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Adrian writes...

Hi Greg I really need to know this, did Superboy and Miss Martian get beck together? (Please tell me they did) It looked like it to me.

Greg responds...

They did not get back together in "Endgame". Whether they did after that episode is a Spoiler Request. No comment.

Response recorded on November 24, 2014

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demon in disguise writes...

Hey Greg this is a followup question to a question I asked a year and a half ago.
Here's that post: http://s8.org/gargoyles/askgreg/search.php?qid=17988

I didn't mean for that to come across as mean spirited.

In my defense I did say that I would retract the criticism if it was because Dick did NOT want Wally to participate.

Also in my defense I didn't make the assumption that Wally was in the loop blindly.
I made that assumption based on a couple observations, during his arguement with Dick he mentioned how Dick almost died and that 3 more members of The Team were taken. All of those things true. So how could he have known that unless he was in the loop with Dick in some way?
Also if Wally was supposed to be playing "mourning boyfriend" and keeping his distance from the team, why would he and Dick choose to meet at a place where a League or team member could easily just walk in and see Wally interacting with a JL or Team member when they are supposed to think he is mourning, especially since there was no reason that them meeting up HAD TO happen at the Hall of Justice?

I can buy that Dick wanted Wally to play mourning boyfriend and might not have been sharing anything with Wally, but the things I mentioned above seemingly contradict that.

Greg responds...

Well, okay.

But none of that seems significant to me. We came in mid-conversation, didn't we? (I'll admit it's been awhile.) So the fact that some of the blanks were already filled in, seems like a non-issue.

And that was after hours at the HoJ. Yeah, sure someone with authorization might have walked in, but not without the computer shouting a warning. As for why they were meeting there, things were in ... shall we say, disarray.

But to be fair, I also may have had a chip on my shoulder about Wally. Though it's clear that the vast majority of our viewers adored the guy, ASK GREG has gotten more than it's fair share of Wally-Disparagers, and I may have reacted to the cumulative effect of that in my response to you.

In any case, let's all move on.

Response recorded on November 24, 2014

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David writes...

Got a question based on a Young Justice ramble you did a year ago:
"You've seen memorial holograms for Jason Todd/Robin and Tula/Aquagirl. There are four potential scenarios for those two characters coming back:
Scenario A) Both are going to come back.
Scenario B) Jason is going to come back, but Tula is staying dead.
Scenario C) Tula is going to come back, but Jason is staying dead.
Scenario D) Both are staying dead.
Break it down like this, and it becomes clear why I won't answer any questions about either character in this regard. Assume, just as a hypothetical example, our plan was Scenario C. Then someone asks me about Jason. They say, the show is over; if he's really dead, why not tell us. This sounds logical (in the moment), so I state that Jason is staying dead. No harm, no foul. I've only confirmed something that the show itself already stated. No big deal. That is, until someone else asked me about Tula. I don't want to answer this one, of course, because I want her resurrection to be a surprise. But I also don't want to lie. So I go for my standard "SPOILER REQUEST. NO COMMENT." But then someone realizes that I was willing to be clear about Jason, but not about Tula. Ipso facto, Tula must be coming back. And I've just spoiled my own show. Which, as I'm sure you know, I am quite LOATHE to do. Clear?"

But ressurecting characters after doing a death scene doesn't seem to be your thing based on this post:

"Don't you get tired of characters "dying" and then inevitably returning. To me, it cheapens the very concept of death. So I didn't want our series to try to fool you on that subject (for more than a few minutes). You'd know right up front that he was alive and well, even if the cast all thought he was gone. That way no one feels cheated, right?"

That even seems to hold true in young justice too.
-In Failsafe all the characters that "DIED" were revealed to be alive at the end because it was a training exercise gone wrong.
-In Auld Acquaintance you had us believe that the REAL Roy Harper was dead only to reveal he was cryogenically frozen by cadmus and taken by the light.
-In Depths you had us believe Artemis was dead for almost 22 minutes only to reveal that she wasn't by the end of the episode.
-In Summit you faked us out with Artemis and Aqualad again, but also showed that wasn't the case after that.

All of these characters being alive were revealed BY THE END of the episode at the latest. But for Tula and Wally, that wasn't what happened.

So is there a reason you would try and make us believe that Wally and Tula coming back is a possibility after doing a death scene in which neither are revealed to be alive by the end? Cause judging from your past work up until this point, that doesn't seem to be your thing.
(Also I'm not counting Jason Todd in this because we never saw how "the death scene" went down, nor it's aftermath. All were told is what the characters know. To me that's not the same as showing a characters death or "death" to your audience.)

Greg responds...

But for a while you hadn't seen Tula's death either, see?

I do not like to cheapen the concept of death - particularly an heroic sacrifice. That is true. But I'm not going to answer these questions for the reasons stated in the first quote. If there's ever, EVER any character that I might decide to bring back in a way I feel is legit - as with the ARCHMAGE in our Avalon three-parter of Gargoyles - then it makes no sense for me to ever, EVER confirm or deny anything.

Response recorded on November 24, 2014

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Craig writes...

Well, I just binge-watched all episodes of Gargoyles on Youtube to relive my glory days of when I was a kid. Thanks for giving me that show.

I know that the answer to "when are we going to get more Gargoyles?" is "Not up to me." But seriously, when are we going to get more Gargoyles! Right?!

OK so to my real questions.

1. Since it is up to Disney, do you know the process they go through to decide if a show or story is worth revising? I'm curious to know what their reasoning is for not bringing it back (I assume it has to do with the almighty dollar).

2.Related to question #1, what can we as fans do to help revive the show or a spinoff. I know it's one thing for us to ask for the show to come back, but that doesn't tell Disney anything. I know in the past you mentioned buying the DVDs. I've been telling my friends who would enjoy it to rewatch it on Youtube (and have their kids watch it too). Is there a certain # of Youtube hits they need before they will talk about reviving it? Or again, does it come back to merchandising?

3.Do you have a guess as to why it's not on Netflix? That's a way more prominent medium (in my opinion) to get people to watch a show and gauge interest. My experience with people and Youtube is that they want 3-5 minute clips, not to sit down and watch an entire episode.

Last thought, Thanks for your work. I just finished Young Justice season 1 on Netflix. Great work on that as well. I'm very much looking forward to Rebels, and as soon as I am employed again, I plan on getting your books (books if it takes me a while).

Greg responds...

1. I assume you're right, but THAT is assuming they've given it any thought at all. I'm not sure they have - not counting the occasional knee-jerk "No Thanks" that I get every time I ask. Otherwise, I've no real idea.

2. YouTube really does NOTHING for us, as far as I can tell. Or maybe they'd help if the numbers were just through the roof relative to YouTube, but that seems unlikely. DVD sales definitely help. Since the new DVD of Season Two, Volume Two is just getting released at WalMart, it could help a ton if those sales skyrocketed.

I should clarify that YouTube helps to acquaint folks with the show if they aren't already fans. That's a good thing. But the numbers aren't close to high enough to help us get MORE material produced.

3. No idea.

Response recorded on November 24, 2014

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Carlos writes...

Hi Greg,
I have been at Walt Disney World for a few months now and have not seen anything Gargoyles related. However, recently I came across some pictures that they can have Disney artist draw of Goliath and Demona. Its the only Gargoyles stuff I have seen and I was wondering if you know why they retired Goliath from walking around the park? Or why they don't seem to acknowledge Gargoyles at all in the park?

Greg responds...

I don't know.

Response recorded on November 19, 2014

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Paul writes...

Hi Greg, I know that one of your goals on The Spectacular Spider-Man was to increase the ethnic diversity in Spidey's cast of characters.

With that in mind, why did you change Rhino from (presumably) eastern-European (since his name in the comics was Aleksei Sytsevich) to American (or Irish-American, since his surname became O'Hirn)?

I felt like it went against what you were trying to accomplish by mixing things up with characters like Liz Allen and Ned Lee(ds).

Greg responds...

We felt we had enough Russian villains without adding Rhino. At some point you gotta wonder why all these Russian natives hate Spidey. It made sense in the Cold War context that Spidey - and much of his rogue's gallery - was created in. Made less sense in a modern context.

The O'Hirn name came from the comics; we didn't create it. I seem to recall it was an alias Rhino used at some point.

For good or ill, it had nothing to do with my desire to add diversity. Again for good or ill, all I did was trade one caucasian male for another. A wash.

Response recorded on November 19, 2014

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Yo writes...

Would deleted scenes from young justice ever be released?

Greg responds...

What deleted scenes?

Response recorded on November 19, 2014

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Anonymous writes...

In the Gargoyles universe weve head about Macbeth ad nausium...but close to nothing about Lady Macbeth, who, in my opionion (as at least in the begining of Shakespear's play) was FAR more interesting.
In your view, was she a witch?
I'm leaving the term "witch" up to your own interpitation, whatever that may be, and a simple "yes or no" will suffice.

Thank you.

Greg responds...

You saw Lady Macbeth on the show. Gruoch, remember?

Response recorded on November 19, 2014

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Rayven writes...

I'm not sure if this has been asked before or not but 1.what is it going to take for at least another season for young justice in comics? (I don't know if I asked that right but hopefully you understand )

Honestly, I hope you have another chance to have another season on TV ( I just really really love that version better but if comic is the only way.. Than I will buy every volume or at least try to). I just really really want to know what happens next (not a question just a statement ).

And with that being said .. 2.Why is so important that merchandise must be sold in order for you guys to have another season? Because I seen some other commits and they said y'all had good ratings but y'all just wasn't selling enough (I think). 3.What were y'all selling? I say that because I didn't even know y'all was selling anything. 4.Was it even advertise?

Also, I heard that there is a new president (or somthing like that) in Cartoon Network. 5.Do you think he would change it (I mean make another season for young justice ) if we call enough or something? Email?? Do anything??

I understand the show was canceled but that don't stop me form believing that there might be -even if there is a really small - chance that the show could one day come back.

Greg responds...

1. It's up to the good folks at DC Comics. Christopher Jones and I have pitched doing more YJ multiple times now. So far they haven't taken us up on it.

2. Our ratings were decent - but far from stellar and rather inconsistent. But our BUDGET was largely based on income from toy sales that never materialized.

3. Well, there were toys for awhile there. More recently there were DVDs and now BluRays. The soundtrack album. The video game, Young Justice Legacy. And the companion comics and the trades that collected them. Plus a t-shirt, I think.

4. A bit. But most licensees view the show as the main advertisement.

5. I honestly don't know.

And though none of the above sounds too encouraging, I also hold out hope that we'll be back in some form someday.

Response recorded on November 19, 2014

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BirdBoyB01 writes...

How did you feel when you first started working on young justice?
1.Did you feel any pressure? Or it did come naturally now that you were working again in dc ?
2. How did you start out in the whole business?

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

1a. Yes.

2. I sent a new talent submission to DC Comics back in 1983.

Response recorded on November 17, 2014

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