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WEISMANSWERS 2009-11 (Nov)

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David B. Jacobs writes...

Hi, again, Greg!
Just wondering: Why is it that so many characters are all in the same bio class? Clearly Midtown doesn't separate its grades as much as mine does, but shouldn't Peter and Gwen and Sha Shan at least be in an advanced class, without Flash and Liz? And didn't they already Bio last year? 'Cause if so, shouldn't they be taking a different science now?
It probably doesn't matter (and I wonder if anyone else ever even noticed), but I was just wondering.
Thanks in advance!

Greg responds...

It's advanced bio, a class designed to be taken by Juniors. Flash and Liz are taking it ... and doing poorly. Pete and Gwen are taking it ... and doing very well. Sally's taking it, and it's not clear how she's doing. Sha Shan has clearly skipped ahead to take it. (She'd normally be a year too young.) We assume she's doing well, but not as well as Pete and Gwen, though given the fact that she's a sophomore, I'm sure her work is still impressive.

You'll notice that neither Kenny and Rand (both seniors) nor Hobie (a sophomore) is in the class. Neither is Tiny, though he's a junior too. (Obviously, not the type to even try and get by in that class.)

In any case, we tried to be consistent.

Response recorded on November 09, 2009

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