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WEISMANSWERS 2009-04 (Apr)

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anonymous writes...

Hi there,
I wanted to ask some quick questions, two of which are about Dr. Octopus:

1 - I'd like to ask, who came up with the idea that Doctor Octopus needs a power pack for his tentacle harness in order to keep mental control his tentacles and why? I'm surprised that Doc Ock can't mentally control his arms without a power pack on this show, as we've seen before like in season one's "Reaction" episode. I don't know if you answered this before, but I didn't see it in the archives.

2 - In season one, Doctor Octopus's tentacles usually look black more than they look gray and I think the black tentacles look is a bit cooler and give kind of scary look for the character. But in promotional photos for season two, Doc Ock's tentacles look more gray than black. Does Doc Ock get a new set of gray tentacles in season two, or were they always gray but just looked black at times in season one?

3 - Did you get any or all of the McDonald's Happy Meal toys that they made from "The Spectacular Spider-Man"?

Thank you for reading.

Greg responds...


1. It's not about mental control; it's about powering a mechanical device. You know, the way you have to plug in your computer to get it to work or put a battery in the remote control for your t.v. Anyway, I think it was my idea, more or less.

2. They haven't changed.

3. I got six of them, but I missed out on Green Goblin at least. Bummer, huh?

Response recorded on April 01, 2009

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