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Greg Bishansky writes...

In "Hunter's Moon Part Three", why did Jon Canmore flee St. Damien's Cathedral when he did? He was fully aware of what Demona was about to attempt, he was calling all gargoyles evil... and yet, while vowing revenge, he was running away and making no attempt to stop what could have been the extinction of humanity (not to mention his own death). My thoughts on this are that he was too consumed by grief, anger and guilt over what happened to Jason that -just as Demona was willing to risk all gargoyle life with the humans' by tossing that vial- that for a moment he didn't care what happened.

Do I have it right? Why do you think he fled instead of tried to prevent extinction?

Greg responds...

I tend to agree for the most part. Beyond that, I'll leave it to viewer interpretation.

Response recorded on February 05, 2014

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