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Vashkoda writes...

Sorry about the long paragraph of questions. I prefer typing them out that way to save space in the archives, and so that I can later fit an entire post on my screen at once and more easily follow which questions your answers correspond to. But if it makes it easier on you, I'll spread them out (I didn't even realize how long my post had become until I submitted it).

1) What name would you like us to use to refer to the extinct race of sentient earthlings? (the one we keep calling the "zeroth", "lost race", or "fourth race"). Also, maybe they would deserve to have their own categoty in the archives? I found the posts about them in the "Children of Oberon", "Dark Ages" and "Garg Universe Chronology" sections.

2) Did this race ever have contact with extraterrestrials?

3) Did this race's civilization evolve/advance beyond that of present-day humans (in terms of technology, language, art, science, etc.)

4) Did this race study/practice magic? Was this race itself magical, like the fey, or did they use what you've called "mortal magic"?

5) Would Brooklyn ever encounter this race in his Timedancing?

6) a) Did this race die out from a natural disaster? b) Did they inadvertantly bring about their own extinction? c) Was another race the cause of their extinction?

7) Was this race still around when... a)gargoyles appeared b) humans appeared c) fey appeared d) Nokkar arrived on Earth

7) Do their surviving "genetic descendants" realize/remember that they evolved from this race? a) Do you plan on having these descendants eventually evolve sentience? (assumong they haven't already) b) are these descendants themselves rare or dying out as a species?

8) a) Did this race leave behind any relics or artifacts from their civilization? b) Were fossils of these beings ever uncovered? c) Do legends/mythologies about these beings still exist among the other races?

Greg responds...

Thanks for adjusting. It makes it much easier on me.

1. It's hard to give a category to something that currently I have no intention of discussing. But "Lost Race" seems as good a moniker as any -- as a place-holder.

2. Not that I'm aware of.

3. I'm not saying.

4. I'm not saying.

5. Yes.

6a. I'm not saying.

6b. I'm not saying.

6c. I'm not saying.

7a. I'm not saying.

7b. I'm not saying.

7c. I'm not saying.

7d. I'm not saying.

7 (again). I'm not saying.

7a (again). I'm not saying.

7b (again). I'm not saying.

8a. Yes.

8b. I'm not saying.

8c. I'm not saying.

Response recorded on September 16, 2000

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