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Yukiko writes...

My question is just this: worst-case-scenario, let's say five years or so from now, YJ still hasn't come back for a third season in cartoon or comic form. After all that time has passed and there's still no way to let us viewers continue the show, would you consider giving us fans some closure about certain character's deaths/revivals?

I completely understand and respect you not wanting to spoil your own show at the present, but I also don't want to be thinking "what if they're NOT really dead, what if they ARE really dead" ten years from now.

I'm not asking for spoilers, just asking whether you'll consider giving them in the future, if there's ever a long period of time with no hope of a continuation of the show.

Sorry if this question is awkward or irksome. I've tried to keep within the guidelines, and I'd just really like to know. Thank you for your time, and of course, Young Justice.

Greg responds...

The short answer is no.

First off, five years? It's been twenty on Gargoyles and I haven't given up on that.

Second off, ideas minus their execution are subject to horrendous second guessing. I don't know why I'd open myself up to that.

Besides, at that point - if it's not an authorized revival of SOME kind - I'm just writing (well-informed) fan fiction. You guys can do that yourselves and each come up with the "ending" you like the best. You don't need me for that.

Response recorded on November 10, 2014

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Star Wars Bookworms Podcast

I was on the Star Wars Bookworms Podcast. Had a great time. You can find it here:


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