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Christopher writes...

Since Demona is still around as of the Gargoyles 2198 spinoff, that means MacBeth is still around as well. I know you won't discuss any actual plans for the character (SPOILERS!), but can you tell us if you had specific plans for him? Or did the outline for 2198 not get that far?

Greg responds...

I have plans for everyone and everything.

Response recorded on May 25, 2017

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Daniel writes...

Hi Greg. Hope you're well. I'm working through my to-read pile, but I have both Rain of Ghost novels on my desk waiting. I'm glad you decided to put books out. Xanatos, Macbeth, & Puck/Owen are my favorite characters from any medium, and I recently found out my dad loves the Star Wars Rebels series. He never watches cartoons. I haven't seen it yet, but he said he enjoys it because the characters were written really well. I wasn't surprised to hear that.

Had some more domestic, trivia-type question regarding Macbeth during his retirement from the world around 2198 & earlier (pre-Invasion). Couldn't find anything in the Archives.
1. How is Macbeth occupying his time by this point? Activities, interests, etc. I'm very interested in this sort of thing because I feel it adds dimensions to characters.

2. Secondly, was there something specific that caused him to want to withdraw from the world?
3. What was it, if you're willing to share?

Respect & Appreciation,
- Daniel

Greg responds...

1. No spoilers.

2. No spoilers.

3. No spoilers.

Response recorded on April 27, 2016

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Matt writes...

Gargoyle Culture & Biology

So, in most social species there is an evolved strategy that encourages gene diversification and limits inbreeding. In lions, for instance, the males leave the pride at maturity to take over a different pride and mate with the females of that group rather than stay and have only their sisters and aunts and female cousins to mate with. In bonobos, it is the females that often leave to join new groups and find unrelated males to mate with.

Now, obviously, in the Gargoyles Universe, up until very recently there was very little genetic exchange between the surviving far flung and isolated clans. But back in their heyday, when the nearest clan to your own was well known and could be reached, was there any sort of social strategy to encourage genetic diversity or has finding a mate among your own rookery siblings always been the norm?

And now that the clans are becoming more known to each other and able to move from clan to clan more easily, will this issue cause more inter-clan mating? Does the mixing of the 2198 rookery eggs have anything to do with this or is that just a symbolic gesture of the Gargoyle Nation?

Greg responds...

Well, keep in mind that rookery siblings are almost by definition NOT biological siblings. But there's probably a lot of cousins in there.

There will definitely be more inter-clan mating in the modern age. And ganging the 2198 rookery eggs may have had a dual purpose.

But this is definitely a topic I'm open to discussing... say at the Gargoyles Biology and Culture panel at CONvergence this summer!

Response recorded on April 23, 2014

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SBlueMonkey writes...

Hello Mr. Weisman,

You've shared some of the pitches for Gargoyles spin offs such as Dark Ages and 2198 without potentially spoiling anything if they ever get a shot at being made. Would you ever do the same with the bibles for Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice? That would make for fun reading, but if they contain anything you wouldn't want judged out of context it's understandable why not.

Greg responds...

I'm not ruling out the possibility.

Response recorded on February 20, 2014

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EXALT writes...

About 2198...
1)Have you already decided who'll be in the highest ranks of the Illuminati by that point?
2)Does Coyote X mean that he is the model 10.0?
3)Is Samson going to find Demona to join the Resistance, or the other way around?
4)Since we know that Arthur was supposed to wake up about two hundreds years after 1997, is there a chance that he'll somehow still be alive?

Greg responds...

1. The 2198 Illuminati is not as well-thought out as the 1997 Illuminati, but I have the basics down.

2. Maybe…



Response recorded on January 27, 2014

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Greg Bishansky writes...

I have a question about Gargoyles 2198, specifically Demona going into space with Nokkar, Zafiro, Guardian, and LXM-1057. I suppose this doesn't count as a spoiler request.

How would Puck's spell of transformation work when there is, effectively no sunrise and sunset?

Greg responds...

How could it NOT count as a "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT."?

Response recorded on May 03, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

In 2198 are the Wyrd Sisters still watching Demona and Macbeth?

Greg responds...

Do you mean still in cooperation with the Archmage? No.

Response recorded on April 30, 2013

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Anonymous writes...

By the time of 2198, how famous are certain individual gargoyles? Was Samson's leader, who gets taken by the Space-Spawn a house hold name? Samson himself? Delilah? How about Demona... is she known to the general public?

Greg responds...

I don't know about household names, but Samson's leader would have been known. Samson, not so much. Delilah even less. Demona... NO COMMENT.

Response recorded on November 20, 2012

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Greg Bishansky writes...

I was reading through the archives, and I noticed that when 2198 was called Future Tense and then 2158, you described Demona as being repentant, and motivated by love and redemption. When the 2198 contest ended, she seems to be described as a lot closer to the Demona we currently know. Still plotting against humanity, perhaps her final chance to destroy the human race. Not getting along with anyone initially.

I remember that you were toying with the idea of Samson being older, more statesmanlike and a widower until you revamped 2158 into 2198. So, did Demona also undergo a revamp?

Greg responds...

Eh... Not so much. She was always someone out of the mainstream. I'll admit that my memory of the 2158 days are sketchy, but I think a more likely interpretation is that until I really sat down to DEVELOP 2198 in detail, I just hadn't focused on where Demona was.

Response recorded on March 23, 2012

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tomi writes...

The Gargoyles had very moody and powerful orchestral score, fitting very well into dark athmossphere which show embodied. Batman: The Animated Series had similar alike score(aside sharing some of its, writers/co-workers working on both of the shows).

However, Batman Beyond, although following in same timeline as Batman, taking place in dark future, had much more techno-metal soundtrack. Some themes similar to those heard in previous serie,s were also sometimes used, although in different instruments. Although liking of this change had been little bit mixed among fandom, i personally enjoyed this change, giving refreshing and differencing mood from it predecessor.
Somehow, i always envisioned that Gargoyles 2198, if ever reached to level of becoming animated series, would use similar kind of musical change: after all, in this spinf-off technology had expaned even beyond what we had seen in original Gargoyles, and we,ve would be seeing, thanks to Space-Spawn, alot in and out in our solar system: somehow i personally hear music like Static-x or Matrix soundtrack when thinking what this new enviroment would look like.

Do you think score would remain similar to Gargoyles, or would its future spin-off take futuristic change in not just visual but also sound?

I do understand that you dont usually like hypotethical questions, and i also try to avoid them, but this simply has been rolling in my head alot...

Greg responds...

Score-wise, I don't think we shared any personnel with Batman: The Animated Series. Carl Johnson was the Gargoyles composer. Shirley Walker did Batman with a number of composers, but I don't think Carl was one of them, though I might be wrong.

I'm sure we'd incorporate certain Gargoyles themes, while striking out in a new direction, but I'm not interested in defining that direction now in any way.

Response recorded on February 16, 2011

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