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WEISMANSWERS 2009-08 (Aug)

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Paul writes...

I read the interview for Marvel Animation Age that you participated in, and I was wondering:

1) Since the unused footage (like Shocker's escape at the end of "Group Therapy") won't be on the season sets, could you please elaborate on what the unused footage for the first two seasons consisted of? It would be really interesting to hear what kind of stuff was fully completed but didn't make it onto the DVDs. You probably won't remember all of the stuff that was cut off the top of your head, but please give some examples of stuff you were going to put back into the movie releases for volumes 1-8 before the volume format was scrapped.

2) Is there any chance, any at all, that the unedited episodes will see the light of day someday on a future release? It's ridiculous that completed footage would go to waste.

Greg responds...

1. You can try asking this question again at a later date, but for now that footage (or most of it anyway) was shown as a Comic-Con exclusive last month and will next be a Gathering exclusive THIS month.

2. Isn't it though?

Response recorded on August 13, 2009

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