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NoOneSpecial writes...

You know, watching Vandal sire an entire lineage throughout the centuries, I can't help but think about Demona during her 1000 years of life and wonder why she did not try the same approach to 'repopulate' the gargoyle race herself. Ironically, that might work out quite well for Demona in more ways than one since she become the 'mother' of her whole race. I know gargoyles were sparse throughout the years, and I can't remember if Demona even knew about any of the surviving clans. And of course, given her current predicament, I don't see her having kids to be a option, unless she wants to run the risk of giving birth as a human.

Still, it does seem like it would have been at least a potentially useful idea if she ever encounter another gargoyle over the course of her long life to maybe at least 'try' and procreate. Of course I understand, gargoyles are monogamous by nature, but then again, I wouldn't nesscessarily put anything past Demona

Assuming she ever met another gargoyle in the last 1000 years, would she have ever even considered having another egg? Personally, if I had to guess, I would say she would not try, and the reason being there is big difference between her and Vandal; she would have to carry the child to term. And if Demona has one constant, it's her own self-preservation. Still, it's an interesting parallel to ponder.

Greg responds...

It's interesting. But I'm forced to answer NO SPOILERS, for all the usual reasons.

Response recorded on May 10, 2022

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