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Reid Couper writes...

Hey Greg! I am a huge fan of your work! Recently the NECA Gargoyles line has become a hot ticket item for collectors such as myself and I wanted to asked if you have had the chance to get the Goliath figure for yourself yet! Also as a follow up, with the increasing in merch for Gargoyles lately, could sales for these down the road show Disney that there’s a strong interest in the brand still?

Greg responds...

I do have the Goliath figure. Love it! (Although, I've already lost the Jalapeña! Oh, no!)

And, yes, the more that fans vote with their wallet, the better!

In particular, keep an eye out for the new Gargoyles comic - written by me - from Dynamite Comics. The first issue is due out this December, 2022!

Response recorded on August 12, 2022

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Dovington writes...

What do you think of NECA's new Gargoyles action figures?

Greg responds...

I'm thrilled by them. I've ordered three of each. (Although, if NECA wanted to give them to me free, I wouldn't say no.)

Response recorded on October 25, 2021