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Anonymous writes...

How exactly was Wally shown to be insecure in Infiltrator? I've rewatched the episode multiple times, and I just don't see it. Aside from his good-natured "Kid Flash; never heard of you" line to Artemis, he was entirely civil with her after he fell and she made fun of him until Roy showed up. It wasn't until Roy started to get upset about Oliver replacing him with Artemis (and subsequently leaving because of her) that Wally showed any signs of hostility towards her.

And going by what was established about Wally's character, it makes much more sense that his hostility was in support of his friend (Roy) than due to some sort of insecurity. Everything even seemed to play out that way. Wally finally accepts her "taking Roy's spot" after he begrudgingly shakes her hand at the end, and by the next episode, he appears to be completely over it as he's trying to joke around with Artemis about magic. It didn't appear to have anything to do with him being insecure at all from what I can see.

Greg responds...

Well, you may have watched it multiple times, but so have I. In fact, I lived with it for months and months before and after the episode was completed. And I think from the moment he tripped and she made a little joke about it, he reacted badly. For example, asking over and over WHO ARE YOU?

There are other little clues too. I think the Roy thing was just an excuse, frankly, which is why he's so easily OVER that, as you point out. It was never about that. But it doesn't change how he feels a bit off his game with Artemis, which had more to do with her making fun of him (out of her own insecurities) and with his very real attraction to her exacerbating that embarrassment. I'm not saying it's not subtle. It was supposed to be subtle. But it's absolutely there - because those of us who made it put it there - whether you chose to believe or acknowledge or see or whatever it or not.

But I am done arguing over this. CAN WE PLEASE AGREE TO DISAGREE?! Neither of us is convincing the other. You will NEVER convince me that the things I intentionally put in the show aren't there nor will you convince me that things we didn't intend to put in motivated our choices. NEVER.

And it seems equally clear that I'm not going to convince you either. That makes this discussion a somewhat frustrating endeavor, at least for me.

Response recorded on November 13, 2014

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