extent, Macbeth, though at least he got to live through all the changes and adapt to them instead of having to face them all at once). But when the Merlin of the Gargoyles Universe dressed that much like the wizard in the movie, that astonished me even more.

Just thought you might like to know about that.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on May 28, 2008

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KingCobra_582 writes...

3 months of waiting. This issue made it all worth it, and then some.



Nice little touches with Shari and Thailog, and playing chess, no less. Somehow oddly fitting. I noticed that Shari gives two different versions of the Stone Of Destiny's arrival in Ireland. Which version, in your opinion, do you consider accurate?

Nice reference to Cu Challain. Props. Will Cu make a return in future issues?

Also, nice throwback to 'The Edge' with Thailog's 'I'd fire you if you did' in response to Shari's offer to pretend losing the Chess game.

Nice 'Monsters' reference as well. Damn, but this issue is stocked with references and episode homages. Geez. :D

'Coco'. Heh. Brought back memories of the "Original Broadway" when I read that. Again, props to you, Greg.

Staghart seems like a very cool (his crack about the kitchen sink at the end? LOL.) character.

I suspected that Staghart (having not known his name at the end of #7, I'd thought of him as 'that deer-like Gargoyle') = Amp. Nice to have confirmation of it. Although, for a time, I also wasn't sure if Lex was naming Staghart in that infamous panel from #7, or if he'd found a stray pet or something. At least I can stop wondering now.

Speaking of Staghart/Amp, I picked up on a few hints of a thing between him and Lex. Though I may also be reading too much into it.

More narrative time-jumping. I'm having trouble keeping the events of this arc chronologically straight. But then, that just makes it more interesting. Glad it's not a constant thing, however.

Great to see Griff again. Fighting the Steel Clan robots. Nice. He's even more bad-assed in the comics then he was in the series.

Knight's Spur. Very nice name for their habitat. How British sounding. I like it. And I also dig the panel with the London Clan in stone sleep, too.

Xanatos is at it again. No surprise to anyone who'd read the end of issue #6, but still... what is his game? And what IS the obsession with Fox's shoes? How do Fox's shoes play into the Stone of Destiny? *scratches head* You are evil, Greg. Keeping me guessing like that. EVIL. :P

More legend telling from Shari. Nothing I can say about it that I haven't already in my #7 review.

I knew Hudson would escape his dismemberment (Coldsteel = heartless bastard.) but that last panel with Coldstone and Coldfire, out of the blue but I really should've seen it coming, was a great plot twist.

That's all I really have to say about this issue. Fun to read, great story, and the new characters (Staghart) seem really cool. Great twists and nice characterization (Griff rocks!) all sum this up into one neat, nicely-written package.

Bring on #9.

Greg responds...

Glad you liked it! (Couldn't tell if all those questions were rhetorical, so -- because I'm lazy -- I've decided they are.)

Response recorded on May 27, 2008

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Blaise writes...


I didn't get my copy of #8 until last Friday (I was working the day it came out and by the time I got to Golden Apple, they were sold out--mostly because they had cut back on their orders). Well, I'm on a list now, so hopefully that won't happen again any time soon.
The extra wait was painful for me, but it was still worth it.

I enjoyed the "previews" of what was to come. "Knight's Spur" is a cool reveal, as is Hudson vs. Coldsteel (and their lines directly follow their initial exchange later in the book). And I was pleasantly surprised when Vinne showed up. I'm still wondering how he enters into this story, but we'll find out eventually.

Ahhh...I recall some people posting about different tales of the Stone's journey to Ireland, and now Shari starts telling them. I like how Thailog (speaking for the audience as well) points out that this contradicts her earlier story, and she is not fazed but subtley reinforces the "..who can say if it be true" bit.

Wow, Arthur and Macbeth share the same coronation day. Maybe they should throw themselves dual coronation day parties.
I don't know who called that Mac and Art would compare notes and then become chummy again, but they were right. I love how they suddenly panic that the gargoyles "will be at each others' throats" when, in fact, they're getting along like a house on fire.

I wonder what Xanatos's little button-thing is for. Like Phil, I'm half suspecting he may have summoned Colstone and Coldfire with it....
-I absolutely LOVED the scene where Mac and Art compare their immortal lives. Who knew Nightstone had coffe shops?
I did not miss that the second half of Mac's line, "Here's to the Immortals--there aren't many like us..." topped a page (and panel) of Shari...telling a tale of Chu Chullain.
I was surprised at how much like Rory young Chu Chullain looked here.

I enjoyed Hudson's objection to being called "yank." And kudos to whoever called the (nick)names.

Just as Coco says that no one calls Staghart "Amp," We flash forward to the big battle where Lexington calls him by that name. I'm not ready to say there's anything special going on yet, but it certainly seems like Lexington's already pretty close to Amp.
I was surprised that this particular section of the fight scene (very cool, BTW) lasted as long as it did (seriously, how often do we follow a specific time for more than a page?). I, too, noticed the Iron Clan robot alongside the Steel Clan one. I also like how Griff recognizes the resemblance to Goliath, and Macbeth knows the robots are Xanatos's. Just as Mac says the battle might be a diversion, he notices Arthur's gone. I thought I knew why he was missing, intially, but some theories have been flying around that make me wonder....

Nice Arthurian story bit, and we finally get our first true glimpse of Merlin. His design surprised me, I must say. I expected something like blue or grey garments with a hood, if not the typical pointy hat. But I really like this design (and the use of the word "clep'd"). Took me a minute to remember who Pelles was, though.

"All things are true...few things are accurate." "Aye. No bloody kidding." I enjoyed that exchange, and that Arthur's trying to catch up on his Arthurian literature.

London Clan 101. A very informative look at just how fricken' HUGE this clan is, along with other interesting tidbits (like "enforced isolation"--ouch!). Good reactions to Lex's question (whether Coco and Amp are mates), and also to Lex's unspoken query about beasts.

Nice bit with Loch Ness, but why is "story time" advancing by one minute each day? It seems too regular to be coincidence.

I liked Coldsteel's "no sign of life" quip. And it's confirmed that the Xanatos-head in Coyote's mouth IS a view screen. Good to know.
Like Demonskrye I recognized the Philip K. Dick reference.
I liked how we jumped from Lexington saying they weren't going anywhere until they figure out what Xanatos *and Fox* are up to (showing how much he still distrusts her) and we jump back to Fox buying her shoes. Now, about those shoes...at this point, they're starting to become a bigger mystery than anything else in this story.

Thailog doesn't like losing (or even getting close to it), but he's like his father (one of them anyway) when it comes to subordinates pretending to lose.
I thought Kenneth Macalpin looked cool.

Seeing Coco's happy reaction to the Iron Clan's "delimbification" coupled with her "Like I need a gun" line led me to believe she was dangerous. This impression lasted until I turned the page and saw that she was REALLY dangerous.

She's topped by Coldsteel, though, who's willing to do it to his own father. But his tentacles are melted before he can (and I am NOT used to seeing anything but a scowl on his robotic face, so his surprised look here caught me by...well, surprise).

Since the fire came, I knew Coldfire was there at least, so Coldstone couldn't have been too far behind. I second Amp's "Anyone order up the kitchen sink?"

All in all, I'm just waiting for the concluding chapter.

Greg responds...

It's jam-packed, I promise.

Response recorded on May 21, 2008

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sky_warrior17 writes...

Hey Greg,
Have to do a first time post finally, too many things in Gargoyles #8 that made me smile. Been a fan since it first came out when I was 7 or 8 and it stuck with me, but I'll keep it a short review.

First, noticed the thicker paper on the cover, more like the first one. Both ways are fine, but I'm hoping thats a good sign as to the success of the comic.

Second, noticed two of our heros drinking Nightstone Unlimited coffee. Made me smile, but also made me wonder, what all does Nightstone actually produce and own?

I liked that Hudson resented being called a Yank, he's a true Scott at heart and it shows.
All the back story on the English Clan was also great, all that kind of stuff is fascinating, and it was great to see a few more gargs, even as statues. Hopefully we'll get to see more of them awake, you've really left the openings for it there in a nice way. Did I miss somewhere where Griff may have met Hudson and Lex before? I thought he'd only ever actually seen Goliath, and the phrasing made me think they may have met in person at some previous point.

The bit where Thailog used Xanatos's line "I'd fire you if you did" actually made me laugh out loud. Loved that so much. I forget the episode, but remember the Judo match against Owen.

Also, I also must send praise for what Hedgecock is doing with the art now, he's on a great track and it shows that he's really learned the characters we love so much, and the new ones look great! This combined with Robby's coloring was a real treat. The only thing that even remotely bothered me was the inconsistency of Shari's nose, specially with all the closeups in this issue. Pg 4 and 20 she has a very prominent nose bridge, yet on 12 it's perfectly smooth. It also varies a bit in issue 7. Both ways are fine, but it would be nice to see just one for those of us that like to do our own fanart.

Overall, no major complains, and you continue to amaze and give more each time. Keep up the great work, it's really appriciated!

Greg responds...

As to Nightstone, you'll just have to wait for things to be revealed in the fullness of time...

Response recorded on May 13, 2008

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Craig writes...

I must make a brief comment on the terrific advances David Hedgecock has made since this series has begun. A lot of fans were quick to criticize his early work. Unfortunately, now that his art has improved by leaps and bounds, I have not seen a corresponding amount of praise.

Right off the bat, we have the cover. Since I was ten, I've thought Hudson was the coolest looking gargoyle, and Hedgecock and Jorge Molina prove it in style! I was really disappointed to hear that Guler would no longer be doing the covers, so I was biased against Hedgecock in that regard...but even with that bias, I feel that this is the second coolest cover, after #5!

Other highlights for Hedgecock this issue: Thailog's victorious grin (and subsequent contrite look) upon catching Shari in a lie, and then being reminded of her disclaimer. Macbeth's look when he talks about "sleep-walking" (what a PERFECTLY written scene, by the way!). The wide-eyed optimism in Lex's eyes when he asks about the beasts, and the sadness in Griff's face when he replies (this exchange is odd and without context at this point, and yet Hedgecock lends it exactly the right tension and emotion to make us curious for an explanation). The design of Merlin...precisely the right balance of benevolence and mystery. And our first foggy glimpse of Castle Carbonek...! What a thrilling moment for us Illuminati nuts, after all these years of waiting.

I never thought Hedgecock's work was "bad" by any standard. However, I think the improvement from issue one to the current issue is comparable to the difference between a TV episode animated by Sun Woo and one animated by Koko...the art goes from supporting the story to elevating it. This is a massive testament to Hedgecock's commitment to this project...I cannot begin to imagine the hours he must have put into exploring this world, not to mention the new characters he has to learn for every issue. So I hope that you will forward this comment to Dave as some small motivation to keep up the terrific work. And as always, Greg, thanks for making all of this possible, and for bringing David and the rest of us to your world!

Greg responds...

I've always been a fan of Dave's, so you're preaching to the converted over here.

Response recorded on May 08, 2008

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Purplegoldfish writes...

Here's my review for #8

A good all-around issue. I'm usually more interetested in the stories dealing with the Manhattan happenings, but there was some really interesting stuff in here that I enjoyed.

I love Staghart and Constance. Fun characters-kind of like modern teenage gargoyles. I hope we see more of them after this story concludes. And I like all the little tidbits about the London Clan. I bet their numbers make up at least half the world's gargoyle population-probably more.

It seems almost selfish for them to keep couples from laying a third egg, being such a decimated species. I wonder what Goliath would think of that. I hope the issue is brought up again-could make for some nice drama.

I like the new bit of info on gargoyle biology-that it's hard to keep gargoyles in heat from mating-like it's more of a biological imperative. I've always wondered about that.

I love how Shari's stories sometimes contradict each other. Goes back to Hudson saying "Maybe we shouldn't believe everything we see on television." Not all stories are true-but there's usually some bit of truth in each of them. (Also reminds me of what Goliath says in "Mark of the Panther". I really like how the comic makes me think of happenings from past episodes). I like how all kinds of different myths and legends from around the world are incorporated-and that they're not stated as fact-but we have to make up our own minds about them. And I just love those scenes with Shari and Thailog-they have a strange sort of chemistry that I'm really starting to like.

Arthur and Macbeth-So cool that these two are becoming friends. Trading their strange tales over coffee...Nightstone's coffee, lol! I bet it's WAY overpriced ;)
"All things are true...few things are accurate"-Great line! I've been wondering about Hudson's enigmatic look though-maybe he's thinking about the human/gargoyle relations trouble at home, and humans' thoughts about gargoyles in general, and what it's cost his species.

Fox's shoes-erm, ok hehe. I personally think that it really has nothing to do with the story at all-except as a humorous commentary on the people behind the scenes. While this big battle is going on, the wife of the man responsible for all this mayhem is doing something totally mundane as buying shoes. I can almost hear the Musak in the background of that shoe store lol.

And again, the timeline format really does this story justice-I love all the little hints you drop with the logistic placing of the panels. Not a whole lot of people would have the patience to do all the work you do for this comic book. That's just one of the reasons why we love you ;)

I can't wait for #9!

Greg responds...

Keep Hudson's look in mind. You'll love me even more if you do.

Response recorded on April 30, 2008

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Jake McAlpine writes...

Just got done reading issue #8 and wanted to write to let you know how great I think the comics are. The story is actually richer through this medium I think. I watched the show as a kid and was thrilled to see you continue the story line. As I read this issue with all the kings being crowned I thought "this is about the time period of King Kenneth" and a few pages later there he was! Thank you for writing such an imaginative story that draws so much on history. I can't wait to read this to my children and use it as an excuse to teach them about a piece of their family history. So a big thank you from the McAlpine Clan.

Greg responds...

Your post seriously tickles me. (Not literally, though.)

Response recorded on April 29, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

A few questions about Gargoyles #8:

1. Is the man crowning Arthur in the September 29, 500 flashback King Pelles? The clothing, hair, and beard look right, but his face has a different shape than that of Pelles in Shari's "Sword in the Stone" flashback. Or is that just a slip of Hedgecock's pen?

2. In Shari's account of Arthur drawing Excalibur from the Stone of Destiny, she calls London "Londontown". Is that a reference to the Disney animated "Sword in the Stone" movie, where the opening narration describes the Sword in the Stone as appearing in "Londontown"?

3. Is Lunette named after the Lunette of the story of Yvain/Owain and the Lady of the Fountain?

Greg responds...

1. Yes, that's Pelles.

2. Uh, maybe subconsciously. It's been some time since I last saw that movie.

3. Yep.

Response recorded on April 29, 2008

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Matt writes...

My Review For Gargoyles #8, "Rock And Roll"...

- After a not so great day, I finally reached the high point when my friend Ryan and I picked up our copies of Gargoyles #8. The first thing I noticed when I picked it up was that we were back to the firmer cover material, which pleased me, though it was fine either way. The second thing I noticed was how gorgeous the cover art is. Kudos to Greg Guler and Jorge Molina. This thing is a beaut. I wish I could get a full size poster of this cover, it is spectacular. It truly is the way comic book covers should be done. The layout is great and the coloring is amazing (particularly in places like Hudson's hair and beard). For a character all too often left behind in the Gargoyles stories, Hudson is really doing well on the comic covers! My one complaint about the cover would be the glow of Hudson's right eye. Almost looks like his eye is exploding!

- On to the story itself, we continue the non-linear format, which continues to be a bit daunting and a lot of fun. As Phil so observantly noted in Etched In Stone, there is a purpose to the specific layout and that purpose leads to hints, nudges and winks that one would otherwise not notice. In #8, the hint that is most interesting is Macbeth mentioning how there are few immortals and we cut to Shari... but also CuChullain, who has a different sort of immortality in his reincarnation.

- I'm pleased that we get a lot of information on the London Clan in this issue, and also of Constance and Staghart. They are really fascinating, so gargoyle and yet so different than what we are used to and expecting. They all have names and take to them so easily. Old Pog's gotta his name, sure, but even young Lunette's got her name. And of course, there's the biggie, while the gargoyle species is teetering on the brink of extinction and at least a few clans around the world have been decimated or otherwise face a real problem of population growth, the London Clan is consciously working to keep itself small and contained! It is also interesting that there are no beasts. Sir Griff leads me to think there is a sad story to that fact.

- There was a lot of humor in this issue, which was great. I loved Thailog confronting Shari about conflicts in her (maybe not so true) stories, Constance's "Nobody calls you Amp, Luv" line and her dismemberment of the Steel Clan robot (which, while funny, was also extremely cool. I also got a big kick out of Constance and Staghart's reaction to Lex's question about their being mates. I must say, I'm really fond of these two gargoyles and I hope (and suspect) we will see more of them beyond Issue #9. Staghart and Lexington (AKA Amp and Lex) seem to be forming a bond at any rate. Their mutual life-saving is nice and there are some subtle moments that I really like. I don't want to say much more in this review though, least I be wrong in my suspicions. Lets just say I look forward to watching their... relationship develop.

- The battle scenes in this one are a lot of fun. The five gargoyles vs. the four robots is neat. I'm curious why there is both a single Steel Clan and a single Iron Clan robot present and not two of one or the other. Coldsteel is getting rather creepy. The thought that he would have actually removed Hudson's arm is terrifying. I mean, they are enemies of course, but Hudson is Coldsteel's rookery father. The contrast between Coldsteel and Coyote is striking. Here you have Coyote warning his enemies to leave or else, upset when they don't and outright stating that he would only "terminate" if neccesary and then you have Coldsteel, who is somewhat gleeful at the thought of engaging in battle and causing painful bodily harm. It's almost funny that the enemy with a true soul is the more heartless of the two.

- We end the book in a similar fashion to how we ended #7, the arrival of some more new gargoyles to the Abbey. I have to say that I predicted that Coldstone and Coldfire would arrive, so it wasn't a surprise to me to see that they did. That said, their arrival is no less fun for me. I love to see everyone coming out of the woodwork. Amp wasn't kidding about the kitchen sink.

- A couple more small notes: I thought Vinnie's brief appearance was interesting and very unexpected. How does he fit into this? I absolutely LOVED Merlin's depiction. He looks so original and like a character I want to know more about. I suppose I was expecting a more Gandalf-like look, I should've had more faith in Greg and the artists. Griff, on the other hand, was a bit rough. I don't neccesarily hold this against Hedgecock though, I have seen very few drawings of Griff that looked great (in the series or in fan-art). He is just a tough character to draw, I think. Aside from Griff, Hedgecock is doing a great job. Always been a fan, of course, and he is getting better and better. And of course, Greg's writing continues to be superb. It all just flows so well. All in all, a great, great comic. It does come off as a bit of a "middle story", but the action and the non-linear format help make it very climactic. Definitely leaves me desperate for #9.

Greg responds...

The cover to issue #8 was by David Hedgecock and Jorge Molina.

Hopefully the non-linear storytelling won't just be a cool device by the end of 109. But I'll admit I'm glad I did it either way. It really freed up my writing in general, pulling me out of my animation safe place into something more appropriate for comics. Bad Guys has definitely benefitted from the lessons learned in 7-9.

Response recorded on April 25, 2008

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Vaevictis Asmadi writes...

My thoughts about #8: This is a good issue but perhaps less exciting than #7.

I was hoping we'd get to see meet many more members of the London Clan, but maybe we'll see more in #9. We do see a cool-looking hippogriff dude and somebody who may or may not be Una, it's hard to tell.
The London Clan have such an ironic situation. 196 members is still not a healthy breeding population for an endangered species, but it is pretty good for a modern gargoyle clan. It's nice to know that some clans are doing relatively well. (I imagine Ishimura is also large) But because of that, they have to restrict their own reproduction and cannot contribute anything to increasing the gargoyle population and helping the species increase. I can see how a clan in this situation would be happy to send members or eggs to another clan if they thought it was reasonably safe. Being unable to mate and having to resist strong instincts must be really unpleasant. I certainly hope that the exchanges mentioned in 2198 start happening soon, so the population can increase more easily.

Lexington's shocked expression in that scene is well done.

It's quite funny when Thailog starts complaining that Shari's stories are inconsistent.
I like the way the stuff with the Stone of Destiny and the Sword in the Stone is handled. I am surprised that you went with a Gandalf sort of look for Merlin, not that I dislike it. Kenneth on the other hand is one scary and ugly looking dude.

I'm glad that King Arthur and Macbeth didn't get in a fight. And I like the scenes where Macbeth's coronation on the Stone is compared with that of Kenneth and Arthur.

Then they go to a coffee shop and Nightstone sells coffee!? I suppose Demona needs a lot of it to keep awake during the day since she has a day job and rarely sleeps.

The format is still very confusing. The art is nice for the most part, except for Staghart on the page facing CuChullain (sorry, there are no page numbers!)

I like the London Clan and especially King Arthur's confusion about the robots.

And King Arthur is researching himself, this is funny. Macbeth's comment about accuracy is funny too, he certainly can complain. (Even though he doesn't actually mind Shakespeare's play)

I notice that the London Clan's way of speaking is more contemporary/modern than Lexington's.

1. Is the female gargoyle with the unicorn horn (in the stone sleep scene) Una, or a different character?

2. Other than the phone (mentioned in previous responses) what sort of modern amenities does Knight's Spur have? Do they have electricity? running water? garbage service? mail delivery?

Greg responds...

1. Do you mean Lunette?

2. Not mail delivery. Mail would go to the store. But all the rest, yes.

Response recorded on April 23, 2008

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Todd Jensen writes...

Bought Gargoyles #8 today. After this, I'm all the more certain on one thing: the Stone of Destiny story is my favorite story in the Gargoyles comic to date.

I enjoyed the continuation of Shari's tale about the Stone of Destiny. Some of it was familiar to me (Jeremiah and Tamar bringing the Stone to Ireland, the Stone's links to Fergus, Columba, and Kenneth mac Alpin), but there were some surprises. The Stone turning out to be the stone that Moses struck to get water for the Israelites, for example. Cuchulain breaking it in half (though that explains how there's still supposedly a Lia Fail at Tara). Pity that even Shari can't reconcile the Gathelus and Scota version with the Jeremiah version (I liked Thailog's response to that)!

I wasn't surprised that Merlin was responsible for the Stone showing up at London for the young Arthur to pull Excalibur out (especially since he's got a reputation for taking stones from Ireland and bringing them to Britain for the benefit of the Pendragon family). What did surprise me was King Pelles' role in the story. And Merlin wearing a cowboy hat.

I liked the nicknames for Constance and Staghart as well. Now I know for certain where Xanatos gets that recycling habit that he displayed in "Cloud Fathers".

We also get to learn more about the London clan and their own customs (pity about the no beasts part).

And great surprise entry for Coldstone and Coldfire, too.

Finally, I enjoyed the little tidbits along the way: the number of Vinnie's flight to Japan, the name on Arthur and Macbeth's coffee cups (and it's even in the Gargoyles font), Arthur's line "All things are true... few things are accurate" (a good commentary on Shari's story, incidentally, though I doubt that Arthur knows about it), Hudson's "So many books" line (how appropriate, with Arthur and Macbeth both in the room), Lexington's "electric sheep" line, and Thailog and Shari's "The Edge" moment.

Now I'm looking forward to #9 all the more, to see how it all turns out (and the significance to Vinnie's cameo, Fox's shoe-buying, and Xanatos pressing the red button).

Thanks for a great issue, Greg!

Greg responds...

It's not a cowboy hat.

Response recorded on April 22, 2008

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Greg Bishansky writes...

Okay, before I review "Gargoyles".

Holy crap... Dr. Doom got his ass kicked! Okay, we've seen him get beaten before, but not like that.

Now, with that out of the way...

Okay, so the entire issue takes place in London, with the exceptions of Shari telling Thailog more about the history of the Stone of Destiny.

Macbeth and King Arthur team-up, and Lexington and Hudson team up with the London gargoyles, Sir Griff, Staghart (Amp) and Constance (Coco). Xanatos unleashes Coldsteel, Coyote 5.0 and two Steel Clan robots to attack the gargoyles in what has to be a distraction while he steals the Stone.

Speaking of Amp. I began to suspect it in December, so I'm calling it here... Amp is going to be Lexington's "special friend".

I loved the bit where Arthur and Macbeth are talking about why they're not centuries dead.

Arthur: ... mortally wounded in 542. So they shipped me off to some Magic Hill and put me to sleep for a thousand four hundred fifty-three years.
Macbeth: Sounds lovely.
Arthur: And you?
Macbeth: Deal with a demon in 1040. Officially died in 1057... been sleep-walking for nine hundred thirty-nine years.
Arthur: .... Guess I got the better bargain.

Then they toast to the immortals (toast Nightstone coffee! Demona and Thailog started their own Starbucks, they are EVIL!) and we get implication that Shari is immortal.

Oh, and Coldstone and Coldfire are back too. Though, I wouldn't call in the kitchen sink yet. Now, if Demona and Tony Dracon popped on over with Eric and Gunther Sturlisson, then yeah, I would expect the kitchen sink next.

Greg responds...

What's this about Dr. Doom?

Response recorded on April 22, 2008

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Jack-Pumpkinhead writes...

Dear Greg, I got my copy of gargoyles #8 today, and I must say, you and everyone involved have once again done an excellent job. I personally enjoyed Arthur and Macbeth comparing immortailties and Coco's commentary. From the artists, I rather like Merlin's look; unique, yet appropriate. I would also like to thank you all for indirectly confirming my suspicions concerning Shari, which I won't post here for now. Anyway, again, excellent job everybody, keep it up, and I'll keep doing my part to convince people to buy Gargoyles merchandise.

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 21, 2008

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Ricky writes...

Hey Greg,

This is something I've been wondering about for a while now..ever since Gargoyles #7 came out, and since we found out that #10 is called "The Gate." You've begun to incorporate plot points that were supposed to be from Pendragon and, with #10, Timedancer, into the main book.

1) Are there any other titles you can reveal, GargWiki has Gargoyles #11 as "Tyrant" and Bad Guys #4 as "Louse." Have you figured the titles out anywhere past those?

2) Is incorporating these elements into the main book a contingency plan, in case the spin-offs don't end up getting their own series, so that elements from them can still be used? Or is this to provide a jumping off point for the spin-offs to pick up from once they're being made?

3) Is there any word on how successful Bad Guys has been?

I know it's only been one issue for Bad Guys and ridiculously too soon to ask, but I'm also curious as to your thoughts about how likely Pendragon and Timedancer are at this point.

Last question:
Are the release dates set for Gargoyles #8 and Bad Guys #2? I know you're busy, and by the time you get to respond to this, they might both be out, if that turns out to be the case, you can disregard the question. ;)

Thanks a lot!

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. The latter.

3. I don't have any definitive info.

I think Gargoyles #8 should be out on Wednesday, March 26th. I think. Not sure about Bad Guys #2, although BOTH it and Bad Guys #3 are complete, complete.

As good a time as any for an update...

Bad Guys #4 is fully roughed out and being pencilled and inked by Karine.

Gargoyles #9 is also fully roughed and being pencilled by David.

Gargoyles #10 is fully scripted.

I'm scripting Red Tornado #2 right now, and then I'll jump onto Bad Guys #5.

You know, in between this Spider-Man thing.

Response recorded on March 25, 2008

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Anthony Tini writes...


Based on the information you shared with us on Monday, February 11, 2008, I compiled the list below for my website. Would you say the list below is accurate on the potential release dates for the future comics of Gargoyles? If not, what dates should I change? Thank you.

March 2008
Gargoyles #8

April 2008
Bad Guys #2

May 2008
Gargoyles #9

June 2008
Bad Guys #3

July 2008
Gargoyles #10

August 2008
Bad Guys #4

September 2008
Gargoyles #11

October 2008
Bad Guys #5

November 2008
Gargoyles #12

December 2008
Bad Guys #6

Greg responds...

It's as accurate as anything I guess. We're still waiting on Disney to approve G#8 and BG#2. They're both done.

Bad Guys #3 is fully penciled and inked. It's being finished and lettered.

Gargoyles #9 and Bad Guys #4 are both being pencilled now.

Gargoyles #10 is being scripted.

That's where things currently stand.

Response recorded on March 10, 2008

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Where things stand...

Uh... they don't. Not for me. They run at break-neck speed, these days. Here's what I'm up to.

Issue #8 is complete. Late last week it was sent to Disney AND the printer, so that the moment the former approves it, the latter can send it to press.
Issue #9 is written. David Hedgecock is doing roughs and original designs now. The cover, already pencilled and inked by Greg Guler,is being colored by Robby Bevard.
Issue #10 needs to get written. I'll get to that as soon as I'm done writing Red Tornado #1 (see below). Dave will be pencilling that cover off his rough.

Issue #2 is currently being lettered. The art is complete: pencils and inks by Karine Charlebois, finishes by Karine and Robby. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Yama, is done.
Issue #3 is currently being roughed out by guest artist Christopher A. Jones. Chris is the regular penciller on The Batman Strikes, and he and I worked together on the Captain Atom/Gargoyles/Justice League Europe parody from a few years back. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Hunter, is done.
Issue #4 is currently being roughed by Karine. The cover, a Guler/Bevard job featuring Fang, is done.
Issue #5 will get scripted as soon as I'm done scripting Red Tornado #1, Gargoyles #10 and Red Tornado #2. Guler is currently working on the cover, which features Dingo.

DC Comics has hired me to write a six issue limited series featuring one of my favorite characters, i.e. Red Tornado. (Duh.) I'm currently scripting issue #1. I'm hoping that any attention I get on this book will help us over on the Gargoyles books.

And, oh yeah... there's my actual job... and the main reason why I'm completely exhausted these days.
Episode #1 - This week we have a music and fx preview. The episode will preview at WonderCon on 2/23 and premiere on KidsWB on 3/8.
Episode #2 - We had a music and fx spottting session last week. This episode will ALSO premiere on KidsWB on 3/8. Or so I've been told.
Episode #3 - I've seen the Teaser and Act One. Hopefully, I'll see the missing acts this week, so that we can do our first pass edit and call retakes. We also have a music spotting session late this week.
Episode #4 - We should get it back from Korea this week to edit and call retakes.
Episodes #5-12 - We're waiting to get these back from Korea.
Episode #13 - Reviewing final color models.
Episodes #14-15 - Seeing design work daily and waiting to see storyboards.
Episodes #16-17 - Seeing design work daily. We'll be recording some pick-ups this week with a couple of actors who missed the main recording sessions earlier this month.
Episode #18 - We're recording this one on Thursday of this week.
Episode #19 - I need to finish editing the script for this one tonight.
Episode #20 - I'll start editing this script tonight or tomorrow.
Episode #21 - The writer should deliver this script late this week.
Episode #22 - The writer's working on this script now.
Episode #23 - The writer's working on this outline now.
Episode #24 - The writer will start this outline when she finishes writing the script to #21.
Episode #25 - I have to write this outline... you know, on my free time.
Episode #26 - The writer will write this outline when he's done writing the script for #22.

And I think that's it. Whew!

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Sabina writes...

Ha, I finally got Gargoyles #7. Took long enough, atleast it brought the TPB with it. :)

The new stories are quite interesting and it's nice to see how everything is set up and interwoven.
I hope the comic will be around for a long time.

Goliath looks rather seductive on the TPB's back.


Greg responds...

That's a Hedgecock Goliath on the back, I believe. (Going from memory here. Don't have the book in front of me.)

Response recorded on February 07, 2008