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WEISMANSWERS 2009-04 (Apr)

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Greg Bishansky writes...

"Probable Cause"


We open in a warehouse in, I think, New Jersey, where the Shocker, along with two other characters in enhanced suits are testing their powers. These are the New Enforcers. Fancy Dan now calls himself Ricochet, and can match Spidey in speed and agility. Ox calls himself... Ox... which Tinkerer (who created their new suits) rolls his eyes at. These new Enforcers meet the approval of their boss, Tombstone.

Speaking of Tombstone, Hammerhead is pissed that Tombstone went to the Enforcers directly. Hammerhead is his middle man, after all. It's his job to protect Tombstone from incriminating himself. I just want to say here that I've missed the Tombster and it's great to have him back. The guy knows their is a gang war on the horizon, and he is going to make sure he remains the Big Man.

Hammerhead then goes to Norman Osborn to commission another supervillain. Norman Osborn only seems to happy to oblige, even mentioning he has a new scientist for the procedure... I'm assuming it's Miles Warren. I must also mention that I love Norman Osborn here playing the role of Iago, sowing the seeds of discontent into Hammerhead. And, honestly, a smart devil like Norman, there is no way he's not doing this on purpose. He wants to destroy the Big Man. And, as we saw in the last episode, he's using this gang war to his advantage.

On the other side of things, we have Peter in a police car ride along with Sally Avril... talk about a fate worse than Venom. Sally is, as usual, a grade A bitch. But, the very end of the episode was a nice shocker (pun not intended)... despite being a grade A bitch, she's actually got a human side. So much for my theory that she's secretly the Green Goblin. ;)

George Stacy... when is he going to come out and tell Peter that he knows? The hints are getting very heavy handed. This is my only criticism of the episode. We get it, he knows. Time to do something with it.

Jean DeWolffe and Stan Carter get a little development also. Jean talking about how Spidey is a vigilante and should be brought in, and Stan showing a bit of his dark side by saying Spidey hasn't gone far enough... damn, I hope we get season three. I want these characters to go in the direction we know they're destined to.

And kudos to Flash Thompson for displaying integrity. Sucks for Harry, but Flash did the right thing there. Reporting him, even if it cost the Mustangs the championship. Flash may be many things, but he is an ethical person when you get down to it. He wouldn't use performance enhancers and believes in fair play. Great character development. And, you know, I don't think he did this just to impress Sha Shan.

And, as for Harry, looks like he's about to juice up again. Sigh... drug addiction... terrible thing. And I applaud this show for having the balls to tackle the subject. People relapse, and it looks like Harry is about to.

One more episode in this arc, and we're getting some nice set up for the return of the Green Goblin.

I have to say, I like Hammerhead's chauffeur a lot. It takes a lot of brass to help Hamster betray the Big Man. Smart, ruthless, loyal... and unlike yours truly, she is the best chauffeur ever. ;)

Finally... Ox singing the theme song in the elevator. .... that was a delayed laugh. But a good one.


Greg responds...

Glad you liked it.

Response recorded on April 30, 2009

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