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Antiyonder writes...

Continuing my review on The Spectacular Spider-Man:

Episode 4- Market Forces
- Peter should have showed some more enthusiasum concerning MJ's good personality. Who knows, they could marry each other some day.
- If only Flint and Alex didn't resort to crime, I could see them as this generation's Odd Couple.
- Definitely thought Spider-Man 3 with the emo line from Eddie.
- In all seriousness, I found the choice to use Montana as The Shocker to be a good one. It certainly keeps the story interesting.
- While we can agree that Norman isn't parent of the year, I found his advice to be a sound one indeed.

Episode 5- Competition
- Looking forward to seeing Flint and Alex's interaction when they meet up in The Sinister Six.
- I'm going to guess that May didn't look into Peter's room after the webbing expired.
- Good to see that Sandman has a sense of priority (no revenge), even if he didn't have the sense to take a crime breather.
- Had a flashback to Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends when Sandman left the bag of money behind.

Episode 6- The Invisible Hand
- Nice to see that the Grant/Brant bit wasn't lost on the younger crowd.
- Always good to see Jameson when he isn't doing the ranting, and this show does that well too.
- While Clancy Brown does good voice work for an antagonistic character, he certainly doesn't sound villainous when voicing a protagonist (refering to his voicing of George Stacy).
- Have to say that Tombstone really looked intimidating even before his display of power.

1. What was the silicon armor suppose to do?
2. Recognized Sandman's voice actor as John Dimaggio (Dr. Drakken). Was his facial similarites with Drakken intentional?
3. Given that Betty is an adult in this series with Peter being a minor, was BSP showing any nervousness with Betty (since she was at least considering to go to the dance with him)?

Thanks for another enjoyable set of episodes.

Greg responds...

We actually scripted a brief scenelet (cut for time) showing the ceiling pile collapsing when the web dissolved... about at the same time Spidey realized he was out of webbing because he had waisted so much of it fooling around in his room.

1. Otto tells you in the episode.

2. I don't really see it, so I'd guess not.

3. They were fine with our plans.

Response recorded on June 25, 2008

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