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WEISMANSWERS 2009-10 (Oct)

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Arthur Jr. writes...

Mr. Weisman, here are the following questions for you:

* I got your response for the Sinister Syndicate question. While Boomerang, Hydro-Man, Leila Davis (who became the second Beetle), Rhino, Scorpia, and Speed Demon are Spider-Man's enemies, you might be right about the other three. Outside of Beetle first appearing to fight the Fantastic Four and later fighting Spider-Man when getting revenge on Human Torch, Blacklash is an Iron Man villain who Spider-Man helped fight in Marvel Team-Up #72 and #149. Constrictor first appeared in Incredible Hulk #212 and fought Spider-Man and Moon Knight alongside Ringmaster in Marvel Team-Up Vol. 3 #7. Just giving any side info there in case you gain some inspiration for one of the possible future seasons.

* When it comes to other heroes appearing, the closest any series has got is when Peter Parker is a student at Empire University. If your show is successful, what season would have Peter attending attending that university?

* When it comes to your part on the show's characters, it would appear that you've amalgamated some of them to make the show interesting like when you had Montana become Shocker or making Walter Hardy the burglar that shot Uncle Ben (referred to as Dennis Carradine in the Spider-Man films). A similar thing occured in "Wolverine and the X-Men" where Nick Fury was an amalgam of the Earth-616 version and the Ultimate Marvel version (the latter version was also a supporting character in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics). If one of the other Marvel villains in the future season (the one I described in the note above) includes a certain Latverian monarch, would you do the same for Beetle (meaning combining the Earth-616 version and Ultimate Marvel version like you did with Doctor Octopus and Electro) and make him a mercenary to the Latverians? Of course we haven't heard anything in the development of that since the issue before the "Ultimatum" storyline.

Greg responds...

1. Thanks.

2. After Season Five, I suppose. If each season is 13 episodes.

3. Again, I do NOT have access to either Beetle or Doctor Doom, so I certainly haven't made any plans for them. And by the way, this comes VERY close to an idea posing as a question, so please reread the rules here at ASK GREG.

Response recorded on October 29, 2009

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