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Gabriel writes...

Hey Greg,

Watched the first 2 episodes of "The Spectacular Spider-Man" and I gotta say thank you.
Thank you for putting the humor back into Spidey, specifically his banter (the movies seriously lacked this). I like lighter toned Spidey. Drama's great, but I love the Spider-Man zingers!
Thank you for the jam-packing of continuity references- both to the comics, and between the episodes.
And I don't know if this thank you goes to you or Sony, but I'm thankful we're getting at least 26 episodes of this series.

Couple questions since this is "Ask Greg":

1. While watching "Interactions" the opening teaser looked vertically stretched when it aired on KTLA- was it? Maybe I'm still getting used to the designs, or maybe you guys were trying some low-angle perspective stuff, but it looked like it also happened sporadically throughout the episode. I mainly noticed it when seeing Conners or Brock. This is assuming you watched the broadcast- since you've seen the episode countless times already I wouldn't be surprised if you passed.

2. I enjoyed the theme song. Is that the whole song or is there an extended cut?

3. Will you post the lyrics to the theme song? Or since you can be a stickler for phrasing- What are the lyrics to "The Spectacular Spider-Man" theme song?

4. I'm not super familiar with Gwen's classic personality- the most I know of Gwen comes from Loeb/Sale's "Spider-Man: Blue" and Busiek/Ross's "Marvels" so is her characterization in this series a dramatic departure, a subtle re-working, or spot-on?

Couple observations.
I was a little shocked that MJ wasn't in the opening credits- until the scene with Anna and May at which point I went "Oh, there introducing her like in the comics, cool."

Loved the Flint Marko cameo at the start of "SotF".

Looking forward to both Sandman and the Scorpion (whenever they show up).

I've been seeing here, and on other boards across the 'net, that some folks are having trouble with the designs. For me, it reminds me of my initial reaction to the "Batman: The Animated Series" designs when I first saw them- I laughed out loud. At the time I didn't "get it." Now course I love those designs, so first impressions can be misleading. I personally don't have an issue with "TSS-M" designs- I've seen Cheeks' work on the Hellboy DTV's so I know they can be dark and dramatic if necessary. But again I like light and funny, so take from that what you will.

I don't have to tell you to keep up the great work, since I know you will anyway- but don't forget to get some sleep and take a break every once in a while.



Greg responds...

1. I am NO expert on this, but someone told me that if you had your television set to HD when they weren't broadcasting it in HD it would stretch it. Is that possible?

2. The main title version is exactly a minute long. The original was a minute and twenty seconds. But we're producing a new 2:30 second version for the first DVD.

3. I don't have those in writing, so I can't simply cut and paste them. But if someone wants to listen and make an attempt, I can probably proofread 'em easy enough.

4. It's our extrapolation of who the Lee/Romita Gwen Stacy was back in High School (as opposed to college, which was when the character was actually introduced into continuity). It's not for us to judge how accurate. But we certainly tried.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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Confused, Frustrated, but Ecstatic writes...

First of all thank you for creating this show. Second of all, you're the creator of this show! You came up with a cartoon about living stone and more than ten years later people are being loyal to this to the tomb. How is it that something others would see as an impossible achievement can become a testament to your immense creativity and yet you can't find a way to get Elisa to conceive Goliath's child? Forget about the impossibilities and the ethics about such a thing. How many people told you it was impossible for "Gargoyles" to ever become something? Ethics and biology? Please. We're talking about a 2-dimensional world where rocks come to life at night after 1000 years. Biology, really, that's what's stopping you?

You are a genius. Greg.

Greg responds...

Uh... well, when you put it that way... then I guess it's creative integrity that's stopping me. Such as it is.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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Anthony Tini writes...


I don't know if it gets said enough, but I just wanted to say thank you for being you.

Greg responds...

Whom else would I be? ;)

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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JanAlexandra writes...

There's a scene where Fox & Xanatos in the helicopter of episode City of Stone part 1, and she said "Take it from a professional David,that Demona broadcast isn't exactly riveting TV". She seems very familiar with the media field. im wondering does the 'professional' referring to her academic achievement?

Greg responds...

No, to her media experience. She was a T.V. star for awhile.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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Mara writes...

Spectacular Spider-Man Episode 2

And classic one word titles.

And Max looks like Crispin Freeman!

See? Martha's kinda lonely for her hubby. Get the sense that if she didn't remind him he'd not eat.

Nice ring tone.

Hey... wasn't that lizard juice the stuff he put into his robot arm last episode?

Yeah, on second thought, maybe leaving the tank out wasn't a good idea.

Oh: Theme song is updated but keeping the beat of the old. Nice.

Yaye! An El train coming from Brooklyn/Queens going to Manhattan. I'm sure eventually I'll get tired of glowing about all the NYC detail but since I haven't lived there for about six years anything like this just really tickles me.

C-minus! Sweet!

Unmasked Spidey sense.

Reason for the suit. Explanation for the villain's appearance. Always good.

"I'm not sure you understand. Flash so totally called you and Peter having a THING last episode."

No tv and no coffee makes Max go something something. Go crazy? Don't mind if he does!

And Peter learns the #1 way of attracting girls: Complete indifference.

Spiderman works on his MySpace photos.

Uh oh, inadvertent creating of a super villain. Although Electro was heading that way, poor guy.

God, what IS that ringtone? Oh. It's Itsy Bitsy Spider. Spectacular.

Liz: "It's up to me? Oh I can't resist indifferent boys!"

Cop is not helping. Is the bioelectricity making his so... temperamental or is it that he's always had a temper and we just didn't know?

Liz is made awkward by the nerds.

Gwen gives meaningfully wistful look.

Nice both Peter and Eddie were gonna make a move. But Eddie didn't take the time to quip.

Lightening Butt? No, not that! More nice fighting. Throwing the computer monitor at him made me giggle a little.

Great time to set limits, Aunt May.

Electro makes water go kablooey.

Petey and Liz have nice moment. Liz is apparently mean, but is also saving Peter from getting his butt whooped by the jocks. High school is never simple.

Gwen gives meaningfully wistful comment. High school is never simple.

Is Martha referring to helping Electro, or to helping Conners, since he seems to have some fixation on the odd lizard juice... We'll have to tune in and see.

/end ramble for episode 2.

Greg responds...

Eddie was trying to be Pete's wingman, until he saw that Gwen liked Pete.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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Mara writes...

The Spectacular Spider-man episode 1
Survival of the Fittest

Ramble, as I re-watch:

Opening: Nice landscape shot. Hudson! Stone... at night? Eh, it's a different universe. Really, really nice backgrounds. You definitely get a sense of the normal NYC landmarks (like Cheesewedge building.)

We have title.

Spider sense tingling!

It looks like the spidey signal is sticking it's tongue out because of the placement of the bag.

Marco needs to rethink his life. I like how they're stealing rough jewels instead of finished jewelry. More easy to fence, I guess.

Opening credits: A little gratuitous to put the creator cameos in there? But I like it. Oh, we have venom costume too.. I missed that on my first viewing.

REALLY great backgrounds.

On Peter's design: He has a beauty mark near his eye... doesn't that mean many tears ahead in his life, or some junk? Poor Peter.

I *like* the eyes. I think they're expressive without going overboard. Excessive eye detail is too anime. On the streamlined design in general- it's not as excessively done as the Batman stuff of a couple of years ago. Just the right amount, I think.

Anna looks like the lady from Apartment 3-G.

Aw! Peter's sweet, pretending not to have heard.

Mr. Toombs looks like Robert Englund. Awesome.

Osborn has that hair curl thing going. Looks nice in this version.

Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School. ... Wait for it.

Gwen! *bliss.*

Don't criticize the World Tour, Harry. It was universe building.

It's like reverse Buffy, for a second there. The sidekicks weren't in town while the hero fought crime. Neat.

M cubed. Nice. I was thinking 3M. But this will work.

Pink-haired girl: The e-surance girl went to Spiderman's high school? Really?

Background music for cheerleader watching=awesome. Haha! Nice sound effect of the record scratching.

Interracial couples= yaye. Sally's Bay Ridge accent? Even better.
Seriously... it's a nice touch. (Possibly Bensonhurst- but in any case, she sounds like she's from Brooklyn.)

Flash: WAY to put ideas in Liz's head, there, buddy.

And we have episode title, albeit in blackboard form.

Peter looks kyoote with the glasses, but I'm glad those got dropped for his current design.

Yeah, I really like the different accents in the characters. The science teacher sounds vaguely British, but more in the schooled-in-Cambridge kinda way.

No no, Peter. He's a RUTHLESS scientist. Ruth-less. Lacking Ruth.

Harry calls his dad Sir? And there's characterization in a split second.

Poor Vulture- terrorism never works. Especially not on Ruthless mean men.

Great power and great responsibility mentioned but not drilled into my head? Thanks!

Webshooters! Thanks!

Martha's not a big fan of overworking. Hopefully there'll be more to her in the future. Pretty sure there will be.

Train and bus, Cheesewedge building again. Love the attention to detail.

JJJ > (is greater than) lots.

JJJ's assistant is so not intimidated by JJJ.

Spider senses tingling, same eye thing as the opening when he DOESN'T say it.

The crumbling gargoyle statute. So does that mean Spidey and Goliath are now even? (Since Goliath broke the flag pole in Awakenings and all.)

REALLY nice smooth animation for the fight scenes. Flag pole!

You can kill Norman, but he will NOT apologize. Ever.

Nice how Spiderman's buff but in proportion to other people he's fighting, still teenage tiny.

Also loving how the webs seem to CONNECT to actual buildings. Thanks!

Bedtime! Haha.

Mmm, pie.

And you still have amazing pie, Peter. You still have amazing pie.

/end ramble for episode 1.

Greg responds...

Nice ramble. But hey, don't begrudge Michael, Vic, Kenny and I our cameos. We work hard.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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Mich writes...

I got a few about demona...

1- even though demona has had a hard long run at life, will she ever measure up to her mistakes? i mean a thousand years of repeating them is enough...and its kinda sad that she lost everything she everloved because of it.
2- isnt it kind of hypocritical that she hates humans because they hurt her kind so much...when she kinda sprung that when she herself hurt a human who was innocent due to what happened at the castle back then...thus creating the hunter. Will she realize how stupid that is...i know its unlikely but some ppl are bound to find things out eventually.
3- its very irksome how she's running away from her problems and blaming humans for stuff she caused...its like saying how one person in one country hits another person in another country and the person who got hit assumes instantly that everyone in the other country is as bad as the one who hit them and goes on a killing spree on people who didn't do anything with it. With this concept in mind...doesnt that make demona the most human like gargoyle of all? she's turned into the very thing she hates....
4- will demona and macbeth ever be free from that binding spell?

Greg responds...

1. What's the question exactly?

2. Again, what's the question? Is she hypocritical? Yes, very much so.

3. Gotta say, these seem more like comments posing as questions. Which is fine. Next time just make comments.

4. I'm not revealing this at this time.

Response recorded on March 31, 2008

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

March 29th...

Harry Monmouth is born.

Scarab Corp. donates the R.E.C.A.P. robot to the N.Y.P.D. Matt Bluestone begins studying the manuals so that he can be certified to use it.

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Mich writes...

Hi, I especially enjoyed the series like many others here. I particularly like how the characters were portrayed and developed. Shari seems to be very interesting and I hope we get to know more about who she is later on. Also her relationship to Thailog, whom I never found to be evil. I mean, sure Thailog is a bit maniacal and not so nice, but he's never done anything heartless. I mean even though his body is fully developped, he's still kinda like immature right? Like a child still sorta...he's like someone who's never really been taught why doing wrong was wrong. Why else would he not have killed Goliath or Elisa when he had the chance. Sure he said that "suffering" is just a bonus...but is that kinda like a mask to hide something he always yearned for? Is Thailog truly evil? Will he ever learn to cherish anything?

Greg responds...

I'm not going to address what might happen to Thailog in the future -- other than to say keep reading, please. But I think he's done some heartless stuff -- a lot of heartless stuff -- already.

Response recorded on March 28, 2008

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This day in Gargoyles' Universe History....

March 28th...


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