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Green Lantern's Nightlight writes...

When you freelance for a show, you're only writing select episodes, and only focusing on those episodes, where as a staff writer and producer would think about it in a larger sense that would fit the entire season/series (if it had some overall arc).

Has any series you have freelanced got you interested in the series outside of the episode(s) you have written for (or maybe you had been asked to take part in a larger role, but couldn't do it at that moment)? For example, you only got to write one episode of TMNT (2012), but is there anything would've liked to have done more of? As in a character's development, story arc, etc.

Greg responds...

There have been a handful of series that I was just freelancing on, where I got hooked and might have liked to do more, and/or did talk out larger arcs with the story editor. THE BATMAN, Season One, and BIG GUY & RUSTY come to mind.

Response recorded on September 05, 2017

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