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Blake95 writes...

im just curious, in hindsight, are you happy with the timing of the s1 finale/s2 premiere, coming out in the same month as issue 14-5? im just saying caus we didnt know ocean master and orm were the same but orm was said to be on their side in the finale, and now we learned some cool things about lagoon boy too before his role expanded

another lagoon boy question - when you had him played by yuri lowental in downtime, did you already know you werre going to use him in s2?

Greg responds...

1. I'm not UNhappy with how it turned out.

2. I believe so. That is, we knew we were going to use Lagoon Boy. We didn't make a final decision on Yuri until just before we began auditions for our Season Two cast. That's not meant as a reflection on Yuri AT ALL. We simply didn't discuss who would be playing what until then, at which point Jamie Thomason and Brandon Vietti and I sat down to figure out which characters we'd need to hold auditions for, and which we were already good with, which of course included Yuri.

Response recorded on October 02, 2012

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Harmony writes...

I notice both Garth and Lagoon Boy are voiced by my favourite all-time VA, Yuri Lowenthall. Is there a connection between these two or did you just select Yuri because he did the best voice for Lagoon?

Greg responds...

Uh, Yuri played La'gaan in Season One, when all he had was one line. We were paying him for Garth, and we get a second voice free.

So now, Season Two comes along. La'gaan is older, so we had the option of recasting, because his voice could have changed. But who better than Yuri, so why recast?

Response recorded on September 24, 2012

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EXALT writes...

You said, before the series started, that you made auditions only for the six first members of the Team (plus Superman, but just because you wanted the same actor to voice him and Superboy). So:
1)Have you made auditions for members of the Team that were introduced in Season One, outside the original six (Zatanna-Rocket-Bumblebee-Batgirl-Mal Duncan-Beast Boy-Lagoon Boy)?
2)Have you made auditions for members of the Team introduced in Invasion (Tim Drake-Blue Beetle-Wonder Girl)?
3)Have you considered hiring new voice actors to voice the now adults Nightwing and Batgirl (let's clarify: this is not a hate message against Jesse McCartney and Alyson Stoner, in fact I like them both a lot in both roles; I'm just asking if you've considered it)?

Greg responds...

1. No. Those people were CAST in their rolls... which then carried forward into Season Two.

2. We did hold auditions for Jaime/Blue Beetle/Scarab, Tim/Robin, Bart/Impulse and one other. But not for Cassie/Wonder Girl. From our previous Miss Martian auditions, we knew we wanted Mae Whitman.

3. Never seriously. Keep in mind, we pitched Jesse up slightly when he played Robin to make him sound a bit younger. So by NOT pitching him anymore, he now easily felt right as Nightwing. And Alyson was just directed to play her tougher and older, and she did - admirably. The only REcasting we did because of age was Billy Batson.

Response recorded on September 20, 2012

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btgr writes...

My reviews on Nightwing, Robin/Tim Drake, Batgirl, Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes, Lagoon Boy, Wondergirl and Gordon Godfrey after watching the very perfect "Happy New Year". BTW Greg don't listen to all those idiots who talk nonsense about the "Time Skip" and the new characters.

Nightwing and Robin/Tim Drake:
I didn't know I would be seeing those two guys very early in the show, but they both have great lines, personalities and costumes though. Plus they are both two of my most favourite DC heroes. I loved the conversions between those two. I also love the part where Robin teams up with Blue Beetle and Lagoon Boy.

HA!!! I always knew Batgirl exists on Earth 16!!! I liked the part where she teams up with Wonder Girl. Great costume and I'm surprised that you gave her black coloured boots and gloves. She's one of my most favourite DC heroines. Would be great to hear some one-liner jokes from her though. And yes Greg, "she is all that!!!"

Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes:
"That guy" and Batman: The Brave and the Bold is what got me into DC Comics in the first place. I love his costume, powers, Spanish quotes and jokes. His voice is so funny that I just simply laugh everytime he says a word. The part where he talks to his costume was also funny. I would love to see his girlfriend Traci 13 on YJ though, hopefully time will tell. Overall this is why Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes is one of my most favourite DC heroes. Oh and congratulate his voice actor for making him so funny!!!

Lagoon Boy:
I'm not very familar with him, but I like his appearance, powers and voice.

I'm a huge fan of her outfit after watching the episode. But I really couldn't believe people on youngjustice.wikia are complaining about her shoes. Just don't listen to them Greg, I actually think her shoes are cute.

Gordon Godfrey:
Like Blue Beetle, his voice is so funny!!! I've actually never heard of him before. But I have heard of "Godfrey", it's an Australian company that sells vacuum cleaners.

My final thoughts:
All those characters that I've reviewed are now on my list of favourite YJ characters, I've watched "Happy New Year" at least 4 times now and I've actually told JM DeMatteis about Blue Beetle/Jaime Reyes on your show. Hopefully the rest of Season 2 will turn out perfect. Bye Greg!!!

Greg responds...

Glad you like Eric Lopez's work as Jaime/BB. We thought he was terrific!

Response recorded on September 20, 2012

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nygma619 writes...

All Things Artemis (Part Two):
6.) What made you choose to make her Mom’s former alias Huntress instead of Tigress?
7.) What exactly happened to Paula Crock that caused her to become paralyzed?
8.) Last but certainly not least, Wally and Artemis’s romance on this show is not only my favorite on the show, but might be my favorite romance on all the show’s you’ve produced. That’s no small feat amongst company like Goliath/Eliza, Fox/Xanatos, Peter/Gwen, Spider-Man/Black Cat. As a Wally West fan (my favorite of the Flashes), you and the YJ crew have also done something I didn’t think possible. Make me want to see him end up with someone besides Linda Park. Not that I wouldn't mind that as a detour, but as long as all roads end with him and Artemis together I'd be happy. I also thought Wally scooping her up before their first kiss and Artemis being fine with it was adorable as well. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give major props to Jason Spisak and Stephanie Lemelin. Those two have had cracking chemistry from day one Artemis showed up. Whether it's them bickering or in the more tender moments, they deserve just as much credit as you and the crew did for bringing this relationship to life. I imagine it was probably a joy to watch them interacting at the table readings and/or voice recordings. Anyways this one wasn’t a question so much as me giving you and the crew a pat on the backs for creating one of my favorite romances in animation. I look forward to where both Wally and Artemis end up going in Season 2.
9.) But I digress at what point in the beginning did you guys decide to have Wally and Artemis be one of the main romances on this show?

Greg responds...

6. That was the character's original name.


8. We don't have table readings, I'm afraid, but Jason and Stephanie did rock our recordings. Can't praise either of them enough. Of course, I feel that way about all our regulars and nearly all of our guests too.

9. From the start it seemed clear to us.

Response recorded on September 18, 2012

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Liam writes...

How does it feel to be working with Tim Curry again?

Greg responds...

It's always great working with Tim because he's so good.

Response recorded on September 18, 2012

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P-A-U-L writes...

what was carlos brothers name in performance, and who playd him and carlo?

Greg responds...

We never named Carlo's brother, I'm afraid.

I'm fairly certain that Nolan North played them both. But my Season One scripts are boxed, and I can't check to make sure.

Response recorded on September 18, 2012

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AQ writes...

Regarding Zatanna's spells, does Ms. Chabert have a difficult time pronouncing some of them on the first go? Do you choose to write the spells a certain way that allows for them to be more easily read?

Greg responds...

1. Yes, sometimes, though she's a real trooper about it, and she practices them all in advance.

2. They are simply written backwards. She and Jamie and I work out the phonetics as we go.

Response recorded on August 28, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

1) Has Zatanna's A-03 designation changed since she joined the Team?

2) I know that Hawkwoman and Hal Jordan only had one line in "Agendas" (Hawkwoman said "Hear, hear!" in response to Wonder Woman's comment about the League needing more female members, and Hal said "No" in response to the question about Guy Gardner) but could you reveal who voiced them please, since they went uncredited? I think Vanessa Marshall voiced Hawkwoman but I'm not sure.

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. Since they were uncredited, I don't have a list of who played those parts on my electronic copy of the script. I would have jotted down who played them on my cast list on the hard copy of the script I was using at the actual record, but I'm afraid my first season scripts are currently boxed up, so I can't check my hard copy to see. I have a vague memory that Danica McKellar played Hawkwoman and that Dee Bradley Baker played Hal, but I can't be sure.

Response recorded on August 24, 2012

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Miten writes...

Hey Greg it's me again and I was wondering
how did you get the role of spectacular spiderman.

Greg responds...

You mean the job producing it?

I interviewed for it - like five times - and they chose me, I assume, based on the ideas I pitched them for it, all of which wound up in the show.

Or did you mean how did I get the role of Menken in SpecSpidey?

I cast myself.

Response recorded on August 23, 2012

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