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Jack-Pumpkinhead writes...

Dear Greg,

Watched Alienated yesterday and DARN YOU! You raise a question, answer it, then replace it with more questions! Aqualad's working with Black Manta? Oh that's why but Tula? When? How? What?! And the worst is I know you won't ansswer any of my questions!

But anyway, loved the episode. I enjoyed seeing the interaction between the Bat-Family, Connor & Clark, Cassie & Diana. Very cool. and I'm starting to really like Jaime & the scarab arguing. Am I correct in assuming he hasn't told anyone the scarab telepathically talks to him? Oh yeah, I like the foreshadowing of "The Competitor". I mean, I know it's the Reach, which is why they freak out when they see Blue Beetle.
Anyway, eagerly awaiting next week!

Greg responds...

"Am I correct in assuming he hasn't told anyone the scarab telepathically talks to him?": As of 'Alienated', no.

Response recorded on October 25, 2012

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Synonymous writes...

Why weren't the fingerstripes included in Nightwing's costume?

Greg responds...

You'd have to ask Phil Bourassa, though I can wager that any and all costumes need to be simplified to some degree for animation.

Response recorded on October 25, 2012

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Ashton writes...

Just one question: Why does Bane's pupils dilate when he uses Venom in Drop-Zone, and constrict when he uses it in Usual Suspects? I imagine that the venom formula has changed in the intervening period (because his eyes go bloodshot in Usual Suspect, which doesn't happen in Drop-Zone), but having completely opposite reactions is fairly odd for a chemical that's supposed to have a consistent effect. Was this just a goof or is there a reason for it?

Anyway, just something I noticed. Great job on the series; I'm a constant viewer and a definite fan. Thanks for bringing us such a high quality superhero show!

Greg responds...

1. Less of a goof than an inconsistency - assuming your describing it accurately, as I haven't checked myself. But if you want an in-Universe explanation, let's assume you were seeing two different moments in the overall transformation process.

Response recorded on October 25, 2012

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Kevin writes...

1. Why do the Kroloteans have different horn variations?
2. How did Ocean Master subdue Queen Mera in Issue 15 when he could not use offensive magic?
3. Is the Bio-Ship a common vehicle on Mars?
4. Do you ever get annoyed with people asking you the age of characters?
5. Whose idea was it to include classic Justice League trophies in Alienated?

Greg responds...

1. They have castes with different functions. Or put another way, why do some humans have blue eyes and some have brown. We're not all carbon copies.

2. He used defensive magic to turn her own attack back against her. Sorry, if that wasn't clear.

3. Not uncommon, but not commonplace.

4. Not annoyed. It can be a pain. Particularly now that we have so many different timeframes that they might be asking about. It increases the likelihood that I'll get confused and pull the number from the wrong place.

5. Mine, I guess. It actually goes back to a scene that was cut for time from the original script of "Independence Day" (episode 101).

Response recorded on October 25, 2012

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CGYJ writes...

Mr. Greg Weisman,

In comparison to his mainstream counterpart, could you share with us at least five things about Earth-16's new Robin (Timothy Drake) that is not already known to us/revealed by you? Again, in keeping with your stricter guidelines, please understand I am NOT asking for any sensitive "SPOILER REQUEST/NO COMMENT"-type of information whatsoever. Hopefully, whatever five things you can share with us will not fall into that category.

Thanks for taking the time to read this posting.

An Ask Greg Helper responds...

Greg Weisman says:

"I don't see how this isn't just another way to get a Spoiler."

[Response recorded on October 8, 2012.]

Response recorded on October 21, 2012

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The Truth about Ask Greg

Here is my manifesto:

I will not lie to you on ASK GREG.

Except by omission. I have, do and will continue to lie to you by omission whenever the need arises, I find it's politically expedient or I'm just in that kind of mood.

I will cheerfully - even gleefully - misdirect you, i.e. while technically telling the truth, I may consciously play to known biases and lead you down your own garden path. I may then lurk on other sites and chortle if I see my misdirection has been effective. I may also then get annoyed.

I will - hopefully not too often - answer sarcastically. I will make smartass responses, which are technically NOT true, but which I believe from context are obviously false, and thus should not be regarded as untruths in that any reasonable person will know that I was pulling legs. I will be the only arbiter of whether or not I am lying or kidding, in these cases.

I will, of course, be mistaken on occasion. Flat-out incorrect or wrong, even. If alerted to my errors I will endeavor to correct them. Obviously, I don't see being mistaken as willfully lying.

But with all the above caveats as givens, I promise that I will not intentionally make any untrue statements here on this website. I WILL NOT LIE TO YOU DIRECTLY.

Except on April Fool's Day. On April 1st, I'll lie my ass off.

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dailyplanetintern writes...

This is a question that recently popped into my head about a year ago. One that I've never heard asked before...

Superman like many heroes wears his suit underneath his civilian clothing but this is something that has just occurred to me.

1. When he changes where does the cape go? The thing is SO LONG it's like mid-calf.

PS: I appreciate the opportunity to be able to ask a creator of a series questions like this. It's something that I've always wanted to be able to do. Ask a creator of something that I'm a fan of why they did something, or how they felt about it. So thank you for giving us fans the opportunity to be able to have a dialogue with you. It is VERY much appreciated.

Also I hope this series is able to last past a second season and beyond, I knew when I saw the premise that it would create a fault in the fan base. Unforeseen slightly radical changes in a series usually either go love/hate. I just hope there are more fans like me out there that aren't so thrown when developments like this occur and have enough faith in creators and writers like you that you know what you're doing to wait for the smoke to clear before deciding whether they really truly like it or not. Sure Artemis, Wally, and Kaldar were missing. But the fact that they were main characters in the first season surely would mean that they wouldn't disappear without a trace and never be spoken of again. Patience is a virtue that many fans need to learn.

Greg responds...

I'm not sure Clark DOES wear his costume under his clothes all the time. He might just be a SUPER-FOLDER. I'm way more concerned about where Clark puts his glasses when he's Superman.

Response recorded on October 18, 2012

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YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: ISSUE: 21: "Players: Chapter Two: Directly to Jail": On Sale: NOW!

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: ISSUE: 21: "Players: Chapter Two: Directly to Jail": On Sale: NOW!

Hey gang, I'm back from Ashland. Had a great time. Saw some great plays, particularly "ALL THE WAY", a brilliant piece about LBJ, written by Robert Schenkkan (writer of The Kentucky Cycle - and a Star Trek actor to boot).

And, in the meantime, issue 21 of our companion comic book hit the stands yesterday! It's part two of our six part magnum opus that introduces our comic book readers to the cast of Invasion. It features some gorgeous art by Christopher Jones, and I'm fairly proud of the writing as well. Check it out online or wherever comic books are sold!

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YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 210: "Before the Dawn": Premieres!

YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 210: "Before the Dawn": Premieres: this Saturday, October 13th as part of Cartoon Network's DC Nation block. (It repeats Sunday too.) Check local listings for times.

Keep in mind, this tenth episode of Season Two was plotted before we knew if we'd get the second half of the season. Once we got that pick-up, we assumed this would be our hiatus episode. Instead, we took the break after 207 (which was a great and exciting stopping point, so no complaints). But nothing changed about our story in 210. This is a significant episode on every level: plot, character and LOTS of action. Don't miss it!

I'm posting this reminder a couple days early, because I'm leaving this afternoon to head up to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival. But believe me, my DVR is set to record both YJ and Green Lantern.

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Greg Weisman Quiz

Can I just say I suck at this - and it's MY career!


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