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Siren writes...

With the different series you have done, like Starship Troopers, Max Steel, and MIB, have you ever thought of bringing Gargoyles in?...sneaking it I mean. As you did with the JLA comic. It might have worked especially in MIB, alien race of gargoyles ;)

Greg responds...

I've snuck garg references into almost EVERYTHING I've done. It's kinda pathetic in a way. 3x3 Eyes. Buzz Lightyear. Team Atlantis, etc.

Response recorded on June 27, 2001

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matt writes...

a couple of weeks ago Jim R. asked about the picture of Brooklyn on the "Latest Responses" page, i recently pulled out my old gargoyle comics and found that that picture was taken from Issue 5 when Brooklyn and Lex were about to go "para-sailing", i guess he found that shirt wherever he found the skis and stuff. oh, and like i told Jim R. i think the thing on his shirt is *in Californian surfer accent* a "monster wave, dude!" hehehe...

Greg responds...


Response recorded on May 08, 2001

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durax writes...

<i>You said that the yeti would be seen in Gargoyles for sure. Is it an animal elated to the gargoyles or a gargoyle.
--------------------------------------Greg answered---------------
That story is actually written. It was written for Marvel's Gargoyle comic book before it was cancelled.</i>

Would Coldstone have been involved with this story?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on April 17, 2001

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Todd Jensen writes...

You indicated in one of your recent responses that Shangri-La came to mind as the site of a possible, but unmade, Avalon World Tour adventure. What I'm curious about is whether it'd be possible to include Shangri-La in "Gargoyles". I believe that it was invented by James Hilton in his novel "Lost Horizon", written and published in the 1930's, which could make it a little too recent to be quite in the public domain as yet, though I'm not certain on that.

Greg responds...

Yeah, I'm not certain either. Shangri-La was mentioned in passing in the comic book story that I wrote for Marvel, which was never published. That was allowed, because it was a "diminimous" reference.

Before I actually set an adventure there, I'd need to make sure I was legally allowed to. If in fact, Shangri-La was created by Hilton and wasn't in the public domain, I'd probably shift to something like Kun-Lun. Tell the same kind of story there.

You know, on a related note, we did check Brigadoon (which was mentioned in a similar diminimous fashion in the Gargoyles/Captain Atom/Justice League Europe parody story I wrote, which WAS published by DC Comics) way back when, as a kind of proto-Avalon. We found out that wasn't legendary, but a creation of the modern non-public domain musical. So I went with my initial plan and used Avalon.

Response recorded on April 08, 2001

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Maverick writes...

Do you consider 'Disney Adventures' Gargoyles Comics them to be canon?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on November 02, 2000

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Gary Salter writes...

Hi, this DC comic edition (Justice League, Captain Atom, Gargoyles), which issue number and title was that?


Greg responds...

I don't remember off the top of my head, and I'm not at my office. Ask me again another time. Or try the comment room. Some people there bought it and might remember.

Response recorded on October 20, 2000

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Siren writes...

Just out of my own insane curiosity...If you could do one crossover, just one, with Gargs and something else, what would it be? Could be anything from a tv show to a movie to a comic. Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, etc.
On a personal standpoint, I like the idea of X-Men/Gargoyles. They have pretty much the same goals and are treated the same. They want to protect the people who hate them because they are different and the characters are so very colorful in both sets.

Greg responds...

X-Men/Gargoyles leaves me a bit cold.

Nothing immediately grabs me. It all feels kinda forced.

Batman in a vacuum maybe?

There aren't any easy fits that come to mind. Did you see the Gargoyles/Justice League Europe cross-over? It was palatable because it was played for laughs.

Response recorded on September 25, 2000

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Entity writes...

Hi Greg,

Before I say anything, I'd like to apologize for the impersonalness of my last two guesses for the Clans Contest (about a dozen posts previous). I just figured a preamble was unnecessary, but looking back, it feels cold.

Anyway, I wanted to ask about the unrealized Tibetan adventure. Did it have to do with:

1) Religion
2) Politics/Current Events
3) One of Oberon's Children

Also, how far did it get in development before it was canned?

The revelation that this story was cut for episode volume is disheartening, especially since we won't get another World Tour, even if the show returns.

Greg responds...

1. No.
2. No.
3. No.

At Disney it was just a springboard. It never went any further than that. But it wasn't canned. We just decided that we had other stronger stories to tell.

I later wrote it as a comic book story for Marvel's GARGOYLES comic book. But the book got cancelled before the story was published.

Don't be disheartened, it'll see the light of day sometime. It was already a flashback story when I wrote it for Marvel.

Response recorded on September 14, 2000

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Lexy writes...

Wups..forgot to write my name..*growls*

Guess..I will have to ask a question to get this up here..umm. I'll be carful on how I word this one.

If Disney didn't want to risk animating "Gargoyles" again (since that is a lot of time/money) would it be cheeper for them to re-print the comic series instead? (not the way it was hopefully..but as the series should have been?)

You like comics right Greg ^-^v

OH And I wanted to comment on your ramble on Episode 18. I was shocked to find out that the reflection of Elisa was NOT an animation error. I never even gave it a second thought! In hindsight do you think it would have been better to maybe have some magical sparkles..or have Elisa's reflection wave at her..or _something_ more noticable? Or are you happy with the way it turned out?


Greg responds...

I like comics fine. But I'm not sure what you mean. Disney doesn't publish comics anymore. And Disney NEVER published GARGOYLES. Marvel did. That's not gonna happen anytime soon. But I'm also not sure what you want. A reprinting of those old Marvel issues?

Response recorded on September 09, 2000

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Siren writes...

If all the planets aligned just right would you ever consider doing s cross-over? Like Gargs/Batman. Gargs/X-Men. Gargs/Spider-Man Etc. There shall be a 20 year blizzard in the Sahara when if it happened, but just hypothetically...

Greg responds...

Maybe. But not with any of the shows you named. They're all parts of LARGER Universes that I don't think would fit, unless the idea of the cross-over was like that old DC Earth-1/Earth-2 thing. Where the various characters are traveling between dimensions. Otherwise a story with these characters would have to be non-canon.

But if you want to see a Garg/Justice League cross-over, check out that parody story I wrote for DC Comics.

Response recorded on August 23, 2000

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