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Rain of the Ghosts Book Three - Masque of Bones

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More reviews of RAIN OF THE GHOSTS

My new novel, RAIN OF THE GHOSTS, has been getting some great reviews. Here's just a sample:




If you haven't checked out RAIN, please consider it. If you've liked my work on Young Justice, Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H. or Gargoyles, I can guarantee you'll like this.

If you HAVE already read the book - and especially if you liked it - please consider posting a review on Amazon, and marking a few of the many 5-Star reviews as "Helpful".

Also, we're not that far away from the second book in the series. SPIRITS OF ASH AND FOAM is out July 8th. And I've started work on the third book: MASQUE OF BONES.

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