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Anon the great writes...

Hey Greg! Appreciate all the work you did in the series and hope one day, someone will pick it up for continuation.
Just a few questions:

1. It's obvious Red Arrow and Artemis move around quite a bit when fighting the enemy, my question is how do their arrows stay in their quivers? Magnets maybe?
2. Does Rocket eventually evolve her powers like she did in the comics? In a few issues, she was able to shoot out kinetic energy from her hands.

Greg responds...

1. More of a question for Brandon and/or Phil. I'm not sure. But I believe.

2. Without addressing Rocket specifically, I will say that my general goal was NOT to allow power-bleed. I think many super-heroes have suffered over the years with various writers, artists and editors constantly adding to their power sets, making it almost impossible to challenge them.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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A Fan from Maryland writes...

Hey Greg, big fan. Sorry to hear about your job issues and I hope by the time you answer this you will have found work, I'd hire you myself if I was rich enough or I knew how. <3

1. You say that M'gann's parents are Green and White and that she and her brother the only "White" looking Martians among her siblings. So does whether you become Green/White Martian work on a sort of "one drop" rule or is more random?

For example (and I phrase it this way so you would only have to give one answer)

Under One drop, if a Green mated with a White Martian the offspring would always be white. If its Random, a child could be green or white at various odds.

Or is it something way more complex like hair or eye color. I say this because its use analogous to the human concept of "ethnicity" and I wanted to know if it was like that on Mars or if was a different type of phenotype such as hair or eye color. Basically i just wanted to know how the "rules" of the colors worked and if stuff like a Red child being more to two Greens or like a "light green" martian was possible.

2. What comic book issue/story arc did the Red Martians first appear in in the DC Comics? Or are they an Original Creation named for the Barsoom concept.

3. You have been noted to be very devoted to comics continuity; going so far as to construct the Martian Language around names seen in the comics. So why is Mars' Martian name " M'arzz" rather than "Ma'aleca'andra" as seen in the 1988 Martian Manhunter series?

4. Speaking of, is "M'arzz" a cognate with the English word "Mars" or is that just an amazing coincidence ?

5. Finally I more avant garde question . Do you think you could be so kind to post the translation dictionaries for some of the conlangs you ,Nicole Dubuc and your other colleagues created such as Interlac, Martian, New Genisian etc? Since it's not a story or a plot I assume its okay through your guidelines. I just thought it'd be a nice treat for the fandoms of those shows.

Thank you Greg, Mad love from MD! :)

Greg responds...

1. Martians - even Martians of mixed parentage - are still born either Red, Green or White. Doesn't mean a White Martian like M'gann doesn't have, well, green genes in her. But she still is white in appearance unless shape-shifting her color. The stigma attaches to the skin color, less so to the parentage/heritage. So most of M'gann's siblings faced relatively little prejudice. But she and one of her brothers, who by luck of the genetic draw came out white, weren't so fortunate.

1a. There are various shades of green. And of red. And of white. But a light Green Martian is not necessarily the child of a White and Green Martian. It doesn't work that way.

1b. There is no way a Red Martian could be born to two white parents or two green parents or a white and a green parent. At least one (but not both) of the Red Martian's parents must also be Red. Same with Green or White Martians. At least one of your parents is going to be the same basic color as you are.

2. They come from DC Comics, but if I revealed where it would act as a SPOILER.

3. I'm an imperfect human being. My research was imperfect too. Though at the time, there was a reason why I chose that name. See the answer to question 4.

4. Heh, heh, heh...

5. I think I've posted most everything we have at this point of the Interlac, Martian and Atlantean languages. Nicole may have more on Rannian, since she cribbed that by studying what Alan Moore did in Swamp Thing. And I used my own fictional language from one of my original (but unsold) properties for New Genisian. I have more on that one, but because I still have hopes of doing something with that someday, I won't be posting more of it at this time.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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Wanda-San writes...

This will sound stupid but, What is Puck's eye color? Because of the animation style you can't really tell.

Greg responds...

I don't recall. Sorry.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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A Flash Fan writes...

Hello Greg,

Thank you for responding to my question about Barry Allen's persona. When I think about it, it may also be that the Flash in the Silver Age is in a quite different time period than in Earth-16. And it made a lot of sense when you said you were trying to vary character persona so that they all wouldn't be strict boyscouts. I am still not entirely convinced but your explanation helped put me more at ease.

PS Cary Bates is among one of my favorite Flash writers! Could please tell him if you are able to? Thanks!

Greg responds...

I'm afraid I've forgotten the specifics of our exchange. But I'm glad you're more at ease.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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Martianologist writes...

Hi Greg,

First of all, thanks for rounding off a great second season of Young Justice. I know nothing's slated, but I really hope there'll be more to come.
I have one quick question about B'arzz O'oomm (hope I spelled that correctly), also - formerly? - known as Green Beetle.
When he is shown in his natural form, he seems to have both green martian and white martian characteristics (his skin hue seems green, though lighter than J'onn's, and he has the red "x" on his chest which M'gann also sports in her natural form, to name two). Is he a hybrid (I hesitate to say "inter-racial") green/white martian?


~ Martianologist

P.S.: I hope it's not too presumptive of me, but I'd like to wish you and your family a very happy Passover.

Greg responds...

He's green.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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jacky writes...

How involved were you in the Young Justice Legacy videogame? I'm sure the next question have been asked many times before but are there currently any plans to continue the young justice universe in any way or form? I read that Little Orbit, the legacy developer, has the young justice license for quite a bit. How likely is it that they will make more Young Justice Video games?

Greg responds...

This has mostly been ASKED and ANSWERED. Brandon and I were very involved in the story. I story edited all the dialogue and supervised the voice recordings.

Little Orbit would love to make more YJ games - and they do still have the license. Whether they do or not depends almost entirely on the sales for Legacy.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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Schweitzer-Man writes...

Why didn't Queen Perdita revoke Count Vertigo's diplomatic immunity after the events in "Revelation". Yeah, I know, he wasn't committing acts of treason against her country but...wouldn't she have thought, "This REALLY isn't the kind of company I want to keep. Family or otherwise."

Greg responds...

She didn't have the authority.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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IF writes...

1. How old is Plastic Man?
2. What is the Plastic Man's real name?

Greg responds...

Patrick "Eel" O'Brien was 38 by the end of Team Year One.

Response recorded on December 04, 2013

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I was interviewed on the Everything Geek Podcast here:


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