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hallofjustice writes...

Firstly Greg, I've went back and started watching Kim Possible again while YJ was on a very long break and I have to admit her show still holds up very very well to this day plus it's still funny. I have a lot of KP questions, I would like to ask you.

1. Have you heard there's going to be a fan convention? It will be held on 8-10 June 2012 in Southern CA. You should tell Nicole Dubuc and Jamie Thomason that.

2. Do you know what Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle are currently working on? BTW I made a promise to all Kim Possible fans that any upcoming cartoon series that stars either those two, I will certainly watch it.

3. I'm not sure if you've watched the movie So The Drama, but did you know Jesse McCartney's songs "Why don't you kiss her" and "Get Your Shine On" were featured in that movie?

4. Do you have a favourite episode that Nicole Dubuc wrote?

5. Why didn't Jamie Thomason worked on Season 4 in voice casting? During the final scene/end credits in the Season 4 episodes, his name never popped up. It only said Lisa Schaffer.

6. Do you have any ideas what does Kim's one liners "So not the drama" and "Jinx! You owe me a soda!" suppose to mean? She always says it but I have no idea what does it mean?

7. What do you think were the best and funniest moments in Queen Bebe and Big Bother in your opinion?

8. In Big Bother, is Ron wealthy? He managed to buy so many bags of flour (and sugar) from Smarty Mart!

9. Do you have a favourite Christy Carlson Romano song?

10. Do you still listen to the theme song "Call Me Beep Me"? Trust me that song will never ever leave your head!


Greg responds...

Okay, but let me just preface all this by pointing out that as much as I love Kim Possible, I barely worked on it. I think I wrote two freelance episodes, one of which was VERY rewritten by the producers (because I didn't quite get the tone of the show on my first shot). I've seen a bunch of episodes, but nowhere near all of them. And I had nothing to do with the production.

1. Um... okay.

2. No, I don't.

3. Didn't know, but that's cool.

4. Of Kim? No. I don't even know which ones she wrote - or whether or not I've seen them.

5. I don't know.

6. I'd need context.

7. I'd have to see them again.

8. Flour's not that expensive.

9. No. I'm not familiar with her oeuvre.

10. I don't go out of my way, but I agree it's catchy.

Response recorded on September 22, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

1. Has Artemis meet her older sister yet?

2. Has anybody on Earth have died and come back to life yet?

Greg responds...


2. Ra's al Ghul.

Response recorded on September 20, 2011

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raymond writes...

if they ever decide to create a video game based off of the young justice series would you have any say in the developmental process...and would you even want to see one made in the first place. thanks for your time and all the great shows.

Greg responds...

I'd love to see one. I'd hope they'd consult Brandon and myself.

Response recorded on September 20, 2011

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1234 writes...

Does the emotional spectrum concept exist on Earth 16?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 20, 2011

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unknown writes...

1. Is the history of Earth 16 that much different than the history of our world?

2. What makes Earth 16 so different from all the other multiverse earths?

3. What happened in Earth 16 during the gap between the 1940's and the 2000's and where there super heroes and villians during that time.

Greg responds...

1. It depends what you consider "that much".

2. What you see on the show and in the comic.

3. ASKED AND ANSWERED. Check the Archives.

Response recorded on September 20, 2011

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Liam writes...

1) Is Mercy an android or a cyborg?

2) How did this version of Clayface get his powers? In Batman the animated series, he had a pretty tragic origin, in which he was disfigured, hooked on a special drug, and then forced to have an overdose which transformed him into Clayface. Was his origin on Earth 16 anything like this?

3) How old is Lex Luthor? How old is Ra's al Ghul?

4) Could Brick breathe beneath that foam stuff that Roy shot at him? If so, was he arrested and convicted?

5) Where is Metropolis located? Where is Star City located?

6) Did the Hook kill Boston Brand in this universe?

7) Did Bane spend most of his life in prison, like in the comics?

8) Is L-7 an existing supervillain in the comics?

9) OK, this is a minor detail, but it's kind of distracting. Where did Roy get his Red Arrow suit from?

10) What is the relationship between Marvin and Wendy? Friends? Relatives? Boyfriend and girlfriend? Are they even close?

Greg responds...

1. Cyborg.

2. See issue #11-12 of the comic.

3. Lex is 46.

3b. Ra's is between 600 and 700 years old. (I haven't fixed an exact birth date for him.)


5. Metropolis is on the East Coast. Star City is on the West Coast.



8. Yes.

9. Red-Arrow-Costumes-R-Us

10. Best platonic friends.

Response recorded on September 20, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

1) How long have Robin and Kid Flash known each other?
2) How long has Wally known Robin's secret identity?
3) If it's not a spoiler: what made Robin decide to tell him? I know they're best friends, but considering how secretive Batman is about that kind of thing, it seems like a pretty big deal.

Greg responds...

1. Less than two years.

2. Less than that.

3. It is a big deal. Otherwise: SPOILERS.

Response recorded on September 20, 2011

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Anonymous writes...

Here (http://youngjustice.wikia.com/wiki/Infiltrator#Trivia) it says:

When Cheshire is about to kill Dr. Serling Roquette at the end, she desists because the creation of the virus is completed. When this happens, Roquette's laptop emits a sound that's very similar to that of Ben's Omnitrix in Ben 10, another Cartoon Network show.

Was that on purpose?

Greg responds...

No. Not even sure if it's true.

Response recorded on September 19, 2011

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YOUNG JUSTICE Episode #10 ("Targets") Credits

YOUNG JUSTICE Episode #10 ("Targets") Credits

We're back, babies!!!

Brandon Vietti
Greg Weisman

Written By
Andrew Robinson

Directed By
Christopher Berkeley
Line Producer
David Wilcox

Young Justice Theme and Music By
Written And Performed By
Kristopher Carter
Michael McCuistion
Lolita Ritmanis
Casting & Voice Direction
Jamie Thomason

Card 4

Starring The Voices Of
Crispin Freeman as Red Arrow
Danica McKellar as Megan Morse
Nolan North as Conner Kent, Marvin White
Khary Payton as Aqualad

Nick Chinlund as Sportsmaster
Oded Fehr as Ra’s al Ghul
Kelly Hu as Cheshire
Masasa Moyo as Cat Grant, Wendy Harris, Karen Beecher
Yuji Okumoto as Tseng, Singh Manh Li, Xiaping
Kevin Michael Richardson as John Jones, Mal Duncan
Mark Rolston as Lex Luthor
Greg Weisman as Lucas Carr

Based On DC Comics Characters

Batman Created By
Bob Kane

Miss Martian Created By
Geoff Johns and Tony Daniel

Cheshire Created By
Marv Wolfman and George Perez
Production Manager
John Diaz

Assistant Production Manager
Casey Sandin

Animation Coordinator
Matthew Benzinger
Lead Character Design
Phil Bourassa

Character Design
Dusty Abell
Jerome Moore

BG Key Design
Hakjoon Kang
Gary Montalbano

Prop Design
Eugene Mattos
Ki-Doo Kim
Shi-Ok Park

Storyboard Clean-up
Owen Sullivan

Animation Timing Director
James Tim Walker

Richard Collado
Jeff Hall
Gordon Kent
R. Michel Lyman
Bob Shellhorn

Animation Checking
Jan Browning
Janette Hulett
Justin Schultz
Color Stylist
James Peters

Ink & Paint
Kim Bowen

Background Paint
Mike Inman
David McBride
Craig Robertson

Effects Animation
Matthew Girardi
Main Title Animation
MOI Animation, Inc.
Wut It Is
Jhoanne Reyes

Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor
Mark A. Keatts

Sound Reading
Fred Salinas
Wilson Martinez

Dialogue/ADR Editors
Patrick J. Foley
Mike Garcia

Post Production Manager
Scott Shinick

Dialogue Recording Studio
Studiopolis, Inc.

Recording Machine Operator
Jeff O. Collins
Sarah Baluch

Post Production Sound Services
Audio Circus, Inc.

Online Editor
Christopher D. Lozinski
Animation Services
MOI Animation, Inc.

Animation Director
Jin-Hae Lee

Background Director
Jung-Ho Park

Production Managers
Young-Soo Yoo (Director)
Min-Sung Park
Pan-Seob Kim
Su-Mi Beck

Production Coordinator
Hyosun Ryu
Layout Artists
Tae-II Kim
Ju-Yeon Lee
In-Shik Uhm

Color Stylist
Min-Yi Kim

Byoung-Ryul Kim (Director)
Hyo-Yoon Beck
Kyoung-Hee Kang
Sung-Ho Jo

Model Checkers
Yang-Sook Kim

Key Animation
Young-II Park
Hyung-Seok Jang
Sun-Ki Kang
Cheong-II Hahn
Jong-Hwa Lee
Seun-Deuk Sohn
Gun-Shik Lee
Jae-Hyung Kim

Gyu-Han Yoo (Director)
Gyu-Sung Oh

Final Checker
Dong-Moon Choo
Production Administrator
Nicole Martin

Production Accounting
Luisa Guzman
Debbie Lindquist
Maral Simonian
Athena Wingate

Production Support
Vivian Hernandez
Audrey Kim
Tamara Miles
Kira Tirimacco
Renee Toporzysek
Janet Yi

Executive In Charge Of Music
Niki Sherrod

Business And Legal Affairs
John Beach
Lori Blackstone
Sharmalee Lall
Bonnie Negrete
Joulene St. Catherine

Casting Administrator
Liz Carroll
Card 17

Production Supervision
Bobbie Page

Production Management
Ed Adams
Executive in Charge of Production
Jay Bastian

Executives In Charge Of Production For Cartoon Network
Tramm Wigzell
Brian E. S. Jones
Executive Producer
Sam Register

Card 21

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States of America and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, copying, distribution, exhibition or use may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

© 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Country of first publication United States Of America

YOUNG JUSTICE and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.

Warner Bros Animation Inc. is the author of this film/motion picture for the purposes of Article 15 (2) of the Berne Convention and all national laws giving effect thereto.

There are, as always, a bunch of people who ALSO helped out but don't receive credits on screen for various (legal and precedent) reasons.
A handful (in no particular order) include...
Dan Soulsby - Talent Coordinator
Eric Lewis, CAS - Dialogue Sound Mixer
Chris Eaton - Assistant Engineer
Otis Van Osten - Sound Supervisor
Ron Salaises - Sound Effects editor
Carlos Sanches - Re-Recording Mixer
Stacy Michaels - Foley Mixer
Alex Ulrich - Foley Walker
I know I'm probably forgetting some folks, and I REALLY apologize! If you send me a reminder, I'll pimp you in another post!

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spence writes...

Will season two only have 20 episodes, or is there still a change of reaching 26 episodes?

Greg responds...


Response recorded on September 16, 2011

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