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MLP FAN writes...

Hey greg I just watched your work on spectacular spiderman and needless to say I think you did a great job, as an old fan of the 90's seires I think you surpassed it in many ways.I still I can't believe I liked tombstone as a villain

On to my question.

1.- I saw some character worrying for the steriotypical "social hyerarchy" stuff like football players and cheer leaders being "popular" (example Flash). Personally I never experienced such a thing as everyone just hanged out with whom ever they liked it.

My question is Do you believe that social hierarchy of populars, not populars does exist? or you portrayed it due to tradition (many shows portray that)

Thank you for your time

Greg responds...

1. Yes, I believe it exists. It certainly existed (back in the dark ages) when I went to high school, and at least to some extent I observe it in the environment of my children.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Dattaboy/J-GL writes...

Greg couple of questions
1). Does Superman think he is the only Kryptonian left?
2). Why has Icon chosen to stay on Earth when their is technology capable of taking him back home?
3). Why has Martian Manhunter chosen to defend Earth?
4). If Aquaman and Wonder Woman worship to some degree greek gods how do they view Captain Marvel who seems to draw his powers from said gods?
5). With Black Manta taking Ocean Masters place on the light I would assume he also takes his designation, so since the light started how many members have been replaced and who were they?

Greg responds...

1. Yes. (Not counting Superboy.)

2. Mostly because of Raquel, and how she has managed to engage him with the world.

3. Like Icon, initially he was trapped here. When he finally had the option to return, he found he no longer felt at home on Mars.

4. With fondness.

5. Those designations were for the purpose of our credits only. As of the beginning of Season Two, only Ocean-Master has been replaced.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Anonymous writes...

Was Wonder Girl trying to save the falling plane by pushing up its nosecone a deliberate reference to the scene where Superman saves the plane in Superman Returns?

Greg responds...

Not deliberate, no.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Laura 'ad astra' Sack writes...

This was an originally approved question got booted as part of the new rules. I'm hoping to be hitting on the problems and correcting them. It probably seems a little out of date since I first posted it after Missing aired. (I also originally mispelled Klarion like a Clarion. As of this posting you are about 100 answers away from a separate posting apologizing and mocking myself for the mistake. I'm looking forward to how you'll respond to that posting when there is no previous post to be referenced.):

Catching up before posting leaves me making comments of shows that aired weeks ago! I don't have a lot to say on all of them, but as a whole they've been outstanding:
1- (question) I believe someone has already asked if Zatana stays in her old school. {yep- several people asked, and you answered} With Z Tubes it is easily possible and would leave her with a sense of stability. But it does leave me wondering- Zatara appeared openly a member of the Justice League-
a- Do her friends know she was connected to the superheroes?
b-Had magic herself?
c-Lost her father?
d-In the comics Zatana lives in a family mansion full of magic. Does it, or something like it, exist in the YJ world?
2 (comment)- I see I am not the only one to notice Babs & Bette together again.
3- (comment) Didn't love Riddler's costume. I think I have a think for bowlers :)
4- (comment) Nice touch- Cat looking badly tired reporting the news. The only time I remember broadcasters looking tired was 9/11. (I think the lead anchor for NY1 went 48 hours straight on air.) This would be a matching level event.
5- (long question- modified at end) (I'm asking this question in case the how itself is a spoiler. Other folks have asked how.) Others have asked about children in positions that suddenly being separated from adults might have been injurious, even deadly. Often I see issues of intent helping get around certain such unpleasantries- ie. Since even most really bad guys would not want newborns dropping to the floor as their parents disappear, that wouldn't happen. Either the swirling magic would deposit then on the floor more slowly, or the spell itself would take a few seconds to finish for parents to move the child from the unsafe position. (Much like the image of Hudson and Goliath stretching against the stone sleep in Awakenings when they realize they were lured away from the castle before the massacre.) Intent does seem possible here, otherwise why would the age of 18, a societal construct that doesn't even cover the whole world, effect the spell. {Or is that 'affect'? Both look wrong to me. My grammatical instincts stink.} But that it doesn't seem to work because I don't think Clarion {see- wrong spelling;} cared one way or the other if babies died. (IIRC the more light hearted source material had a misguided kid causing the whole story, djin powered, I think. His not wanting any kids dead would be enough for there not to be.)
a- I don't know anything about the other magic folk. Would their intent affect Clarion's spell? And if so did any of them have enough basic empathy to care to protect the children at the moment of the transition?
b- That wouldn't help children in cars or buses at high speeds or on planes. If you watched the show Flash Forward and saw the image of planes falling out of the sky into buildings, that sort of devastation seems inevitable on the children Earth. The actual vehicles may be fine from the adult Earth, but any loss of life would be permanent. On the other hand, that sort of trauma would deeply scar the world. I can't imagine the event would not be mentioned frequently overshadowing most other events for episodes to come. While the tone of this story is way more serious that the original World Without Grownups, it wasn't that dark. Am I misreading that there was a way that the millions of planes and trains and cars of the world were largely somehow stopped from killing thousands of children?
{In an answer that has since been posted you said something to the effect of "that would depend on Klarion." So explicitly -were there mass child casualties that night? And if not, was it Klarion's intent that prevented it? If it was his intent, was that intent at all based in compassion?}
6- (outdated question- you've since explained the mechanics of it all making the answer here 'no'.)- In World Without Grownups the adult world was the original and kid one was a copy. By that logic only property damage on the adult world was permanent. Was that the case in Missing?
7- (Comment) I love that Wally took the Sippy cup as his souvenir it speaks volumes to his growing maturity. Though as a mom all I can think is, "I really hope that wasn't the kid's favorite."
Mmm… That makes me think; when I started watching Gargoyles and following this site I was in college. Now I'm married with two kids, (one who will need to be picked up in a moment…). It really behooves me to thanks you, and Gorbash and all the Station8 helpers and posters for years of enjoyment. Besides a like community of fantasy lovers, some of the best lessons of story craft I've had came from these shows and these pages. Like why it was important that it was clear that Elisa was never in danger from the start of Long Way to Morning. Or how you can have a great double entantdre (sorry, no French spell check) in a kids show if you actually make the first meaning solids enough to stand on it's own (Spidy). It has made me far more appreciative of and attentive to good entertainment. Thank you all.

{Even though it is a pain and annoyance to edit, repost and wait longer for a response, thanks also to the helpers who are culling the list to help make it more manageable. Now I still have a ton of reading to catch up on before posting any new questions or reviews so I'm guessing I won't have another question till at least 300 more are posted.}

Greg responds...

1a. I assume you're asking about her old friends from her old school. If so, yes.

1b. No.

1c. No.


5a. People died. Kids were hurt or died. I don't know about "thousands", but more than a few.

5b. I don't think we made any attempt to hide how dark things were. The fates of Zatara and Zatanna were also meant to be symbolic for a whole lot of people.

7. Thank you. That's nice to hear (or read, I guess).

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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El Kid writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman,

I have some questions about the reputations of the various super villains on Earth-16.

1. Which superhero's Rouge's Gallery has the fiercest/ most frightening reputation(s)?

2. Do Earth-16 supper villains tell "Joker Stories" when they want to scare each other?

Greg responds...

1. I don't know. Depends on the criteria.

2. Maybe.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Tupka writes...

Because this guy is a complete mystery to me and pretty much everyone else on the Internet:
1. Who is Eduardo Dorado Sr.? Was he in the comics?

2. The inevitable: How old is he?

Greg responds...


2. At the end of Team Year Five, he was 46.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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scico writes...

Jerome K Moore showed the character designs of the Appellaxians on his deviant art page.


1.Are the names Gold Roc, Wood King, Stone God, and Crystal Creature the official canon names for each of the Appallaxians as shown in the character design?

2.Also was their a reason that you didn't include the Appallaxians Fire lord, Glass Man, or Mercury Monster? 7 on 7 would have been a more fair fight against the original League.

3. From reading his design process, it sounds like you give Moore a lot of hard work. You should probably give him a break sometime.


Greg responds...

1. GOLDEN Roc, but, yes. Those were the names we used in our scripts.

2. Those three were part of the original battle, as Catherine implied. But those last three golems didn't survive as souvenirs.

3. Rome and everyone on YJ worked their butts off for two seasons. Great damn crew! Great!

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Falcor the Invincible writes...

How did Hawkman and Hawkwoman come to be on Earth-16?

Greg responds...

They came by space ship.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Sydonai writes...

I did my best scouring the AskGreg archives trying to look for this answer and I'm PRETTY sure it hasn't been asked. If it has, I totally apologize. :(

I was re-watching 'Deadly Force' and really got to thinking about Goliath coming so close to doling out 'justice' for Elisa when he thought she had died. My question is this:

1. If a clan member does commit a crime what do his/her clan mates do? I know the trios infraction in the first episode got them a night in the rookery, but what do modern day gargoyles do in order to 'punish' the gargoyle whose committed the crime?

2. If a gargoyle kills a person (justified or not), is their punishment strictly dispensed by their clan, or are they given up to the human authorities?

Greg responds...

1. It's unclear. The old BIG punishment of banishment is no longer too practical. We saw them imprison Demona in 'The Reckoning' - but that obviously didn't work out well.

2. This is too hypothetical to be answered without context.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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Neosmith writes...

All about Young Justice:

1. How long in terms of script length is an episode of Young Justice?

2. Do you follow the one page=one minute rule of Hollywood filmmaking at all or is it fairly different?

3. Is it difficult to write stories for the series when you have to keep in mind the different powers of all the characters?

4. What is the average budget per episode?

Greg responds...

1. We shot for between 30 and 33 pages, and generally wound up between 30 and 36.

2. No. Because we break down way more shots in our script than in most live action scripts.

3. It's challenging, but I wouldn't say difficult.

4. That's proprietary information.

Response recorded on October 30, 2012

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