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Mr.Slim1997 writes...

What do you like about 3x3 eyes?

Greg responds...

I like nearly everything about it, but in particular the relationship between the two lead characters.

Response recorded on November 14, 2017

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NoOneSpecial writes...

I might be going down a bad road with this, but I feel strongly enough that this requires attention

1) In Young Justice, do Batman and Superman's moms have the same first name(Martha)?
2) Are Batman and Superman aware that their mothers share the same first name?
3) And most importantly.....do either of them care in the slightest? Because I think a lot of people don't....

Greg responds...

1. Yes.

2. By this time, yes.

3. I guess it depends how you define "care." I'm sure it's a connection between them. A coincidence that may seem significant. But that's about it.

Response recorded on November 06, 2017

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Anonymous writes...

Good day.

1.) In regards to the "4 Robins" question, you forgot Duke Thomas. Biggest one you left out from your list

2.) On top of that, there're also the other Robins who head-lined "We Are Robin": Riko, Dre, Dax, and Izzy. And then there are all the other kids/teens who were apart of that movement, though so far, Duke's the only one who's mentored under Batman (unless Alfred counts in place of Batman; if so, that'd include pretty much everyone).

3.) Is it sometimes hard to think about what you like most about these characters (any, not just Robins specifically)?

Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

1. Duke - at least in Rebirth - doesn't seem to be a Robin, at least not yet.

2. You know more than I. Congrats. Was this New 52 stuff? I'm not up to speed on that. I jumped back on when New 52 morphed into Rebirth.

3. Not really.

Response recorded on November 06, 2017

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Name writes...

Hey Greg,

I've been mildly curious about something regarding the DCAU as a whole. Do you think that the names of some of the characters are a bit archaic or out-of-date? I understand that a lot of these characters were created decades ago, but I can't imagine names like "Dick" or "Billy" or "Wally" or "Garfield" or "Barbara" being popular among teenagers in the 21st century. That's not to say I particularly dislike those names, but they've always stuck out to me, probably because I never met kids with those names throughout my schooling. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Greg responds...

Kids don't generally choose their own names. Their parents do. My wife teaches nursery school, and she hears all kinds of name, including many that sound old-fashioned to our ears.

My son is named Benjamin, legally. But as a kid, he was always Benny. Many Benny's, I'm sure, grow out of it and become Ben or Benjamin. But our Benny is still Benny. And I hope he stays that way. It's just who he is.

Meanwhile, my dad's name is Wally, short for Walter. He's always hated both, but hates Wally slightly less than he hates Walter. So he's Wally.

Garfield Logan generally goes by Gar.


Response recorded on November 06, 2017

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Steven writes...

Hi Greg, did you that there was an avengers cartoon titled avengers earths mightiest heroes which was also cancelled after 2 seasons it was great show and if you didn't watch it I highly recommend it. It also featured spider man who was originally voiced by Josh Keaton but then redubbed by drake bell if you would like to hear Josh's voice in that show I would recommend spreading the #joshkeatonisspiderman and #drakebellisnotspiderman

Greg responds...

I love Josh, but that's not a campaign that would make any sense for me to participate in, unless my goal was to NEVER work on another Marvel show again.

Response recorded on November 06, 2017

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Samson P. writes...

I'm a very big fan of your work, and am extremely excited about the third season of YJ. Here are my questions:

1) Was Atlantis "discovered" recently on Earth-16? Like, was Aquaman's aiding in the Appelaxion invasion what brought attention to the underwater nation or was it well-known beforehand?

2) Was Aquaman raised as Arthur Curry on the surface world or was he raised in Atlantis as the prince from the start?

3) Does Queen Mera ever work alongside the League in battles and such? It always confused me that she never appears to be associated with the League despite having (in my opinion, of course) way better powers than her husband.

4) Regarding the Wildstorm character you snuck into the first season somewhere, how old was he/she when he/she appeared?

5) Did the Team (or at least some of the Team, not including Conner and M'Gann, and potentially not including Karen and/or Mal) attend Conner and M'Gann's graduation from Happy Harbor High School?

Thank you for your time, and I hope you're having an awesome day.

Greg responds...

1. There's a story in that, so... No Spoilers.

2. No Spoilers.

3. I'll just say that not everyone is as eager to come to the surface world. But by using the word "ever," you've automatically generated a No Spoilers.

4. Did you really think I'd answer this?

5. No Spoilers.

Response recorded on November 06, 2017

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