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Craig writes...

Well, I just binge-watched all episodes of Gargoyles on Youtube to relive my glory days of when I was a kid. Thanks for giving me that show.

I know that the answer to "when are we going to get more Gargoyles?" is "Not up to me." But seriously, when are we going to get more Gargoyles! Right?!

OK so to my real questions.

1. Since it is up to Disney, do you know the process they go through to decide if a show or story is worth revising? I'm curious to know what their reasoning is for not bringing it back (I assume it has to do with the almighty dollar).

2.Related to question #1, what can we as fans do to help revive the show or a spinoff. I know it's one thing for us to ask for the show to come back, but that doesn't tell Disney anything. I know in the past you mentioned buying the DVDs. I've been telling my friends who would enjoy it to rewatch it on Youtube (and have their kids watch it too). Is there a certain # of Youtube hits they need before they will talk about reviving it? Or again, does it come back to merchandising?

3.Do you have a guess as to why it's not on Netflix? That's a way more prominent medium (in my opinion) to get people to watch a show and gauge interest. My experience with people and Youtube is that they want 3-5 minute clips, not to sit down and watch an entire episode.

Last thought, Thanks for your work. I just finished Young Justice season 1 on Netflix. Great work on that as well. I'm very much looking forward to Rebels, and as soon as I am employed again, I plan on getting your books (books if it takes me a while).

Greg responds...

1. I assume you're right, but THAT is assuming they've given it any thought at all. I'm not sure they have - not counting the occasional knee-jerk "No Thanks" that I get every time I ask. Otherwise, I've no real idea.

2. YouTube really does NOTHING for us, as far as I can tell. Or maybe they'd help if the numbers were just through the roof relative to YouTube, but that seems unlikely. DVD sales definitely help. Since the new DVD of Season Two, Volume Two is just getting released at WalMart, it could help a ton if those sales skyrocketed.

I should clarify that YouTube helps to acquaint folks with the show if they aren't already fans. That's a good thing. But the numbers aren't close to high enough to help us get MORE material produced.

3. No idea.

Response recorded on November 24, 2014

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