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a red arrow fan writes...

Hi Greg,
Just played the YJ Legacy.
Collected 3 Red Arrow journals.

Then a strange question came to me.
As player we can see the journal content by the computer in the Cave.
But in fact, I mean the team's fact, do they really find some Red Arrow's journals and read it?
Or they didn't really got some journal in the missions. The journals can only be seen by Player. As some player reward?

I asked this because that would be a bit weird if the team really read the journals of Red Arrow and still did nothing to help their friend. And also Red Arrow would be careless to put his digital journal every where.

Anyway, I like the idea of Red Arrow Journal.
I would like to get more and more side story about some sub characters in this show, in any way.

Greg responds...

I don't think the Team read the Journals. They are a treat for the audience/player. And the entries themselves are canon. But they were never assumed to be read by members of the Team or the League.

But the notion that the Team and League didn't try to help Roy is clearly false. You saw one of their efforts on screen in the series.

Response recorded on January 28, 2014

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