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Aldrius writes...

Blueprints Review *Possible Spoilers*

Well, here we go at last. Season 2 is here. We waited almost a year and thanks to being Canadian (and having some very nice Australian friends) I’ve managed to get something of a sneak peak at the season. And by that… I mean I’ve seen the whole thing. Just to put these reviews into perspective, these reviews were written after having seen the final episode of the season, Final Curtain. So if you (the person reading this who isn’t Greg Weisman) don’t want spoilers about anything that happened in this season, then please don’t read this and blame me. I’m going to avoid putting down direct spoilers, but I’m only human.

Just to pre-face these reviews. I’m going to be perfectly honest. I didn’t particularly like season 2 overall. There were a few episodes that just blew me away but overall I was very disappointed with it. So my real hope with these is that I can remain constructive without crossing over into the realm of complaining. So anyway, here are my thoughts on the first episode of the Spectacular Spider-man season 2: Blueprints.

Unfortunately, this is probably my second least favourite episode of the entire series (not that that’s saying a whole lot mind you), so my first review might be a little on the negative side. Mysterio really didn’t do it for me, and the high school drama nor Peter’s home life didn’t seem to go much of anywhere, except for showing how much he’s got on his plate. There were a couple of really funny jokes through out, though and some pretty nice action scenes.

So to start off with what I liked. Stan Lee’s cameo is a lot of fun, he’s got a great voice, I think that’s why he lends himself so well to all these cameos, he’s very iconic sounding and looking. Another fun aspect was Mysterio’s incantations. I’ve heard they’re actually MC Hammer lyrics, very awesome. I really liked how he accompanied all his ‘magic’ with those spells. But a lot of what he does seems to be a little TOO impressive for simple misdirection (where the heck did he get that sword from?). It’s kind of distracting but not such a big deal.

I really like Norman’s role in this episode, the way he’s beginning to sink his teeth into every aspect of the city. Taking control of the Connors’ lab, taking control of Peter’s life, taking control of his breakfast. The whole dinner scene in general is pretty awesome (though for a fancy dinner party, the group sure seems to be drinking a lot of water…). I really like the way Miles Warren carries himself too, unlike the slightly more insecure Connors, he really seems aware of himself and what he’s doing. He’s eager, like a young man, rather than the experienced scientist his reputation suggests. Meanwhile, Emily Osborn is attempting to use her dinner knife to cut her way through her dinner plate.

I really like the pressure that’s present in the dinner scene as well. Norman is looking out for Peter, perhaps looking to nourish his potential, in the effort of finding a more suitable heir since his first one has turned out to be such a disappointment? Warren is just interested in efficiency. He doesn’t care about personal feelings he just wants to get all the work they can possibly do, done as quickly as possible. Martha is pragmatic too, but she also wants control of her little corner of the world, and she can’t have that if she can’t trust the people who are working for her.

Watching it now, my only real problem with the episode is the villain, and it’s not even that I dislike him. I love his design, I kind of love, kind of don’t love the fact that he’s a very over the top actor. I love the voice that Xander Berkeley has given him, and he gets some great lines in.

I think my only real problem with Mysterio is the abundance of robots. My limited exposure to the character has always implied, to me, that the guy was more of a trickster and an illusionist than someone who could pose an actual threat to Spider-man. But I suppose that doesn’t make for a compelling fight scenes. And it kind of goes against the ‘theme’ of this arc being engineering. Last season for example, I thought the way Beck and Mason recreated Spider-man’s powers was really clever. And the only thing I can think of that even comes close to it here is the nerve gas that Mysterio was using.

This isn’t so much a complaint as an observation/inquiry and it could be intentional but Mysterio’s dialogue often seems at odds with itself, sometimes Mysterio seems kind of surly and sarcastic (“But it’s such a clever trick.” Great line, by the way) and other times he’s really over the top and hammy. Is that intentional? Is it supposed to be that he’s such a bad actor that he’s perpetually breaking character? Am I just imagining things and picking nits or was that intentional in the writing? Also, I enjoyed the ham, but sometimes (and this is a complaint) it went on just a little too long for my liking, and crossed the line from amusing to annoying. (The conversation at the end for example. Funny at first, but became uncomfortable towards the end.)

Anyway, overall a fairly strong start with a few issues in this season 2 premier. I enjoyed re-watching it a lot more than I enjoyed reflecting upon it I think. I’m not really sure why that is, but there you go. Sorry, I tended to ramble here a bit, but there was quite a bit to talk about, and I both really enjoyed and was disappointed by the episode, so there’s always that. Keep up the good work anyway, Greg. Thanks for letting me submit these reviews even when they’re not glowing.

Greg responds...


Mysterio's incantations are not MC Hammer lyrics (at least not that I know of - I'm not familiar with his work). You can find the translations in the ASK GREG archives.

Response recorded on April 01, 2009

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anonymous writes...

Hi there,
I wanted to ask some quick questions, two of which are about Dr. Octopus:

1 - I'd like to ask, who came up with the idea that Doctor Octopus needs a power pack for his tentacle harness in order to keep mental control his tentacles and why? I'm surprised that Doc Ock can't mentally control his arms without a power pack on this show, as we've seen before like in season one's "Reaction" episode. I don't know if you answered this before, but I didn't see it in the archives.

2 - In season one, Doctor Octopus's tentacles usually look black more than they look gray and I think the black tentacles look is a bit cooler and give kind of scary look for the character. But in promotional photos for season two, Doc Ock's tentacles look more gray than black. Does Doc Ock get a new set of gray tentacles in season two, or were they always gray but just looked black at times in season one?

3 - Did you get any or all of the McDonald's Happy Meal toys that they made from "The Spectacular Spider-Man"?

Thank you for reading.

Greg responds...


1. It's not about mental control; it's about powering a mechanical device. You know, the way you have to plug in your computer to get it to work or put a battery in the remote control for your t.v. Anyway, I think it was my idea, more or less.

2. They haven't changed.

3. I got six of them, but I missed out on Green Goblin at least. Bummer, huh?

Response recorded on April 01, 2009

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